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The older heroes followed the girl and eventually arrived to a smooth and huge curved wall, they all looked to Nyx, the raven haired girl placed her hand on the wall and what looked like neon yellow slime climbed up from her hand and spread out like a spiderweb.

Light smoke drifted from where the thick liquid climbed and dissolved the wall, Nightwing raised an eyebrow, obviously, he was the only one without powers there, too bad, he should be able to train her to fight without powers though.

The substance did it's work and the wall crumbled in front of them, Cassie stared


Nyx's boots hit the grass dully and she just stared at the ground, Dick landed beside her with almost equal grace, he put his hand on her shoulder

"What's that?"

"What's what?"

"The green things"

She pointed at the plant beneath her feet

"It's called grass"

"What does it do?"

"It's a plant, people also use it for decoration"


"I don't know, let's just get back to the Cave with minimal questions"


He really didn't like having to explain everything to her.

Nighthunter looked back at the egg-thing, it was the size of the White House and a little dirty, Bumblebee asked

"What do we do now?"

Nyx replied

"It's going to collapse, the clones were it's energy source and with the hole in it's wall it can't go into stasis. Don't feel too bad, it never really had a soul, or personality"

They met up with the rest of the Team, after sniffing Nightwing –much to his dislike- they all got to the bio-ship while Nighthunter asked what everything was and all their purposes, it was annoying but seeing as she'd never seen anything but white and clones, it was acceptable.

When they finally got to Mount Justice, Dick was caught in a wave of confused, angry and happy heroes, the last three were Dinah, Roy, Zatanna and Wally.

Dinah scolded him at first for, you know, DYING, then she hugged him.

Roy was almost the same, but Dick asked the first question

"Why aren't you in Star city, protecting Real Roy?"

"I just need to make sure you're not DEAD, if you pull that kind of stunt again, you might as well be"

Even though Nightwing was the leader of the Team and the most experienced sidekick, he could still get one hell of a punishment from his friends, Red Arrow was threatening people left and right so it didn't disturb Dick.

Zatanna hugged him and cried a little in his shoulder

"I thougth you were dead! Your body was there!"

Then Zee slapped him upside the head for scaring her. Like it was his fault. Wally hugged his maybe- best-friend-we're- not-sure-but-he-might-still-be.

"Dude, we all thougth we'd lost you, you might want to give a warning"

"Yeah Walls, like I can tell you when I've been kidnapped by plants"

They hugged tighter and everyone else was smiling, best friends reunited, it was cute.

No-one noticed Jason sneak out or Nighthunter hide in the rafters above their heads.

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