Author's Notes: Written for Mrs Bella Riddle's Flower Challenge on xoxLewrahxox's Bellatrix Lestrange: The Dark Lord's Most Faithful Forum.

You have to write a fic that features a flower; metaphoric or an actual flower it does not matter it must just feature.

Being me, "flower" is being used here in the sense of "virginity", and thus, shall focus on three different stages in the loss of virginity (contact, intercourse, pleasure).

Warning: The first chapter/drabble/thing contains incest, non-con, and possible underage/adult sex. The second and third parts shall contain… sex.


Contact (200 words)


The first time was the worst.

Narcissa heard – from her older sisters, from people at school, from the gossiping old women at parties – that that was the way it usually was. She doubted, however, that it had been bad for them in the same way – for the same reason – that it had been bad for her. They spoke of boyfriends who behaved clumsily and finished too quickly.

There had been no clumsiness for Narcissa.

It would have been preferable.

She could still smell, when she closed her eyes and thought about it (more often than she cared to admit), the scent of the lavender sachet that was always kept in her pillow. She could feel the cotton pressing against her face, feel the way her lungs strained to draw in air as one hand pressed her head down and the other lifted her skirts.

She remembered oh so very well the feeling of one finger – not enough to break her, not enough to make it clear that she was being taken, just enough to hurt – slid inside her, and she could still hear her own voice as she sobbed pitifully, still hear the way she had whispered,

"Please stop, Father. It hurts."