DxD Hakusho

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Author's Introduction: I thought of using his concept for a while and I believe these two works will make a great crossover fanfic since they have a few similarities. They both start with the protagonist dead in the first episode only to be resurrected again with newfound powers.

The one thing I like most about High School DxD is its World Building. For those of you who may not know what it means, World Building is the process of constructing a fictional world and or universe where the story takes place. For HS DxD, this includes Devil society and their relationships with the general world, the Fallen Angels and the Angels of Heaven. They also included various mythologies like Norse, Greek, and Hinduism which the Buddhist Mythology of the Spirit World from Yu Yu Hakusho would be right at home. The world where the Devils come from in HS DxD universe is called the "Mekai" or the Underworld. That means the "Makai" or Demon World from YYH can also exist as a separate world.

Like Yu Yu Hakusho, Yokais also exists in the High School DxD universe so there should be no problems incorporating characters like Kurama and Hiei into the story. Also I've decided to replace Issei with Team Urameshi with Yusuke as the main character still retaining all of his signature attacks from YYH. A lot of this story involves "What If?" the YYH characters were introduced in the HS DxD story and vice versa. Well here's the first Pilot Chapter.

Chapter 1: The Death and Rebirth of Yusuke Urameshi, Age 15

Yusuke Urameshi let out a loud yawn as he stretched both his arms while sitting on the school's rooftop. The gentle spring air brushed against his face as the sound of the school's final bell echoed throughout the campus indicating the last period had ended. Another boring day school was finally over as he slowly stood up and walked towards the rooftop access.

Below him he could see students exiting from the school's main building presumably either heading home or to one of their after school clubs that were not taking place inside the main building such as an athletic club.

The school that he attends: Kuou Academy had one point been an all-girls private school. It had recently become co-ed with majority of the student body still primarily being females. The ratio between females and males varies by what year the students were in. First year had a ratio of 2:1 in favor of females. Second year was about 7:3 and third year was close to 4:1. The academy itself was also very prestigious garnering many overseas foreign exchange students. The admission requirements were also very steep.

For some male students, going to a school where the opposite gender greatly outnumbers them would be a dream come true especially for those with ulterior motives. Yusuke himself wasn't particularly interested in seeing or dating any girls nor was he interested in being surrounded by them. The only reason he had chosen to attend this school was by virtue of it being the closest high school to his home.

"Yusuke Urameshi, report to the guidance counselor's office immediately! Yusuke Urameshi, report to the guidance counselor's office immediately!"

Yusuke cursed underneath his breath while walking down the staircase to the first floor ignoring the intercom that was paging him over and over again. He wasn't your typical run of the mill ordinary high school student, but rather a teenage delinquent and a frequent troublemaker.

From his slicked back black hair and out of uniform appearance, it was very easy to single him out as a typical delinquent. The uniform he's wearing was school issued except he took it upon himself to dye the black blazer dark green while still preserving the white accents. He wore the rest of his uniform unaltered with the no longer matching black pants, a white long-sleeved dress shirt tucked in underneath his black leather belt minus the black ribbon around the collar, a white t-shirt underneath, and a pair of white running shoes instead of the school's brown dress shoes.

Back in middle school he had gained the reputation of being the toughest and ruthless street fighter in town. Even though it was barely his first half month at Kuou Academy, his infamous reputation as a delinquent had followed him from middle school and he was constantly feared and shunned by his high school peers.

Not wanting to get caught by any of the school's faculty staff, he quickly took one of the side exits that lead him to the back part of the academy's campus. Back outside of the main school building, he could see the academy's large gymnasium which was roughly one fourth the size of the school.

To his right were the soccer field and the baseball field adjacent north to it. A caged tennis court was east of him placed between the soccer and baseball field on a slightly slanted grassy hill. The track and field grounds were to his left and a wooden training hall and equipment shed were located at the left edge of the field. The training hall itself was the girls' kendo club complete with dojo and changing locker room.

The rest of the areas behind academy's gymnasium were mostly trees resembling a small forest. In the middle of the forest was the old school building that was left behind when the new main building of the school got completed. Yusuke only heard rumors that the old school building was now used as the base of operations for some kind of occult or paranormal club.

Yusuke continued on walking slowly with both hands in his pocket as he turned the left corner hoping sneak around back to the schools parking lot. A group of girls in their PE uniforms presumably on the track team ran past him in a two column running formation. Members from the Student Council including the Student Body President herself passed him as they continued to go about their own business. Like many high schools in the country at this time, the place was a buzz for after school activities. Yusuke tuned it all out of his head.

"No way man! Are you sure he just gave you the merchandise? I don't believe it!"

The voice caught Yusuke's attention as it was coming from a small alley between the main school building and a club house. The two male students were Matsuda and Motohama. They were first year students in the same class as him. Both of them were rather infamous throughout the entire school.

Matsuda was the one with the buzz cut head, thin eyes and a somewhat tall light build. If you just looked at him physically you can almost mistake him for being an athlete and a member of a sports club most likely the swim team or basketball team. The truth was Matsuda was a pretty vulgar person who constantly spouts out sexually harassing comments on a daily basis. He's a regular member of the school's photography club. Unfortunately most of his personal projects revolve around getting "Not Safe for Work" pictures of girls in various angles and always without their consent. Because of this he's constantly called the "Perverted Baldy" and the "Sexual Harassment Paparazzi" by everyone.

His buddy Motohama, who's also not very bright, had short black hair and wore thick glasses. What makes him distinct and unique from everyone else at school is he (believe or not) has the ability to calculate the exact measurements of any women's bust, waist, and hip sizes just by simply looking at them. Along with his perverted nature, he's been nicknamed the "Perverted Glasses" and "BWH Scouter" by the school.

The duo's reason for entering Kuou Private Academy wasn't for a higher standard of learning. They thought because of the high disparity between genders it would be easy for them to get a girlfriend in their first year and have their own harem by their senior year. So far they can't even get any girls at school to talk to them for more than one minute. It's mainly because of their perverted personalities that kept them from ever achieving their goals. They were doomed from start even before they got a chance to make a good first impression. Throughout the school, everyone commonly refers to Matsuda and Motohama as the "Perverted Duo."

"Yeah I didn't believe it myself." Motohama said holding out a small white shopping bag containing the loot he'd acquired. "That thug tried to mug me so told him I was Urameshi's cousin. Then he got so scared that he ran away and dropped his bag behind."

Motohama showed Matsuda what he had left behind. Inside was a collection of brand new pornographic DVDs with their plastic wrapping still on. To the two of these perverts, they might as well have stumbled upon a gold mine since even normal high school students don't have disposable cash to waste on porn of all things.

"And these are all authentic too." Matsuda said excitedly. "None of the bootleg crap!"

The watch on Matsuda's wrist began to beep and rang out to where even Yusuke who was only a few meters away could hear it.

"Oh it's time now!" Matsuda said quickly killing his alarm.

The duo quickly exited the small alley while Yusuke simply leaned his back against the wall of the school's building incognito while crossing both his arms. The two didn't even notice Yusuke's presence to their right as they exited the alley, probably too much in a hurry to notice compared to what they were about to do next. Yusuke could see them heading in the direction of the girl's kendo club. Knowing those two were up to no good, Yusuke decided to follow them seeing he had nothing better to do after school. Besides, he wanted to give those two a piece his mind for inappropriately using his name.

