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Edward stared at the small amount of skin uncovered while Harry was being moved. Everything made sense now. Why he wouldn't change in front of others, why he wraps his arms around his stomach sometimes, what Draco meant when he told the vampires it was carved into Harry that he was a freak. On Harry's lower back, in big bulging letters "FREAK" was written using a sharp object. It looked like it'd been done several times to make sure there were scars.

If he could, Edward would've paled. His heart would've stopped. Then, he would've become red, and his heart would've sped up in rage. How dare those filthy humans do that to his Harry! Well, he wasn't technically his yet, but judging by the fact that he subconsciously climbed into Edward's lap for comfort, the vampire thought he had a good chance.

'How could Harry forgive me for calling him that... that word? Exactly how bad was his family?'

After making sure Harry was comfortable, Edward went back downstairs. Everyone immediately took notice of Edward's desolate expression.

"Edward, what's wrong? Did Harry say something?" Sirius asked.

The vampire walked straight up to Draco.

"What?" Draco snapped.

"How badly was Harry abused?" Edward asked in a monotone voice.

"How much do you know?"

"I saw the scars on his lower back. Did... Did they ever...?"

He couldn't bring himself to finish the question, but everyone seemed to know what he was asking.

"No. They never raped him, but his uncle tried. Harry's magic knocked Vernon out every time. He stopped trying when Harry's magic got more violent."

"Why didn't that work for the beatings?" Edward growled.

Jacob pulled Draco closer to himself and glared at the leech.

"Harry used to use his magic to defend himself, but that just made things worse, alright? After years of abuse, his magic learned to stay inside him around Vernon, but when he first tried raping Harry, Harry chose to be beaten instead. He said he'd rather be black and blue for a few days than have that happen to him. And no, you can't kill Harry's relatives. He's already taken care of them," Draco said with a sadistic smirk.

"What did you do to them?" Sirius asked cautiously.

"Well, when we left Hogwarts, we spotted them waiting for Harry at the train station and decided to get a little payback so we jinxed them. Vernon and Dudley will forever feel the pain they inflicted on Harry. The more Petunia cleans, the dirtier things get, everything she cooks will taste like ash, and everything she tries growing will instantly wilt. They'll all be starving, no matter how much they eat, and every time they enter their rooms, they'll feel like they're sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs. They'll live exactly like Harry did and there's nothing anyone can do about it."

"A couple of students did all that?"


"Remind me to never make you mad," Jacob said.

"Draco, do you think he'll ever forgive me?"

The blond wizard sighed.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Harry's probably already forgiven you."

"But I called him a..."

"He knows you regret it. Harry's too forgiving for his own good. Just know one thing. If you ever do anything to upset Harry again, I will personally make your life a living hell."

Edward quickly nodded.

"Lets get you to bed. It's been a long day," Jacob said.

"Carry me."

Jacob smiled softly, and picked up his boyfriend bridal style. The Cullens went home to tell their parents everything that had happened, while the Quileute tribe members went back to the Reservation.

Harry had found a new love for Mondays. He and Draco had just gotten back from the American Ministry. Dumbledore and his Order of the Phoenix, bar Snape and Remus who had recently quit the Order, were sent to Azkaban for ten years. If they survived their sentence, they'd be confined to Britain for the rest of their lives. Should they try anything to escape, they'd receive an automatic year in Azkaban. They'd get more depending on how illegal their escape plan was.

Snape was merely sent back to Britain with a small fine. He didn't want to attack Harry, but Dumbledore was blackmailing him. The Potions Master could return to America any time he wanted as long as he did it legally.

Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Cho, Astoria, and Pansy were expelled from Hogwarts and had their wands snapped. Ron and Ginny were put into foster care, seeing as their parents were in prison, and none of their brothers would take them in. Hermione was grounded for the rest of her life because of her behavior, while Cho, Astoria, and Pansy were disowned for getting caught.

But that wasn't what made Harry so happy. There were actually two reasons for his new love for Mondays. The first reason was the beetle he happened to pass by on his way out of the courtroom. He liked that beetle so much that he spilled a few secrets that weren't mentioned during the trials. Of course, he didn't trust beetles completely, so he just had to threaten it a bit so his own secrets wouldn't get out.

