This is a request from Manic'sTheName.

Sonic is 13 and Tails is 6.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sonic the hedgehog, he belongs to SEGA.

Sonic and Tails were heading toward Eggman's base to yet again foil his evil plans. The two of them were relaxing when a robot came to their house with a message from Eggman, who was calling them out for a duel, much to their annoyance. Finally arriving at Eggman's base they stopped outside waiting for Eggman to show up.

After 5 minutes of waiting without Eggman showing up Sonic sighed with annoyance. "Why did we bother coming here if Eggman isn't going to show up?"

"Well maybe we were supposed to go inside the base. He might not know we're here." Tails stated.

Sonic shrugged his shoulders. "Perhaps, but I highly doubt-" he didn't get to finish as a large red laser beam struck them creating a large explosion. When the smoke cleared a large crater was left behind.

Sonic and Tails crawled out of the crater with multiple bruises on them. "Alright Eggman, where are you hiding?" Sonic asked.

"Look behind you hedgehog."

Sonic and Tails spun around and their eyes widened.

Standing behind them was a large 40 foot tall cyclops robot with large wings on it's back. "So what do you fools think of my newest creation? I call her, the Egg Cyclops!"

Sonic raised an eyebrow. "Her? I didn't know robots had genders."

Tails snickered. "Aw, Eggman built himself a daughter. She has an ugly face just like her old man. At least she's not fat, that's the only good thing."

Sonic started cracking up laughing at Tails' comment. "Now Tails, that's no way to talk to a lady. It's not her fault that she was built like that."

Eggman felt his blood boil at their mockery. "Stop laughing you pesky vermin's! I don't see how this is funny! Why is everything always a joke to you?! Just because I call my robot a 'her' doesn't mean you can mock me! Kids or not, you have no right to behave like this!" Eggman shouted.

Sonic and Tails stopped laughing at Eggman's outburst and a scowl appeared on their faces. "Hey! Who are you calling a kid Egghead? I'm a teenager!" Sonic snapped.

"And who do you think you are ordering us around? You're not our father! So you have no right scolding us for our behavior!" Tails snarled.

"That's it! Time to teach you brats a lesson in discipline!" Eggman said as the Egg Cyclops flew in the air. The Egg Cyclops' hands turned into missile launchers and started shooting missiles at Sonic and Tails.

Sonic grabbed Tails' hands as the fox flew in the air. Tails started avoiding the missiles as he was flying toward the Egg Cyclops. "Go get him Sonic!" Tails said as he threw Sonic at the Egg Cyclops.

"Oh no you don't!" Eggman shouted as the Egg Cyclops' left missile launcher turned back into a hand and tried to swat Sonic with it.

Sonic smirked seeing this coming. He did a frontward flip and kicked the Egg Cyclops' hand with his right foot and pushed himself away from the hand. He then quickly back-flipped as the hand went past him before landing on the robot's arm. Running up the arm he jumped and Spin Dashed the robot's left wing, tearing right through it.

Tails quickly caught Sonic. The two of them watched as the Egg Cyclops started flying out of control before crashing into the ground. Tails landed on the ground as the Egg Cyclops picked itself back up.

"Just because you destroyed one of my Egg Cyclops' wings doesn't mean it's over yet!" Eggman shouted as 16 hatches started opening up around the robot's body. Multiple missiles shot from each hatch heading straight for Sonic and Tails.

Sonic and Tails split apart as they started running away from the missiles. "I think he's angry!" Tails yelled while avoiding the missiles.

"Gee, you think?!" Sonic shouted back.

Tails quickly started flying toward the Egg Cyclops' head. "Time to end this fight!"

Eggman smirked. "I don't think so!" he said as the Egg Cyclops' eye started glowing before an even stronger large red laser beam shot out and struck Tails, sending him crashing into the ground while creating a giant explosion that shook the ground.

"Tails!" Sonic shouted. His eyes narrowed as he turned to face the Egg Cyclops. "You just made a huge mistake Eggman."

Sonic ran toward the Egg Cyclops and started running of the robot's leg before jumping on top of the head. He then stared punching the robot's head leaving some dents in it.

"Get off Sonic!" Eggman shouted as the Egg Cyclops tried to grab him.

However before the robot could grab Sonic, he did one final Spin Dash at the Egg Cyclops' eye tearing right through it and out the other side.

The Egg Cyclops started sparking before falling backwards, exploding when it hit the ground. "I hate you Sonic!" Eggman yelled before flying away.

Sonic remembered about Tails and quickly ran over to the large crater in the ground. He looked inside and saw laying down on his back with a large rock on top of him unconscious. Sonic's eyes widened as he jumped inside the crater and moved the large rock off of Tails. Deeply worried Sonic scooped up Tails and ran toward Station Square Hospital.

Tails groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. His head hurt a lot and when his vision cleared he saw that he was in a hospital. "Ugh, what happened? Why am I in a hospital?"

"You got severally injured while fighting Eggman."

Knowing whose voice that was, Tails sighed. "Why do I always end up in a hospital Sonic?"

"Eggman always targets you because your weaker then me. That's the only reason." Sonic explained.

"How bad are my injuries?" Tails asked.

Sonic shook his head. "Not too bad. Just a broken arm and a sprained ankle. But the doctors said we can leave when you wake up."

Tails looked over himself and noticed that his right arm and left leg were in a cast. "Alright then, let's go home."

Sonic nodded his head as he picked Tails up and placed him on his shoulders. "Dang kid, your a lot heavier then you used to be." Sonic said as he began walking.

Tails scowled. "Are you saying that I'm fat?"

Sonic smirked though Tails couldn't see it. "I'm didn't say that you were fat. Your just a lot bigger then you used to be. Well now that I think about it, you are kind of chubby."

Tails' eyes narrowed as he smacked Sonic on the head with his good arm.

"Ow! I guess I deserved that." Sonic said as he rubbed his head. "Even though it's true." he mumbled to himself.

When Sonic got home he placed Tails on the couch. "Don't worry Tails, you'll get better in no time! While you recover I'll take good care of you."

Tails sighed. "Yeah, that's great."

1 week later

Tails was inside of his workshop upgrading the Tornado. He was glad to be out of those casts because during the entire week of recovery, Sonic wouldn't allow him inside his workshop to work on anything.

Tails' workshop door opened up and Sonic walked in. "Hey Tails! I'm going for a run, you coming?"

Tails froze and slowly turned around to face Sonic. "You mean go outside? To where it's dangerous?"

Sonic raised an eyebrow. "Uh, is everything okay? I thought once those casts were off, you would want to go out for a run with me."

Tails shook his head. "I can't go outside it's too dangerous! What if I get hurt again? What if every bone in my body breaks?"

Sonic sighed. "Tails, are you really afraid to go outside?"

Tails frowned. "Of course I am! I got hurt! I always get hurt!"

Sonic frowned. "But I need your help to defeat Eggman. We're a team, aren't we? Last month when you got hurt by Eggman's Bomber Blaster robot, you were angry about me not letting you fight Eggman anymore. How come you changed your mind?"

Tails thought about this before sighing. "Yes, of course I remembered that. I just don't want to end up in the hospital all of the time."

Sonic smiled. "Well if it makes you feel any better, I ended up in the hospital a lot after fighting Eggman before meeting you. I ended up in the hospital 79 times a year! Sometimes more."

Tails' eyes widened. "Really? That many?"

Sonic nodded. "Yep! So you see, there's no shame in getting hurt. It's all part of being a hero!"

Tails grinned. "Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" he said before running out of his workshop.

Sonic chuckled before following Tails.