FAGEtastic Four

Title: Death Behind His Eyes

Written for: evilnat

Written by: Sunsetwing

Rating: M

Summary/prompt used pictures and lyrics:

"A picture says with sight what we can't say with words.

But you've been walking eyes to feet in dark sunglasses

A picture will survive, so smile and look alive."

Incubus- Look Alive

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Stephenie Meyer is a goddess and she owns everything. No copyright infringement intended. This is the only time this story that I will post the disclaimer.

A/N I am trying something different here, so please bear with me. I haven't ever written a drabble. I hope that evilnat likes this. Thank you to Breath-of-twilight who always checks my comma's ;).

He's leaving today.

My heart clenches, painful thumping, pinching, battling within the small confines of my chest.

If I am being honest with myself, I'll admit I don't want him to go.

What woman in their right mind would?

But I also know he has to.

This is his passion.

One which we both used to share.

Now, my only passion is our child.

His five year old mini.

He looks just like him.



The way my little guy quirks his brow and his eyes twinkle when he is trying hard to figure something out.

Yeah, that's my Aidan.


My mini Edward.