"Murayama's tits are so nice!" Matsuda squealed as he eyeballed a second year brunette taking off her bra through a peep hole into the girls' locker room.

"80, 70, and 81 by my calculations." Motohama commented.

"Katasu has a nice set of ass too!"

This time they were both ogling another second year student with short pink hair.

"78, 65, and 79!"

Yusuke quietly followed duo to the old training hall building. Matsuda and Motohama were both on all fours peeping on the right side of the wooden building presumably where the changing room was located. Yusuke can't help but feel almost very sorry for these two's odd and twisted personalities.

"So what do have here gentleman? Up to no good are we?" Yusuke said in a polite but sarcastic tone.

Matsuda and Motohama both turned around quietly thinking they both had busted by a teacher. To the both of their surprise, it was not a teacher like they were expecting or a late club member that had just caught them peeping. Sweat drops began falling down the sides of their heads after seeing who was standing in front of them.

The Great Yusuke Urameshi stood before the two with a smile on face resembling a serial killer. From the rumors they had heard after entering Kuou academy, Yusuke Urameshi was a legend back in middle school. He single handily took on every middle and high school gang in the area and won without even breaking a sweat. The footage of his fights were even recorded and posted online to video sharing sites. People who thought that the fights in the videos were all staged challenged him only to find out that they weren't. Many adults and even the local Yakuza feared his name. The only person in this city that was crazy enough to pick a fight with him over and over again was another first year student here at this school named Kazuma Kuwabara.

"And what's this I heard about you two using my name on the streets? I don't like when other people use my name for their own personal gain." Yusuke said with a darker and angrier tone.

The two perverts backed themselves against the walls cringing in fear. None of them were trained in any martial arts or knew any self-defense techniques. Motohama himself had previously been a victim of a mugging done by a female student when she had asked him to come behind the school gymnasium. Both of them had a mixed expression of humiliation and fear.

"Please take it! It's all we have!" Motohama stammered as he then tried to offer Yusuke the collection of porno he'd recently acquired.

"You think I want your stupid junk?" Yusuke snarled making no effort to conceal his disgust.

Yusuke extended his left arm and placed the palm of his hand on the wall a few centimeters left of both their heads. He gave the two an ominous feeling of a predator that had just cornered his prey and was about to make the final kill. Matsuda and Motohama could do nothing but reflexively flinch in complete and utter fear.

Smiling, Yusuke slammed his right fist hard into the wall. His fist landed between their heads missing both of them by a centimeter or two. The impact of the blow put a large crack on the wall and the wooden building as a whole. Afterwards, he just simply turned the opposite direction and calmly walked away with both hands in pockets disappearing into the forest area.

Matsuda and Motohama both let out a sigh of relief seeing the danger was over and that their lives were somehow miraculously spared. Both of them collapsed on the ground and continued to lean their backs against the wall. The two of them had almost been literally almost scared to death and they were both deeply out of breath.

"Man, I thought for sure he was going to murder us." Motohama said after catching his breath.

"Yeah why the hell did he let us go?" Matsuda himself wondered.

The perverted duo's peaceful silence was quickly broken when both of them looked up to find that they've dodged a bullet only be put back on to a chopping block. They were already surrounded by the entire girls' kendo club. All of them were in their hakamas each brandishing a shinai bamboo sword along with mean and angry looks on their faces.

"You two again!" A female member of the kendo club said with sheer disgust and a bitter look.

"Wait! This is all a mistake!" The two of them both pleaded.


Deciding it was finally time leave the school grounds for the day, Yusuke took a shortcut back into the school's main building and then exited out the front entrance. The afternoon setting sun suffused the sky with orange and red as he approached the school's gate.

He smiled as he wondered what became of those jokers when the kendo team got their hands on them. He disliked picking fights with people weaker than him and those who he knows can't fight back. But there was nothing wrong with a good old fashion Karmic justice with him acting as the secret instigator.

"Going somewhere now are we Urameshi?"

Yusuke happy mood suddenly took a one eighty after recognizing the voice coming from behind. He turned around to see that the school's guidance counselor had finally caught up to him. He was a head taller than him; broad shouldered, and had a rather large round build. His light brown hair was neatly combed back and grayed at the temple. He looked like someone who was in his late forties and was neatly dressed in a tan suit.

"Of course I am old man." Yusuke bitterly responded.

"That's Takanaka-sensei to you Urameshi." He corrected him. "I've been paging for you all afternoon on the loudspeaker."

"I guess you need to have those speakers readjusted cause didn't hear anything all afternoon." Yusuke denied turning his body back towards the school gates.

"I couldn't help notice you're leaving us." Takanaka calmly said.

Stepping forward and with his right fist, he gave Yusuke a light noogie on the top of his head. Yusuke made an annoyed face before pushing his hand away.

"Yeah well it is the end of school last time I checked!"

"Well I'm not done with you yet young man."

Yusuke's patience drew weary as did Takanaka's. He snatched Yusuke by his left ear and began tugging him back into the school like a disobedient dog. Yusuke cringed from the pain and he quietly cursed to himself. Takanaka paid no attention to the disobedient student's complaints.

"I have some important things I'd like to discuss with you in my office. We'll have tea."

In few short steps, Takanaka heard a loud POP from behind him. The weight of Yusuke's body had suddenly vanished. He turned around to see that the only thing he was holding was Yusuke's left ear. Takanaka then collapsed on his butt in shock thinking he accidently tore his student's ear off.

"Relax sensei it's just a toy." Yusuke answered from above.

He was standing on top of the school's brick wall to the right side of the gate. The walls were nearly twice his height and Yusuke carefully positioned himself to avoid the fence spikes on top.

"If this is about me skipping certain periods then get off my back old man. Last time I checked I'm still maintaining a passing grade for all my classes."

He then quickly leapt off the wall and exited the school before Takanaka even got a chance to respond. Barely passing and hung by a single strand of hair was a more accurate description.

The path home was short and simple just the way he imagined it on his first day. The single road that he had walked back and forth for nearly two weeks was a nice ten to fifteen minute stroll depending on the kind pace he'd felt walking that day. Sprinting would only take him five minutes. He found that out one day when he decided sleep in for a few extra minutes after hitting the snooze button on his alarm. To the sides of the roads were many suburban houses and a small few small apartments.

Ten minutes passed by when Yusuke finally arrived at his house. His home was a humble two story brown roofed building (three if you count the basement) fit for a family of four or five. The kitchen and living room were on the first floor along with a latrine. Upstairs were three bedrooms plus one guest room, a bathroom, and a balcony that overlooked the front of the house. The basement was set like a billiard room with a punching bag Yusuke personally installed in a corner.

"I'm home!" Yusuke called after closing the front door behind him.

He walked to the living to see his mother still in her pajamas watching TV on the couch with a cigarette in her mouth. His mother Atsuko Urameshi had long dark brown and looked too young to be his mother. Her young appearance would hint that she was his older sister. She and Yusuke were the only occupants of this household.

"You look like you just woke up." He said placing his school bag on the kitchen counter.

"You know I work night shifts." She said calmly then took another whiff of smoke.

For his entire life, his mother was the one who single handily raised him and neither of them had another next of kin. She was never around during the day or night. From what he was told, she's either: working, sleeping, or out partying. Because this, Yusuke grew up very neglected with a mother whose never around and no father or an elder sibling figure to look up. Because of this, he learned only to depend on himself for everything life throws at him. He'd gotten used to this by the time he was old enough to walk on his two feet.