The other reason was that a certain vampire asked him out. He'd really gotten to know Edward over the course of the past few days. Edward's excuse was that he knew about Harry's life, but Harry knew nothing about his life. He'd asked the wizard out as soon as he saw him after the trials.

Remus and Severus returned to America a week later with a surprise. They'd finally manned up and told each other their feelings. They now lived on the Reservation, where Moony would run with the Quileute Pack every full moon after drinking the Wolfsbane potion Severus made him. He made plenty of money selling his potions. Now that he didn't have Dumbledore or Voldemort breathing down his neck for healing potions, he could focus more on the potions that the public needs during the newly one-sided war. With the Order gone, and the Ministry turning a blind eye, Voldemort pretty much already had Britain under his control.

The man surprised Severus when he told him to stay behind after one of the Death Eater meetings. He could feel the nearly sympathetic stares on him as everyone else left. For some odd reason, Voldemort took his Mark away. He said something about not wanting people on his side when they don't want to be. Under normal circumstances, he would've tortured and killed the dungeon bat, but considering he helped put Voldemort's only real threat in Azkaban, he let him go. Deciding it was best not to question it, Severus took Remus at the first chance he got, and whisked him away to America.

It was a Wednesday that news of Bella reached the group. She was moving back to Phoenix to live with her mom. Rumors were all over the school that she really was insane, or she just didn't want to face the humiliation of returning to Forks High School. No one ever found out the real reason.

Everyone was utterly shocked a month later. There was a big thunder storm, so the Cullens decided to have a baseball game. It was vampires against shapeshifters with a wizard audience. Alice was always the pitcher, seeing as she was the only one that knew when lightning would strike. Everyone laughed when Seth accidentally swallowed the ball while trying to catch it. In the middle of the match, Alice stopped.

"We need to go. Now."

"Why? What's going on?" Sirius asked.

"Too late," Carlisle said.

The dark creatures moved in front of the wizards like a shield. Three red-eyed vampires appeared before the group. One man had dark skin and dread locks. The woman had long red hair. Sirius' attention was caught by the final person. The man had blond hair tied back. All he wore were jeans and a leather jacket. By the looks he was giving the animagus, he'd say his feelings were returned.

"Hey. We noticed you guys playing. Mind if we watch?" The blond asked.

The redhead seemed confused by her friend. The blond glared at Harry when Sirius put a protective arm around him. Sirius may have thought the vampire was hot, but his eyes were red. He didn't want him anywhere near his godson.

"Just watch?" Carlisle asked suspiciously.

"Of course."

Alice looked between Sirius and the blond vampire before grinning like a cat that caught the canary.

"Sure, you can stay. You should sit next to Sirius and his godson, Harry. I'm sure you'll love them."

The animagus looked at her like she was mad, though he was a little relieved when the blond stopped glaring. The game continued as soon as the three new vampires sat down.

"I'm James," The blond said, holding a hand out to Sirius.

"Sirius," The wizard said as he shook the vampire's hand.

James gave him a confused look.

"Yes, I'm seriously James."

Harry couldn't help but snort at the man's confusion before turning back to the game. Edward had taken his shirt off and winked at him, making him turn cherry red. He didn't notice the way the redhead stared at him.

"No, my name. I'm Sirius Black."

"You mean like the criminal that killed thirteen humans?" The dark vampire asked.

"I'm innocent. My friend framed me. What's your name?"


"I'm Victoria, James' mate," The woman said pompously.

"Nice to meet you," Sirius said.

The entire group had managed to be friendly for the entire game. The vampires lost, sadly, but there were no hard feelings. Exactly one week later, James showed up at their hiking trip (they liked doing things every Saturday). His eyes were a little less red than before.

"Hey, James. Where's Victoria and Laurent?" Sirius asked.

"Laurent left, and I killed Victoria," James said with a little difficulty.

"What? Why?"

"She was going to kill you because I wanted to break up with her."

"Why me?"

Everyone was sure if vampires could blush, James would've turned into a tomato.

"W-well, I was hoping you'd... go out with me."

Harry thought Sirius would pass out from all the blood that rushed to his head. The man could only nod, but as soon as he did, the vampire wrapped his arms around him and placed a firm kiss on his lips.

"I hope you know I'm never letting go of you."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

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