This is my first fanfiction, in this, Red Hood is a little nicer then in the comics and in 'Under The Red Hood' but not too nice, there is also an OC that will play a major role in most of my future fanfictions.

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Nightwing looked around, Gotham was pretty this time at night, he didn't smile at his girly thoughts, Artemis was faking death, Kaldur was in deep cover on the wrong side, La'gaan was kidnapped, Wally hated his guts and he was lying to the world.

Not exactly the time for smiling. A soft thump was audible right behind him, he didn't turn, the dark figure approached, he still didn't do anything, a red hood shimmered, he didn't look.

A black gloved hand was on his shoulder, he said

"Hey Jason"

The Red Hood took off his full face mask to uncover his domino red one.


"You called?"


"What's the problem, because I have a little bit of a thing with the Team so…"

Nightwing glanced at his brother and they both sat down on the roof, staring out at Gotham's lights, Jason said

"We're brothers, right?"

"Yeah, I'd take a bullet for you"

Red Hood looked down, something a bit like shame crossed his face he replied, a little above a mumble

"Me too"

Dick smiled gently and nudged his adopted brother

"We still have each other, just in case you're a little lonely with your whole crime lord job and entourage"

"I'm not lonely"

Dick scoffed, Jason stood so that he was face to face with Nightwing, the red masked man said

"I'm sorry"

"For what?"

Dick asked, confused, Jason sighed, looking down


Suddenly, Red Hood drove a knife stright through Nightwing's chest, Dick's mouth was open a little in shock and he whispered


The jade eyed boy lowered his brother to the ground and yanked out the knife harshly, not that the first Robin would feel it, the knife had already gone through his lung and spinal cord.

Hood replaced his helmet and glanced at Nightwing's dead body, then shot out his grappling hook and flew away.

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