"What kind of work?"

"Same as always." Her expression indicated she did not like the tone of his question.

It was obviously to Yusuke that her mother was keeping her work private from him. Yusuke was never the one to question her anyways. Whatever she does, at least the bill gets paid on time and not to mention this is all coming from a single mother without a high school education. Most salaryman themselves don't own two story houses and have disposable income to purchase luxury goods like a wide screen high definition plasma television.

"Whatever." He shrugged.

"So how's school today?" She asked turning her head back to the kitchen towards her son.

"Boring as usual." Yusuke didn't even bother to try and hide his negative outlook of school. "To be perfectly honest mom, deciding to go to high school was probably the worst decision I've ever made."

"Well you did score pretty high on your high school entrance exam. Didn't you place in the top 20% or something?"

Yusuke sighed becoming slightly agitated. "That's because you threatened to kick me out of the house if I failed to get accepted into any high schools! That's the only reason I studied my ass off!"

Her calm expression remained unchanged. She inhaled another breath of smoke and tapped the smoldered end into an astray on top of the table in front of her.

"I wanted to go to high school when I was your age. I couldn't because I had you."

"And I'm sorry for being born thus forever ruining your chance of pursuing a higher level of education." He sarcastically responded. It was true she gave birth to Yusuke when she was around sixteen years old. There was really nothing he could of done prevent himself from being conceived in the first place.

"You can at least make it up to me by graduating high school." She snidely said. "You're not stupid, you're just lazy."

Yusuke shook his head. In a way she was right at least about the lazy part. "If there's any solace to all this, it's I'm at least maintaining a passing grade for all my classes. And I have to do is keep this up for three years."

"You make it sound like it's such a chore." She said and exhaled a cloud of smoke. "Why don't you just enjoy the simple things high school has to offer? Isn't the ratio between girls and boys at Kuou Academy like 4:1? So why don't you get yourself a girlfriend?"

Yusuke wasn't sure if his mother meant it as a playful joke or was she actually being serious. She had once told him she herself was very popular in middle school and maybe some of her charm had rubbed off on to him. His aloof lone wolf personality wasn't exactly in high demand when he was middle school nor has anyone shown interest during his first two weeks in high school. He may actually be worse off than the two perverts in his class because at least they have friends.

"Mom, first of all, I'm not interested. Even if I hypothetically do get one, the relationship wouldn't last very long. We'll be separated by graduation with her most likely going to a faraway college and I'll probably never see her again. Relationships more or less are a complete waste of time for me."

"I never had you figured as a realist." She said impressed with Yusuke's reasoning.

Yusuke proceeded to walk back to the front door seeing this conversation wasn't really going anywhere. He opened the door by the handle and turned his head around the corner towards his mother.

"Well I'm going out to get some fresh air. Talk to you later mom."

Not far from his house was a forested park that he often visits if he needed some exercise or just to kill time. Benches and lampposts were placed throughout the stone paved ground. A large water fountain was placed directly in the center. Wooden picnic tables were also spread out here and there. The playground equipment such as the swings, slides, and jungle gyms were set aside on the left hand corner by the sidewalks. The place was a nice gathering spot where the neighborhood youth met and played.

Beyond the park was a commercial shopping district, the liveliest part of the city. There were a variety of stores in the center shopping center ranging from everyday groceries to special good shops. The place showcased a variety of restaurants such as fast food burger joints and family restaurants. Movie posters were posted outside of the mall showcasing the many films that were playing in the theater. An arcade game center was nearby where Yusuke constantly hangs out to blow off steam.

As Yusuke exited the park and approached the street leading him to the commercial district, three high school students quickly surrounded him in all directions. They stood their ground as he stared back them each keeping an appropriate amount of distance away from him. All three of them were students from Kuou Academy and they all wore the same exact uniform as him minus their blazers being dyed dark green. Yusuke was familiar with all of their faces.

The one with the shaved head was Sawamura, the second in command of the posse. Kirishima was the one with the short brown hair. The heavyset kid with a black 50's greaser haircut was Okubo. All here and accounted for. It'll only be a moment before their leader shows up.


A tall teenager with a tough looking face and an orange pompadour slowly walked up to him. He was well built like an ox and he was a head taller than Yusuke.

The punk standing in front of him was Kazuma Kuwabara. He had been Yusuke's rival ever since middle school, constantly challenging him to street fights at least once a week to prove to everyone that he's toughest kid in town (not that anyone really cares anyways). His rivalry with Kuwabara was mostly a one sided affair with Kuwabara always coming after him. Yusuke believed the only reason Kuwabara even chose to attend Kuou Academy in the first place was so Kuwabara can fight him whenever he got a chance to. Never mind the other normal reasons like of preparing for college or finding a girlfriend. He was also very surprised all four them scored high enough on their entrance exam for them to be accepted.

"Just what the hell is wrong with you pompadour?" He gave Kuwabara an annoyed look. "You a glutton for punishment or something?"

"That last one was a cheap shot and I was only knocked out for a little bit!" Kuwabara said running up to Yusuke and grabbed him by his collar. "This time I'm going to mess you up so bad you won't even recognize yourself in the mirror!"

Yusuke calmly stared back at Kuwabara. He slightly tilted his head looking up beneath his brows before putting an evil smile on his face.

"Perhaps I hit your head too hard last time. Care to remind me of your current Win to Loss ratio?"

"0 to 155. Why?"

"Let's make that an even 156."

"Wait what?"

Yusuke immediately made a fist with his right hand and swung a hard right hook into Kuwabara's left cheek. While Kuwabara staggered backwards dazed from the impact, Yusuke followed up with a flying knee strike to his head. He next delivered a high kick to the left side of his head, a backhand with his right forearm, and then a straight arm bar takedown to the ground. Yusuke finished with a strong final kick that sent Kuwabara flying out into the curb. He was on the ground immobilized on his back and unable to move. The whole fight lasted less than ten seconds.

Yusuke simply walked away with his hands in pockets going about his business. Kuwabara's three friends quickly ran up to him making sure that he was alright or if he needed to be taken to the emergency room like usual. His head was covered with bumps and there were bruises all over his face. He was squirming on the pavement like someone who just got paralyzed in an accident.

"Kuwabara maybe you should stop picking so many fights with Urameshi already." Sawamura said.

"That makes 0 wins and 156 losses." Kirishima added.

"DAMMIT!" Kuwabara shouted surprising all three them. "I… almost had him this time…" He then collapsed on the ground unconscious.

Yusuke continued strolling down the sidewalk with various pedestrians and vehicles passing by. He soon approached the commercial plaza with many people and their families walking, chatting, and laughing with each other.

"Here you go." An oddly dressed female handed him a small leaflet about the size of his hand.

Yusuke studied leaflet, confused of what was written on it. There was only a weirdly drawn circle with various geometric shapes and a symbol in the center he'd never seen before. "We will grant you your wish!" were the only words written on the leaflet. He wondered if the leaflet was an invitation to some kind of cult or a new Alternate Reality Game with the words and the circle on the leaflet being clues to push the game forward. The woman handed him the piece of paper disappeared into the crowd of pedestrians before he even got a chance to ask a question.

