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The Gargoyles' Garden, a Harry Potter and Gargoyles crossover:

Before she escaped the Ministry of Magic using the Floo Network in 1996, Bellatrix Lestrange curses Harry, transfiguring the Boy-Who-Lived into a gargoyle. What will happen Fred and George Weasley take their frozen friend to Manhattan under the pretension of opening another joke shop?

Pairings: Goliath/Harry, George/Elisa/Fred

Jar of Hearts, a Harry Potter and Doctor Who crossover:

Harry has lived through several years of war. At the end, when he has nothing to call home and a godson to raise, he isolates himself from the wizarding world. But does that include having a blue telephone booth crash into his living room? Probably not.

Pairings: 11th Doctor/Harry, Rory/Amy

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A small yawn vibrated in the back of his throat as Harry walked down the cobble-stoned streets of Diagon Alley. While traveling by train was all well and good, teleporting from the Place de la Concorde of Paris to his small flat in Castle Combe exhausted the raven haired wizard. Nevertheless, Harry was able to return to London earlier than he had expected and sleep for a few hours before puttering towards Gringotts in a groggy manner. Even after all of the trouble that I have gone through to come back home, I did not receive any more information from either Griphook or the Head Goblin since the rendezvous in Delhi, Harry politely waved his hand to a vendor who tried to sell the emerald eyed man a piece of fruit from his enchanted cart, Nor have I encountered grave robbers who believe that I am "interfering with their god's eternal rest". But...what if the reason for my return to London is not related to my work as a Curse-Breaker? What if the reason behind all of this madness is Luna?

Harry's heart lurched with fear at the thought of losing his friend; not by a flash of green light or a curse that would send Luna into the Veil, but to a sickness that motivated him to travel to the corners of the world and seek a cure. A cure that he was very close to finding.

The sleepy sorcerer shook his head vigorously. Calm down Potter. Even if Luna is the reason why the Head Goblin summoned me back home, Rolf would have send me an owl and inform me of her condition before I boarded the train to Calcutta or arrive in France. However, regardless of the fact that Luna's husband did not notify me about her condition before I have left London...I can only hope that the Head Goblin will shed some light onto this matter.

After he had spend a few minutes to collect himself, Harry pushed the bronze doors of Gringotts open and greeted the bank guards with a nod of his head. "It has been a long time since we have seen you Mr. Potter," croaked the wizard who stood in front of a snow-white marble pillar. "Where have the goblins sent you to this time? Austria? Germany?"

"That is for me to know and for you to find out, Mr. Collins." quipped the raven-haired traveler politely with a smirk before he swept across the marble floors of Gringotts, the ends of his tattered cloak billowing behind him.

"Even after all of the years that I have known Mr. Potter, I still don't know how he does that." wheezed Mr. Collins as he adjusted the sleeves of his uniform. "You and me both." agreed the younger wizarding guard before he absentmindedly twirled the Probity Probe in his hand.

"Mr. Harry Potter has returned to London and wishes to see you, sir. Shall I have him stay in the main lobby and wait until you are finished with the weekly calculations?" grunted Silvertooth as he stood in front of the Head Goblin's desk.

The beady eyes of the light-haired goblin peered over his horn-rimmed glasses and stared at his employee for a moment before he relinquished the quill that was in his hand. "Bring him into my quarters, Silvertooth; Griphook has completed the task that I have given him."

With a low grunt, the grey-eyed goblin bowed to the Head Goblin and toddled out of the office. A few minutes later, Silvertooth returned to his employer's quarters; right behind the hook-nosed creature was a shaggy-haired wizard with bright green eyes. The Head Goblin nodded his head towards the well-dressed employee.


After Silvertooth stepped out of the Head Goblin's quarters, the bespectacled manager of Gringotts Wizarding Bank turned his attention to Mr. Harry James Potter. "I trust that you received that the message from Griphook, Mr. Potter?" The raven-haired wizard nodded. "Yes; But I believe the message that was given to me was more of a cryptic riddle, sir."

"One can never be too cautious, Mr. Potter," croaked the light-haired goblin before he raised a bony finger towards a wooden chair that was seated in front of his desk. "you of all people should understand that more than anyone." Harry stared at the Head Goblin for a moment before he shrugged his shoulders.


The Head Goblin raised a brow as he watched his employer...climb into the four-hundred year old antique bend his legs into a crouching position. Although the bespectacled creature and the rest of his employees respected Harry and his work ethics, the raven-haired sorcerer was...an odd man. Nevertheless, he was one of Gringotts' Curse Breakers.

And a crucial character in a prophecy that foretold the destruction of the world.

An additional sidenote: Even though Castle Combe is an English settlement with a population of 350, this village was a key location in filming Steven Spielberg's war drama production War House. I do not claim ownership over the information that is obtained from an article on Wikipeida.