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"Oi, Jack! Hurry up with that fucking vodka, I'm dying of thirst over here!" Naomi shouted to one of her many good friends. They'd been friends since Naomi got back on her feet, this was the first club her and Cook went to.

"Alright, keep your fucking knickers on." Jack finished his flirting session with the slut down the other end of the bar and made her drink.

"So, Jack, is that your latest conquest?" Naomi motioned with her head to the girl he was talking to, now eye-fucking him.

"Nah, still waiting out on you aren't I?" He said whilst waggling his eyebrows in an almost Cook like manor then added a sleazy wink to make it worse.

I cringed playfully before flipping him off deciding to change the subject to my increasing thirst. "Fuck you. Now where the fuck is my vodka?"

He gave a small chuckle before sliding me my vodka. I took a swig of it before I felt strong arms wrapping around my waist. I felt a small smile spread across my face, instantly knowing who it was. To prove my point I turned my head and was met with the familiar sight of my best friend Cook.

Cook and I have been friends since high school. He had tried getting into my pants with his shitty chat up lines and groping me. I ended up giving him a good smack in the face, giving him a broken nose and two black eyes. It was fucking hilarious, he came in the next day to everyone taking the piss and he earned the nickname, Panda. I use this name on him when he pisses me off, it stops him fucking droning on.

After that day Cook found respect for my punching skills and soon 'took me under his wing'. We were never close enough to talk about feelings but he would always share his spliff with me and we'd go drinking together every weekend. Though drinking every weekend soon turned in to every night when Cook caught me snogging a girl up against the wall of one of the many clubs we have been to. He had literally dragged me off the girl with a shit-eating grin and asked me why I had never mentioned I was a 'muff-muncher' before. I explained to him how gender means jack shit to me then went back to almost-fucking the girl up against the wall.

Since that day I had been Cooks 'wingman' for pulling girls and we definitely got around a lot. By the time we was in college we had a reputation around London for shagging almost anything that had a pulse. I was well known for turning straight girls gay and Cook was well known for his sex catchphrase of 'grab my balls, grab my balls!' I thought getting the reputation would be pretty shitty and no one would want to shag us anymore, but it was actually the complete opposite. We literally had to bat people away with broomsticks because everyone was up for a 'fucking awesome shag.'

Things soon went tits up with my life when my mum died and my girlfriend broke up with me, but that's a story for another time.

I felt Cook's hand twitch on my waist as I turned around to face him fully. As I leaned up to give him an open-mouthed kiss he gave me a mischievous wink. This was like a ritual I realised as my tongue slid into his mouth and came into contact with a foreign object that had been place on it earlier. This happened every night about an hour after we got to whatever club we had decided on that night. Cook would slip his hands around my waist then pass me my pill through some tongue-on-tongue action. Not that I was complaining, Cook was a pretty good kisser. I pulled away slightly before giving him a quick peck then turning back to my vodka to help swallow my pill. I quickly downed the drink, feeling the burning sensation in the back of my throat before Cook grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the dance-floor.

I suddenly remembered my earlier conversation with Jack and decided that it was his time tonight for a shagging sessions with Ms. Naomi Campbell. I swiftly removed my hand from Cook's and walked back to the bar where Jack was standing on the other side with a confused expression covering his face.

"Tonight's the night Jack boy, show me you're worth my time by getting your arse on the dance-floor in 10 minutes." And with that I span around and stalked back towards Cook who was dancing like a twat, getting scared glances from the dancers nearest to him.

I slipped my hands around his neck and brought my lips next to his ear so he could hear me over the thumping bass, "pulled?"

I felt his mouth twist into a grin against my cheek as he placed his hands on my hips, "course I have babe, I'm fucking Cook aren't I? I'll turn you around, she's the girl giving you daggers."

With that I was span around my back against Cook's firm chest, I came face to face with 'dagger-girl'. She had blonde hair and big tits. The usual. "When are you actually going to go for someone who doesn't look like a fucking Barbie doll, Cook?"

His reply was a snort and I was pushed away from his strong arms. I turned around and gave him my best pout which, in return, Cook bellowed out a laugh before thrusting his hips in my direction. "You jealous, Blondie? Want the Cookie Monster to yourself?"

I flipped him off with a smirk plastered on my face when I felt a voice whisper in my ear, "looks like I don't have much competition then?"

I twisted my head to be faced with Jack pulling off the sexy look rather well and grabbed his hand pulling him deeper into the pulsing crowd, away from Cook sucking faces with the Barbie clone. When we got to a place near the DJ, I slipped my hands round Jack's neck and looked into his green eyes.

He really was a good looking bloke, with medium length black hair that swished across his forehead, just out of his eyes. He was tall aswell, maybe 6ft, perfect. I just personally had never been one to swoon over him like all the other girls, he was more a close friend that anything. But everything once, right?

I felt his hands move themselves onto my arse before giving it a gentle squeeze. I felt the usual tingles of anticipation of what the night had to offer as I began to grind against his body. I could tell he was thinking the same thing when my thigh brushed against his quickly forming bulge and a shiver ran down my spine, a pool of heat starting to form between my legs. Jack pulled me towards his body as tight as possible and placed sloppy kiss on my lips. I quickly responded by opening my mouth and letting his tongue explore. The drugs were taking full effect now and I was thoroughly enjoying the familiar feelings as the music vibrated through me.

Jack's lips moved his lips from mine making me grunt in annoyance which quickly turned into a moan as he attached them to my neck. He nipped and sucked his way down to my collar bone before slowly bringing his lips back up my neck, along my jaw then up towards my ear lobe where he nibbled on it before whispering in a sexy husky voice, "my place?"

I nodded quickly with a grunt, grabbing his hand and pushing our way towards the exit. His place was only a 5 minute walk so we took off down the street almost sprinting, but somehow managing to have a few quick snogging sessions before we actually go to his apartment building.

We made our way up to his apartment by lift so we could get an extra few minutes of near shagging against the lift wall until we heard the ding, telling us we could actually get the fuck out of there. I don't think I've ever crossed the distance from the lift to Jack's apartment door in such a short time, I could probably give Usain Bolt a run for his money. No pun intended.

Jack opened his door quickly before dragging me inside and slamming me against the wall. He swiftly pulled my vest top over my head and attacked the newly exposed flesh with his lips. I ran my hands through his hair as he continued to get closer to where I needed him most. When he got to the waistline of my jeans though he pulled back smirking, eyeing my body up and down, not even trying to disguise what he was doing. I gave a huff in frustration then grabbed him by his shirt closing the gap between our lips as I began unbuttoning it. Once his shirt finally slid to the floor, it was my turn for my eyes to roam. I pushed him backwards with a cheeky smile, looking at his well-muscled body. A perfect 6 pack and well toned arms. I ran my finger down the middle of his abs, watching how goosebumps rose when my finger touched his skin.

Jack let out a low growl from the back of his throat before lifting my legs around his waist and kissing me, I presumed this was my ride to the bedroom. He seemed to realise that the front door was still open so kicked it shut with his foot then walked towards his bedroom, his feet on auto-pilot whilst he continued ravishing my exposed skin, possibly leaving several marks. Fucking hell this was going to be an amazingly long night. Not that I'm complaining.

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