He pocketed the leaflet for now and continued walking down the street. A soccer ball with a black and white hexagon design landed at feet. He bent over picking the ball up wondering where it came from. Soon, a young boy less than half his height walked towards him. From his small size, Yusuke guessed he was probably three or four years. The boy's parents where nowhere to be found.

"May I have my ball back please?" The little boy asked politely.

Yusuke looking rather disappointed, squatted down with the soccer ball still in his hands so he could talk to the kid at eye level.

"Listen Kid! You shouldn't be running around here playing all by yourself." He scolded him. "There are lots of cars around here that will splatter you into the pavement!"

The boy simply stared back at him with a sad expression on his face. Yusuke thought maybe he was being too hard on the kid who probably didn't know any better. After all, he himself hated being lectured all the time by grownups.

With the ball still in his hands, Yusuke hid face behind and then made a goofy looking face after uncovering it. He repeated this a few times but the boy was still not laughing. The boy probably outgrew the peek-a-boo faces when he was a baby. Yusuke then pulled his blazer over his head like hood, stuffed the ball down his pants, and put two chopsticks he found on ground between his nostrils and his mouth. He began this dancing back and forth with an even more ridiculous looking face.

"Ha ha ha ha! Monster! Monster!" The little boy sat down laughing at Yusuke.

After having a good laugh, Yusuke returned his clothes back to normal and once again spoke to the little kid at eye level.

"Alright, now run along kid." He said handing the ball back to him. "It's dangerous to play alongside the road. You understand?"

Yusuke then walked away from the boy crossing the road at a nearby traffic stop. Walking from the opposite side, he could still the little boy still playing with his soccer ball next to the curb. Neither of his parents had come to pick him up.

"Dammit what's the use?" He cursed. "Why do I get the feeling that everything I said to him just went in one ear and out the other?"

Yusuke just wanted to walk away but couldn't take his eyes off the boy. It was pretty close to rush hour and the amount of vehicles on the road was about to increase. The boy then accidently kicked his soccer ball too hard as it landed in the middle of the road next to a white line that divided the lanes. Two cars drove past it narrowly missing the ball. Thinking it was safe, the little boy began walking onto the road to retrieve his ball.

"Whoa kid! Don't go into the road!" Yusuke shouted loudly from the other side of the road.

A fast red sports car caught Yusuke's eye driving down the road towards the ball. The driver was going way past the designated speed limit with no signs of him slowing down or noticing a little boy that was just about to cross into the center. He had to act fast.

The little boy moved between two cars parked by the curb. He then walked to the center and picked up his ball. The driver of the red sports car was shocked seeing a little kid had spontaneously appeared out of nowhere. He slammed his brakes down as hard as he could and the vehicle skidded towards the little boy still maintaining momentum. The vehicle skidded closer and closer, the sound of its tires grinding into the pavement made a horrible screeching noise that echoed throughout the block.

Yusuke ran towards the little boy as fast as he could. Using the momentum gained from running, he dived directly at the boy pushing him out of the vehicle's line of sight. This left his own body vulnerable for what was about to happen next. The sports car rammed into Yusuke hard sending his body over top like a lifeless ragdoll. Vehicle swirled right crashing into the guardrail next to the curb while Yusuke's body landed beside it. The pedestrians walking by all began to converge on the scene of the accident.

"Someone call an ambulance!" A person screamed and many others began dialing 1-1-9 on their cell phones.

Yusuke awoke groaned as a headache rooted itself in the base of his skull. He stood up on his feet, feeling a little nauseous as he dusted himself off. He was surprised that he didn't sustain any injuries from that vehicle accident. Hopefully the little boy that he had saved earlier was okay too. He looked even more surprised after looking around him.

He was longer in the commercial district where the accident had taken place. He was home and currently standing on the lawn in his backyard. Yusuke was pretty sure that physics don't work this way. That car couldn't have realistically had enough force to launch him into the air so would land perfectly in his own backyard like in an anime.

"How the hell did I get back here?" He wondered.

The sky had completely darkened and stars were dotting the sky. The moon was also out illuminating much of the darkness. All of the street lamps down the road had already been lit up. Yusuke didn't have a watch on him, but he could tell it was around 2200 to 2300 based on the moon's position in the sky. The front of his house drew his attention as he could see he could a bunch of people had already gathered. He toke it that it wasn't a good sign.

As Yusuke walked up to his front door, he could see that several people here were students from his classroom. Most of them were still in their school uniforms. Many of the adults were teachers from school. They were all dressed in pitch black suits and some of the females wore black kimonos. A table was set up near the entrance of the house manned two individuals. There was a registry book on the table and several black and white envelopes.

From the look of things Yusuke may have just stumbled upon a Wake at his house of all places. Maybe his mother loaned their house out to a family she knew who lived in a small apartment nearby and they needed the extra space for their deceased relative's Wake.

From the look everyone's faces here, they were all very lifeless and grief-stricken. None of his classmates even acknowledged his intimidating presence here as he passed everyone by. Since majority of the attendants were people from his school, Yusuke took a guess that the person who passed on was probably either a student or maybe one his teachers.

"Come on, let's go back!" A voice came from the back and broke the silence. "This isn't right."

"Shut up and let go of me would ya?"

Yusuke easily recognized the obnoxious voice. He looked a bit further down to see Kuwabara slowly walking up to the opened sliding patio doors that lead into the living room presumably where the altar was set up. He was shouting and making a loud racket while Sawamura, Kirishima, and Okubo all attempted to restrain him.

"Oh for the love of! Kuwabara this is a Wake for Christ sakes!" Yusuke berated Kuwabara out load while resisting the urge to go knock him off his feet for his sheer stupidity "Show some respect!"

Kuwabara simply ignored him and continued dragging himself closer and closer towards the doors. The mourners dressed in black were all sitting on the sides in a seiza position. Flowers and candles surrounded the golden altar while a table with a long white cloth was placed in front of it. An incense urn was placed on the table containing a few burned sticks. The photo of the recently deceased was placed directly on top of the altar. From where he was standing, Yusuke could not see who that picture was.

"Damn you! You think you can just back out cause you're scared!" Kuwabara shouted as soon as he got through the door.

All the guests inside looked at him and his three friends that were trying their hardest to hold him back as he continued making his way forward to the altar.

"Kuwabara this place is for mourning!" Sawamura tried to explain it to him as Kuwabara only kept on going unhindered.

"I'm not going to leave. Not until he comes out here and lets me fight him!"

Kuwabara had walked right past all of the guests and was now standing in front of the altar.

"He can't do that!" Okubo pleaded while still do his best to push him back.

"I'm going to beat you down you punk! You hear me?"

Kuwabara's voice began to tremble as he reached out with his left hand as if trying to grab a person by the collar that no exists in this world. His body began to spasm uncontrollably. A mixture of grief and rage began to make its way down his throat.

"Who do you think you are? Huh? Dirty punk! Whom I gonna fight now? Who am I going to fight?"

"C'mon Kuwabara. Just let him go." Kirishima pleaded.


Kuwabara thrust his right fist forward as if to punch the person in the picture. He stopped short and then pulled his fist back to his face. Tears pooled his eyes as one of them rained to floor and landed on his right hand.

"You're supposed to be here!" Kuwabara cried, no longer able to hold back his tears. "You're supposed to be here... for me…"

"Come on Kuwabara Let's go." Sawamura calmly said.

