I decided to write a story that contains multiple one-shots of Sonic and Tails brotherly moments. The ages of Tails and Sonic will be as follows:

Sonic 9-15

Tails 2- 8

Each chapter I will tell you the ages they will be. Also let me make this clear. REQUESTS ARE WELCOME! Just tell me what you want to happen and how old you want Sonic and Tails to be. The only requests I won't take is death(but it can be a almost death experience)

Disclaimer: I don't own Sonic the hedgehog and never will.

Sonic is nine and Tails is two in this chapter, this will take place 2 months after Sonic adopted Tails.

"Alright little bro it's time for bed!" a 9 year old blue hedgehog said walking into the living room of the small house.

The little two year old fox was watching cartoons on TV. He was laying on his stomach only about a foot away from the TV with his legs in the air and his arms folded in front of him.

He looked up from staring at the TV to look at Sonic. He than looked at the clock on the wall to see that it was 8:30 pm.

He frowned. "But Sonic, I'm not even tired yet!" the two year old pouted.

Sonic chuckled. "Sorry Tails, but at your age you need at least 8 hours of sleep. And knowing how early you like to get up, you should have went to sleep a half hour ago."

Tails frowned. "Oh please Sonic! I promise I won't wake you up that early anymore! Can I at least stay up another half hour?" he gave Sonic a puppy eyed look.

Sonic rolled his eyes, but couldn't help but to smile at his attempt to persuade Sonic to stay up longer. He had used the puppy dog look whenever he wanted something at that moment. It had worked several times on many occasions, but not this time.

"Sorry little bro, but that's not going to work this time!" Sonic said while smirking. Sonic found Tails' puppy dog look cute. The way his blue eyes will go wide and teary. His ears would flatten as well as his tails. He would even tilt his head and start whimpering, which would make it even more cute.

Tails bowed his head down knowing his puppy dog look won't work this time. "Okay, I will go to bed." he said walking slowly into his room.

Sonic shook his head. "Don't even try the guilt trick either, because it won't work." he said in a stern tone.

Tails snapped his fingers "Aw man." he said picking up his pace. Walking into his room he removed his gloves, shoes and socks and climbed into bed. Pulling the blankets over himself he fell asleep quickly.

Sonic walked into Tails' room and saw him asleep. "Not tired eh?" he said while chuckling to himself. He than walked into his own room and removed his gloves, shoes and socks. He covered himself up and went to sleep.

Although Sonic was older and could stay up a little later, he had to get a lot of sleep because Eggman would sometimes attack really early in the morning, hoping that Sonic wasn't awake enough to defeat him.

Tails' dream

Tails found himself in a dark cell. He didn't know how he even got in there. Suddenly he heard footsteps coming down his way.

A huge door that was in front of him opened up and Dr. Eggman walked in smirking. "Well how is my little pet doing today? I hope you don't expect to get out of here anytime soon."

"W-Why is t-that? Tails found himself asking.

Eggman started laughing. "It's because Sonic isn't coming to your rescue."

Tails shook his head. "Y-your w-wrong! Sonic will save me!"

Eggman started walking until he was right in front of the cell. "Is that so? Well I should let you know that you have been here a week and Sonic still hasn't come to find you yet. Why is that? Because he doesn't care about you!"

Tails shot up from the ground and ran right up to the cell bars so he was standing right in front of Eggman. "Your lying! Sonic does care about me!"

Eggman shook his head. "Is that what you think? Why would a hyper annoying hedgehog want to hang out with a mutant like you?"

Tails fell to his knees and started crying. This couldn't be real! He knew this had to be a nightmare.

Eggman stared at him before turning on his heel and walking out of the prison room.

Tails woke up in a cold sweat. He quickly got out of his bed and ran into his older brother's room. He saw the hedgehog sleeping and jumped into the bed and started hugging Sonic while crying.

Sonic shot up and his quills stuck up ready to slice whoever woke him up. He heard sobbing and looked down to see Tails hugging him crying.

Sonic stared at his little brother crying and figured he must have had a nightmare. He than scooped up the little fox and brought him closer to him.

"What's wrong Tails? Did you have a nightmare?" Sonic asked.

Tails nodded his head still continuing to cry. There were a few times he had nightmares and he knew what Sonic would do.

Sonic hugged Tails and let his little brother's head rest on his arm and pulled the blanket over him and Tails.

"Can you tell me what happened?" Sonic asked.

Tails nodded. "I-I found myself in a cell and Eggman appeared and he told m-me that you weren't coming to save me and that I was there a week and you didn't come because you didn't care about me."

Tails continued crying and Sonic felt bad, hugging Tails closer to him he started stroking his back. "Don't worry I will never leave you, I will protect you even if I die in the process."

Tails smiled at that and found himself starting to fall asleep again, this time snuggling against his older brother feeling his warmth he knew that what Sonic said was true and he always kept his word.