Kuwabara no longer continued struggling as Sawamura, Kirishima, and Okubo removed him from the building. All three of them apologized for the loud scene Kuwabara had caused at the Wake. Yusuke himself couldn't say anything but look as Kuwabara was dragged away from his house. He was positive now that the deceased was definitely a student from school. Kuwabara only picks fights with people around his age. Whoever this person was, he must have meant a lot to Kuwabara like a sworn brother. The way he mourned over his death sounded as if he was still denial that he died.

"I guess I better go my respects too."

Yusuke moved towards the door of his house, taking off his shoes before setting foot in the living room. The guests sitting inside didn't even tilt their heads at the door to see who was entering the building. In the corner by the altar, he could see her mother in her plain clothes balled up crying and breaking into a sob. She was constantly calling his name. Yusuke quickly walked up to her and took a knee.

"Hey mom I'm right here." He calmly said to her. She didn't stop crying.

Yusuke was confused of why his mother mourning more than anyone else here at the Wake. He rose up and then faced the altar. His eyes widened and his mind was in complete shock after looking at the displayed photo of the deceased on top. The revelation hit him harder than one of his own punches: HE was dead and this was HIS Wake!

The photo was a picture of him in his Kuou Academy uniform. His mother had taken the photo on the night prior to his first day of school. It was almost as if he was looking into a mirror and eying his own reflection.

The realization sent a rush of emotions through him. He could not name it, comprehend it. The rush took a moment to process as fear, confusion, and despair. He had died in that vehicle accident today. The Wake had been already set up to mourn of his passing. This only left with even more questions. What about that little boy saved from the car? Was he alright?

"This way dear." A voice said behind him.

Yusuke turned around to see a brown haired woman in a black suit. Next to her was the same little boy he saved earlier this afternoon. He'd easily recognized his playful looking face. There was now a gauze sponge bandaged above his left eyebrow. He was now dressed a bit more formally. Yusuke was relieved to see the boy was alright.

The pair slowly walked towards Yusuke and then right through him as if his entire body was intangible. This alone confirmed to Yusuke that he was truly dead and he no longer was able to interact with the physical world. Everyone here was probably unaware of his presence this entire time. They approached Yusuke's altar and got on both their knees. Quietly, the mother gave her prayers and thanks and the little boy followed in suite.

"Now you should say something to honor him." The boy's mother said.

"Big bro, thank you for saving me today and making funny faces." The kid politely honored him.

The mother turned towards Atsuko who was still curled up in the corner and took bow. Following his mother's example, the little did the exact same action. Afterwards, they rose from their seats and quietly exited the building.

"So this is it huh?" Yusuke said now fully aware that he's dead and probably now a ghost. "This is how my life ends?"

Yusuke recounted his entire life for moment. He realized his whole life had been pretty pathetic and it really wasn't going anywhere. He never set any goals he wanted to achieve in his life. Everyone at school hated him and he hated going to school. He probably would have dropped out of high school eventually. Besides his mother and Kuwabara, no one else in this world really cared about him when he was still alive. The only thing he was ever good at was being able to kick anyone's ass on the street that challenged him and that got old and boring real quick. And besides, the little boy that he saved still had his entire life ahead of him. Even he has a better chance of amounting to something that he could only dream of. Yusuke was certain that he made the right decision when he willfully gave his own life to save another's.

"Okay God or whoever is out there!" Yusuke shouted out load hoping heaven or wherever the afterlife was can hear him. "I've got no regrets, you send me to hell or wherever I'm supposed to go!"

"I wouldn't say you had such a meaningless life. You are indeed in fact a very interesting person."

A disembodied voice spoke inside of Yusuke's head. He wasn't sure who or what was speaking to him. By the sound and tone of the voice, he deduced that she was a young female.

"Your kindness and compassion shall be rewarded. I promise to take care of you. Your life will once again have meaning, and you will live for me."

Before Yusuke lost consciousness, He saw a silhouette of a woman with crimson red hair in front of him.

"Yusuke! Yusuke! Wake up! Please Yusuke! Please wake up!"

A familiar voiced called out him over and over again. He ignored voice at first went back to sleep. The voice became louder and louder until finally something began pushing up against his shoulders. He slowly opened his eyes and lifted his body up so he sat on top of his bed. He took a deep yawn and the scratched the back of his head.

"Ummm…" Yusuke groggily answered. He turned to see his mother in her pajamas with an anguished look on her face. "What's the deal mom?"

"Oh thank goodness!" Atsuko said relieved and then broke into a sob.

"Yes mom I'm alive like yesterday." Yusuke reached behind his bedpost grabbing his alarm clock. His digital alarm showed that it was 0600, an hour and fifteen minutes before the alarm usually goes off. He turned the alarm off and returned the clock back to the bedpost. "Don't normal people sleep at six?"

"But I… I… had a dream that you were asleep and you never woke up again!" She continued sobbing.

Yusuke suddenly recalled everything that had happened to him yesterday. The little boy he saved in the traffic accident leading to his death and his Wake. He quickly got out of bed and ran downstairs. Below, the living room was still the same as yesterday: unchanged. There was no altar set up for him like last night. Atsuko followed him downstairs confused at what he was doing searching around the entire living room.

"Yusuke is something wrong?" She asked looking confused.

"Mom, what day is it today?"

"It's Tuesday."

Yusuke looked stunned. A day had passed and he wasn't sure if everything that happened yesterday was a dream or not. He remembered the accident everything that had happened at his Wake. If that part was all dream, then why couldn't he remember what really happened to him after school if he's not dead?

"Mom, this might sound strange to you, did I get into a car accident yesterday?" Yusuke curiously asked.

"No. When I came home yesterday, you were asleep in your room." She answered. "Is there something wrong Yusuke?"

"No." He denied thinking this was all probably in his head. "I've got to get ready for school."

"Are you sure?" His mother looked worried. "If you're not feeling well, I can call the school and let them know you're sick today."

"No I'm fine mom. I don't want miss school today."

Yusuke couldn't believe the words coming out his mouth. For the first time in his life, he was actually eager to go to school. He didn't want to sit around his house all day and pretend nothing was wrong with him. He was feeling very healthy and full of energy. Going to school today would help him retrace his steps from yesterday.

He returned to his room and began to change out of his pajamas and into his school clothes. His room reflected the opposite of his mother's whose was always messy and disorganized. His bunk was usually neatly made although no one ever sees it but him and his mother. His clothes were folded neatly in a drawer and his school uniform was hung in a small closet. A meter away from his bed was wooden work desk with a PC monitor, mouse and keyboard on top. The computer was tucked underneath the desk next to a black leather swivel chair.

As he was getting dressed, he began checking his body for any injuries. He looked for any signs of a concussion and blunt force trauma particular on his head and both upper and lower body. He could not find a single scratch of injury on him. His uniform left no indication that he was struck by a vehicle.

An hour later, Yusuke left the house at his usual time. During his walk to school, he couldn't help but close his eyes due to harsh the sunlight. Usually he's not a morning person, but the sunlight today feels hotter than yesterday. He wasn't sure if it was just him or was he feeling the effects of global warming the scientist worldwide had been preaching. Anyway, he decided to sprint only when he's out into open sunlight and walk when he's in the shade. Something was definitely wrong with him today.

Classes went on as usual and everyone at school was still their normal selves. Yet for some odd reason his homework had all been completed even though he didn't remember doing them last night. They were all written in his own hand writing.

During lunch time, he found out that Kuwabara wasn't in school today and neither were his three friends. Yusuke knew Kuwabara since middle school. He may be a self-proclaimed thug but he was never the kind of person that would skip school just for the hell of it. He was either sick or had some kind of emergency. Yusuke wanted to confirm whether or not he really fought Kuwabara yesterday.

Yusuke leaned on the stair rail between the second and third floor staircase. He was thinking deeply with his arms crossed. A crimson red haired student caught his attention above walking towards the stairs on the third floor.

Yusuke only knew her by reputation and that she was the idol of Kuou Academy. Her name was Rias Gremory, a third year student. Her slim body and proportions wasn't that of a Japanese high school student. She was rumored to be from Scandinavia. All the male and female students on the floor above gazed at her like a goddess as she walked past them. This particular event happens on a daily basis. Everyone on the floor stops what they're doing and look at her when she walks past them like she was royalty. Her hair came down to her hips and her skin was as white as snow. Yusuke was mostly indifferent towards her knowing he's probably way out of her league and no student of her stature would ever associate with a hooligan like him.

As she began to descend the staircase towards Yusuke, her blues eyes moved towards him. For a second, the two of them made eye contact as she passed him down the stairs. Her eyes changed and her mouth was smiling for a bit. Yusuke felt an uneasy vibe coming from her as she walked past him that he couldn't really comprehend. He wasn't sure if her smile had been directed at him or was it just all in his head.

After school ended, Yusuke dropped his school bag at home and went back to the commercial district. He returned back to the scene of the crash only to find no sign of a traffic accident that had taken place. The guardrail that the red sports car crashed into was undented. No flowers were left at the scene of the accident to honor the deceased. He was starting to feel convinced that the accident was probably all a bad dream. Maybe he never went out after school. He may have just felt sick yesterday and went to bed early after doing his homework.

It was nightfall by the time Yusuke felt satisfied with his investigation. As he was about to go home, a gang of about six high school students in plain clothes caught his attention. Normally Yusuke would ignore them unless they came after him. One particular fellow caught his eye. The one wearing glasses with chestnut brown hair had black wings growing out of his back. None of his fellow cohorts looked surprised or said anything and neither did anyone else that walked past them. The six of them entered into a nearby café which Yusuke couldn't resist but followed them behind out of curiosity.

As he entered, Yusuke quickly took a seat in the back corner of the café. He used the newspaper on the table to sort of remain incognito as he observed the six students all sitting in a nearby center table. They were all students from Rugafuchi High School as he had remembered some of their faces from previous street skirmishes. The one with the glasses however was a new face to him.

While spying on them, Yusuke noted the way they were all sitting. The one with the glasses was centered in the middle of the group. This presumably would make him the leader. For where he was sitting, he could still see the pair of black wings folded up on his back. The waitress didn't even look one bit surprised when she brought them their coffees.

"Kuwabara's later than usual." One of the Rugafuchi students said.

"Yeah, maybe he's not going to come after all."

"What makes you so sure he'll follow your orders Sakumoto?" One of them addressed the guy with the glasses.

"It's simple my boys, I'm playing with a loaded deck." Sakumoto boldly answered. "And as evidence of his great loyalty, I'm having him skip school to steal a video game from the most guarded store in town and bring them to me."

Yusuke heard their every word. Personally, he knew Kuwabara had a very strict code of honor he follows underneath his street thug appearance. He would never stoop to do doing despicable things like stealing or mugging other people.

The door to café opened a few minutes later. In walked Kuwabara along with Sawamura, Kirishima, and Okubo. They were also all in their causal everyday clothes. Kuwabara held a white plastic shopping bag under his arm. They all walked over to the Rugafuchi group.

"Eikichi! Eikichi? Where are you?" Kawabara called out.

"She's safe here with me." Sakumoto answered. "Now let's see what you've got there!"

Kuwabara reached into his bag and threw three different video games on the table. A white piece of paper was sandwiched between two games that caught Sakumoto's attention. Yusuke's own eyes widened as he didn't want to believe himself that Kuwabara broke his own code.

"There! I got you the three most popular titles! I didn't know what you liked." Kuwabara said.

Sakumoto looked down at the games coldly. His cool expression was quickly filled with anger. He picked up the piece paper stuck between the games and looked Kuwabara in the face.

"Well, isn't that very interesting Kuwabara?" Sakumoto angrily spoke causing Kuwabara to wince. He then held the piece of paper up in the air. "I didn't know they gave receipts for stealing!"

He crumpled the receipt up then threw to the ground.

"What difference does it make? I got you the video games!" Kuwabara retorted. "Now give me Eikichi!"

Sakumoto simply glared back at him as he crossed his arms. "You fool. You missed the point entirely; I was trying to teach you the thrill of shoplifting. This is not what we agreed on! Now apologize."

Kuwabara's expression hardened and he belligerently stared back at him. Both his head and clenched fists were shaking. He had to consciously restrain himself from punching Sakumoto in the face.

"You heard me." Sakumoto said again. "Get on your knees and apologize for being wrong."

"What?" Okubo angrily clamored.

"Don't push it Sakumoto!" Sawamura shouted.

"Quiet!" Kuwabara held his trembling arm out in front of both of them.

He slowly got on both his knees with his hands on the ground. It looked like he was ready to kowtow in front of the entire Rugafuchi group. Sawamura, Kirishima, and Okubo couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"I'm… sorry Sakumoto… I was… wrong." Kuwabara regretfully apologized.

"What's that? You were mumbling." One of the Rugafuchi said.

"I'M SORRY I WAS WRONG!" He shouted to where the whole store could hear him.

The entire Rugafuchi group burst out laughing at the subdued Kuwabara on the floor. Yusuke himself felt somewhat disturbed how this second rate gang was able to easily subjugate him. What's even more shocking was finding out that Kuwabara has a girl.

'I didn't know Kuwabara was even interested in girls.' Yusuke thought. 'This Eikichi girl must be someone very special to him to make him sink this low.'

"You're pathetic." A Rugafuchi thug insulted him

"Might as well give us your backbone too." Another one said.

One of the Rugafuchi boys in the back stood up and opened a brown bag. From inside the bag, he pulled an adorable looking brown kitten with black spots. The kitten simply meowed quietly.

"I still can't believe you're doing all this for a retarded fuzz ball." The thug said holding the little kitten by its collar.

"Ahhh! Eikichi!" Kuwabara shrieked in horror.

Yusuke quickly collapsed to his side after seeing something absurd as this. He quickly pulled himself back together and continued to eavesdrop in on their conversation.

"Please don't hurt her!" Kuwabara pleaded still on his knees. "I'll do anything you want me to do!"

'I've heard of being "pussy whipped" but this is just ridiculous.' Yusuke mused to himself.

"How did such a loser become boss on this turf?" Another thug said.

"Who are you calling a loser?" Sawamura angrily barked as he clenched his fist.

"Kuwabara would knock your teeth out if you just fight him one-on-one!" Okubo added.

"You want her?" The thug holding Eikichi said as he dangled the kitten in front of Kuwabara's face causing him to panic and stutter.

"You're mad." Sakumoto calmly addressed him. "Why don't you do something terrible? I think you'll find it fun if you do it once or twice, it gives you a thrill like no other!"

The two belligerent parties moved from the coffee shop and into empty vacant lot that was a block away. The lot itself was mostly unattended with weeds growing out of the grass patches. Two wooden fences separated the area that was sandwiched between two buildings. In the upper right corner of the lot was cluttered with a pile of garbage. A broken door, rusted out machinery, corroded scraps of metal, and several stacks crates filled with empty beer bottles were lined up against the wall.

Kuwabara's group stood in the center of the empty lot. They were flanked by four of Sakumoto's boys. Two of them stood behind Kuwabara's posse and the other two were standing at their east and west sides. The goon holding Eikichi stood near the pile of trash next the stacks of crates filled with beer bottles. Sakumoto stood directly in front him and facing Kuwabara with his hands in his pockets.

"Just tell me what you want Sakumoto. I don't care what, as long as you give me Eikichi." Kuwabara said.

"Good. This will be your last order." Sakumoto pointed at Sawamura, Kirishima, and Okubo who were all glaring at him. "Hit your three friends"

"What?" Kuwabara couldn't believe what he heard.

"They've been staring at me since we met. I think it's very rude. So I want you to hit them until I say stop." Sakumoto demanded.

Kuwabara fiercely gritted his death and clenched his fists tightly.

"Now hit them!" Sakumoto again ordered.

"No! I could never do that to them!"

"Fine." Sakumoto said disappointedly. He then turned his face back to the thug still holding the little kitten. "Do It!"

The thug held Eikichi by the collar grabbed a wine bottle with his left hand. He swung the bottle hard against the stacks of crates and broke it in half. Next, he held the sharp broken glass end of the bottle at the little kitten's neck. All Eikichi could do was meow helplessly in fear.

"Eikichi!" Kuwabara screamed.

"Hit them or else say goodbye to your cat!" Sakumoto strongly encouraged him to give in.

"Hit us Kuwabara. We can take it." Sawamura urged him.

"We'll act like its Sakumoto hitting us and we'll get him back!" Kirishima agreed.

"That's right; we still owe you for what you did for us in junior high." Okubo added.

Kuwabara listened to friends. They were all were all willing to sacrifice themselves to help him save Eikichi. He he could never take his friends for granted or hurt them in anyway.

"No! That goes against my code!" He once again refused.

"You heard him! Kill the cat!"

A strong left hook found itself into the right cheek of the thug holding Eikichi. The punch sent his body quickly hitting the floor hard as he dropped the broken bottle. The cat was released from his grip and flew into the air. The mysterious savior caught her underneath his arms and then landed in a three point stance. Everyone else simply stared at him.

"Where the hell did he come from?" A thug said.

"Who the hell is he?" said another.

The mysterious figure slowly stood up and turned his head towards them. Everyone was frozen in shock including Kuwabara's gang. They couldn't believe their sworn rival was helping them.

"It's him! It's Yusuke Urameshi!" One of Sakumoto said petrified.

"That's right. And this is called kicking your ass!" Yusuke declared.

Still holding Eikichi with his left arm, Yusuke quickly ran up to the closest Rugafuchi thug and kicked him hard in the stomach. The thug was out cold and down for the count. Kuwabara nodded in unison with his group began their brawl with Sakumoto's goons. The fight was now five against four with two of the Rugafuchi punks already out of commission.

"You wanna tell me I don't have a spine now!" Kuwabara shouted as he pummeled one of the thugs to ground.

Another thug grabbed him behind in a clench only to be kicked in the face by Yusuke.

"Hey hold this little guy would you?" He said handing Eikichi back to Kuwabara.

Kuwabara smiled happily. "Heheh… hey it's a she." He corrected him.

Yusuke noticed Sakumoto was running for the streets as knocked out another thug. "Hey! He's going to miss the best part!" He said and chased after him.

Sakumoto put a significant amount of distance between him and Yusuke when he spotted him running down the road. Yusuke quickly sprinted at full speed when he got his eyes on him. For some odd reason, he felt faster than he was yesterday with a near infinite amount stamina. He kept on running not tiring or even breaking a sweat. In a mere matter of seconds, he was able to quickly close distance between him and Sakumoto.

"Don't you want to talk?" Yusuke shouted at him.

He chased Sakumoto down into a dark underpass before Sakumoto collapsed to the ground out of breath. The underpass was supposed to be very dim at night. Yet for some odd reason, Yusuke could clearly see Sakumoto's body lying on the floor. Sakumoto slowly looked up from the ground to see Yusuke standing in front of him with both his fists clenched.

"You know, I think you're right." Yusuke said to him.

Sakumoto got up on his feet and quickly turned around attempting to flee. Yusuke grabbed him by his shirt collar before he could escape. He then smacked Sakumoto in the back of his head knocking him out cold.

"I didn't want to talk to you either. You're an embarrassment! Torturing a cat and then abandoning your friends. And what the hell is up with the black wings growing out of your back?"

"Heh… heh… heh…" Laughter came from Sakumoto's unconscious body.

"What's so funny?" Yusuke asked.

Sakumoto's body suddenly burst opened revealing a much larger figure underneath the young teenager's skin. This new individual had appearance of a middle aged man with medium gray hair. He was dressed in brown raincoat and a black fedora was on his head. His two large black angelic wings opened and flapped behind him. He stood staring down Yusuke with an irate look on his face.

"I never thought a low class devil such as you would be able to see through my disguise." He complimented Yusuke while holding back his temper. "Thanks to you, our plans of confirming whether or not that boy is a possessor has but gone the drain!"

Yusuke had a look of confusion on his face when the man with the black wings called him a 'Devil.' He felt some killer vibes coming from this strange new individual that had pretended to be a high school student named Sakumoto. Fear from his body was instinctively telling him to run while his curiosity continued to hold himself in place. He decided to stand his ground. Running away just wasn't his style.

"Just what the hell are supposed to be?" Yusuke inquired. "You an angel or something?"

"You're only half right." He answered him.

Yusuke became even more confused.

"Since when the hell do angels go around tormenting high school students? If this is your ideal of fun, then you've seriously need to get yourself a better hobby."

The angel with black wings looked confused at Yusuke's question. Any devil could easily tell that he was a fallen angel. However, this devil named Yusuke had no clue of what he was. The black angel wings were pretty much a dead giveaway. He wasn't sure whether he was being serious or simply feigning ignorance.

"Tell me the name of your master." He demanded.

"Master?" Yusuke sounded confused.

"I see, so must be a stray devil than." The fallen said with the veins in his head pulsing.

The fallen angel's growing anger came boiling into a rage. All of his careful planning, manipulation, and execution had all been ruined by a random stray devil. This was probably his only chance of finding out whether or not Kuwabara was a bearer before the devils in charge this territory got wise to him.

"Since you're a stray, I guess I'll put you out of your misery then!"

The fallen angel began to gather light energy in the palm of his right hand. A spark of light crackled and a spear looking object emerged. Catching Yusuke off guard, he flew the spear into his torso. The spear pierce through his stomach and stopped halfway.

Yusuke fell to his knees as blood from his stomach began bleeding to the ground. He could feel his entire insides being burned. It wasn't the blood loss that was hurting him but whatever was coming from the spear. It felt like someone took a metal pole, superheated it in a furnace, and then stuck it inside him. The pain was spreading throughout his entire body and even gripping the spear itself caused him great pain.

"Why do you look so surprised?" The fallen angel asked as he slowly walked towards him. "Light is naturally poisonous to devils such as yourself."

Yusuke kept his face down and smiled. "You don't know me then." He said confidently. "Trusting what other people tell me has never been my thing!"

Yusuke gripped the spear stuck in his stomach as hard as he could. He ignored the pain and focused only on prying the damn thing out of his out his body. With one swift motion, the spear made from light came out from his stomach. Catching the fallen angel by surprise, Yusuke rushed towards him and impaled fallen angel with his own spear. The fallen angel spat out some drops of blood as Yusuke followed with his right hook knocking him face flat off his feet. Afterwards, Yusuke was barely able to stand on two legs.

"Impossible!" The fallen angel cursed. He slowly stood up despite having a hole in his stomach. "A low class devil like you shouldn't even be able to touch weapons made from light!"

Yusuke couldn't understand this whole "Devil" and "Light" nonsense the fallen angel was babbling about. He was right about that light spear being extremely painful to even touch. Trying to pull that spear out his stomach was like trying to dislodge a hot iron bar with his bare hands.

The spear that was stuck inside the fallen angel's torso disappeared as he continued to clutch the bloody hole with his left hand. He created another spear of light and held it with his right hand. The sudden flood of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dozens of other hormones filled Yusuke's blood stream as he contemplated whether to fight or run. He chose to stick with the former.

"Looks like I've underestimated you. This time I'll make sure you're dead!"

The fallen angel charged forward to Yusuke with spear in hand.

"Bring it on!" Yusuke shouted as he rushed towards the fallen angel with both his fists ready.

An explosion suddenly hit in front of Yusuke separating him from the fallen angel. He looked up after the smoke cleared to see the fallen angel's left arm had been scorched and his arm was also bleeding.

"Don't you dare lay a finger on him!" An angry voice shouted behind Yusuke.

Yusuke and the fallen angel both turned to see a young woman walking towards them. She had long crimson red hair and was fully dressed in a Kuou Academy school uniform. Yusuke couldn't believe what he was seeing. Either he was hallucinating from blood loss or that's actually Rias Gremory from school walking towards them.

The injured fallen angel ignored Yusuke and threw his spear at Rias instead. A small girl appeared in front of Rias and with her fists deflected the spear back at the fallen angel. The small girl had short white hair, yellow eyes, and also wore the academy's uniform. She was fairly short, standing only up to Rias shoulders.

A lightning bolt struck the ground front the fallen angel stopping him in his tracks. Another female student from Kuou Academy appeared at the scene. She had long black hair tied in a ponytail that stretched down past her legs. Yusuke had seen her face at school before but couldn't recall her name.

The flash of crimson red hair drew the fallen angel's gaze. The fallen angel remembered the devil fitting this description during one of his intelligence briefings. 'This woman was not to be taken lightly' was what he was told.

"You must be from the House of Gremory." He calmly said. "Dohnaseek of Grigori, please to make your acquaintance."

The fallen angel continued glaring at Rias, his eyes filled with antipathy.

"Rias Gremory of the Gremory Clan." She politely introduced herself. "Good evening to you too Mr. Fallen Angel."

The fallen angel named Dohnaseek picked his fedora off from the ground that been knocked off him earlier during the fight. He dusted the hat off before putting it back on his head.

"So this little punk belongs to you. Then that would make you the head devil of this town. I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused today." Dohnaseek scornfully apologized. His tone then became much more infuriating. "I'd advise that you keep your servant on leash next time. He has no business meddling in our affairs."

"And you have no business causing trouble in my domain." Rias calmly, but fiercely retorted. "I'll let you off with a warning for today. Next time, I'll personally kill you myself!"

Dohnaseek spat a mouth full of blood on the ground. "Well said Gremory. I hope we won't meet again."

The fallen angel started to spread both his wings apart. His body hovered in the air and then he flew into the sky. He disappeared into the darkness of the night leaving a trail of black feathers behind that fell to the ground.

"Hey where do you think you're going asshole!" Yusuke shouted. He started to feel dizzy with signs of faintness. His vision was getting very blurry and his breathing had become rapidly shallow. "I'm not finished with you…"

Yusuke lost consciousness and collapsed face flat onto the pavement. Blood from stomach continued dripping into the ground. Rias and the two other females: Akeno and Koneko quickly walked up to his still beating body.

"Who would have thought that this newly reincarnated devil was able to catch the fallen angel even before he knew his plans?" Akeno wondered.

"I think he's already gone into shock." Koneko said closely observing his body.

Rias took knee beside the boy's unconscious body. "I won't let him die." She said putting her hand on Yusuke's back. "This boy is very special indeed."

Yusuke awoke to the sound of his alarm clock. The high pitched buzzing sound echoed throughout his entire room. He reached up to his front bed post and hit the snooze button finally killing the alarm. The morning flash of sunlight stabbed through his eyelids and he awoke feeling rather cold. As he rolled out of bed, he found himself to be completely naked.

"What the hell?" Yusuke said confused on why he was stripped naked and not in his pajamas.

However, there was else something on his bed. It looked like another person was sleeping underneath his blanket. A sweet voice moaned and it sounded very feminine. Yusuke felt rather disturbed about the unknown individual that had been sleeping next time him while he was mysteriously butt naked last night.

"Oh dear lord don't tell me mom came home drunk last night, stripped me naked and then slept next to me in bed." He painfully imagined the scenario.

Along with his dream yesterday where was attacked by some dude in a trench coat with black wings, his morning was definitely not off to a good start. He reached into his drawers and slipped on a new pair of boxer shorts and a white t-shirt. Next, he opened his closet and wore and belted his black school pants. After getting partially dressed, he then turned to his bed and slowly removed the blanket over his bed.

Yusuke reflexively jumped back a few feet, completely surprised and bewildered as he collapsed on his bottom. There was a crimson red headed girl sleeping completely naked on his bed. The sunlight coming from his windows shined her pale white naked skin. No matter how you look at it, the red head was Rias Gremory, the third year idol from school. Yusuke was completely speechless while his entire face became red. He was extremely baffled why she was in even in his room to begin with.

The illuminating sunlight combined with Yusuke's surprised knockback had woken her up. She slowly sat up and stretched her arms in the air. She revealed a pair of generously large assets as she yawned. Rias then moved her legs down the side of the bed and turned towards a blushing Yusuke who was doing his best not to look at her lower body.

"Good morning." She gently said smiling at Yusuke.

"Why are you in my room and naked?" Yusuke asked as a drop of sweat poured down his head.

He was no longer disturbed that she naked, but instead at her complete lack of modesty. She didn't even bother to hide her exposed birthday suit with the blanket on the bed nor did she try to cover up her breasts with her own arms. She just sat there and smiled at him like an exhibitionist.

Yusuke looked down, covered his face with his right palm and shook his head. "Why do I get the feeling that I've been stuck in a delusional coma for that last two days?"

"You're not in a coma or in a dream. Everything you see here is real." She said debunking his conjecture. "My name is Rias Gremory, and I am a Devil."

Yusuke looked up at her, still completely baffled over the whole situation. "A Devil?"

"That's right, and I am your master." Her blue eyes began to darken. "It's finally nice to meet you in person, Yusuke Urameshi-kun."

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