Something random because i have nothing to do. Anyways, just this little random two shot i decided to do at the time when Eon a.k.a Eona see Prince Kygo practicing in the small arena and how she finds that not all of Eona as dissappeared into Eon. Note this is totally different from the story itself. Just something that i thought id do. AND i only read the first one because as of now im too poor to buy the second one. xP

This is like, my first fanfic so please spare me some hatred. I dont like getting my feelings hurt. Hope you like though. Btw looking for some suggestions, and what not, to write more about anything really. okay then. oh and I OWN NO RIGHTS TO THIS BOOK OR THE AUTHOR!

As i was walking to meet Dillon i notice the small crownd of people at the end of a hal. As i walked with one of the guards we came to a stop to Prince Kygo, practicing his sword work.
I noticed how handsome he was when i first saw him at the banquet but the way i saw him not was completely different.

The way i could see the sweat fall from his hair on to the ground. The small drops forming in his back was some how attracting. Even how intricate his sword would swing as he struck his instructor. As if he was one with the wind. I felt myself being pulled deeply into his moves. It was so hypnotising.

Some of the moves he did i could recall. Things ive learned as a candidate. Funny to find him doing the same. As the work became more intense i could feel myself walking foward. In the back of my mind i knew i had to meet with Dillon for our Hua lesson but i couldnt pull awat.

I watched as the instructor desperatly tried to block every one of the Princes blow. Then suddently the Prince had lost footing and the instructors wooden sword made contact with the Princes face causeing a long line of blood drip off the Prince. Royal blood. Instatnly everyone knew his punishment. Death.

"Your Highness! Please accept my appology! It was a mere accident. I wasnt paying attention and i was caught of guard. Please forgive me." He said as he flew to the ground inn a respectful bow.

"You hit me. Drew blood from my face. Royal blood! Give me a good reason why i shouldnt end you now and send you to your ancestors in the spirit world?" The Prince yelled, his booming voice echoing through the halls as everyone fell silent.

"I am sorry my lord! Please, accept my apology! If you must end me please accept my dearest apology." The instructor said his voice cracking behind the tears he tried to hide.

The prince then grabbed a sword from the nearest guard and place it over his instructors head. All the while i saw something magnificent. As the prince raised the sword i saw what looked like a magnificent warrior. As if something you only see in dreams or hear in stories. As he raised that sword i saw a powerful emperor.

As the sword came down it stopped right before the instructors neck. Prince Kygo had dropped teh sword in place breath breathing heavily from rage.

"Rise." He said and the man followed.

"I forgive you. But i shall never forget. Therefore you are indebt to me. A life for a life. Besides. What is practice if i dont get a real taste of pain. But i believe that this session is over. You are excused. I shall train alone. All of you. Leave me be." The prince said in his most noble voice. A voice of a nobel emperor.

As everyone left i felt something in me stir. Something that lifted my heart to my head and a fluttering feeling in my stomach. But what was it? I have never felt this way before.

"My Lord. I appologize. But apprentice Dillon is not well so they have canceled lesson for today. You are free to roam as you wish about the palace. But please stay near a guard." The meassenger said as he bowed.

"Very weel. You may leave." I said and nodded my head. He bowed an dleft me alone with the Prince.

"That was rather nobel your highness." I said. Shocked that i had the ability to think. I felt my face redden with shame. But shame over what?

"Yes i suppose. I was feeling generous." He said and turned to smile at me. For some reason i couldnt slow my heart rate. And whenever i blinked all i saw was him and that smile of his.

"What brings you here Lord Eon? Dont you have a lesson of Hua with Drangoneye apprentice Dillon?" He asked as he wiped the sweat falling intoo his eyes.

"Yes i did. But has been canceled due to his sudden illness."

"Well, a pity on him. Please lord will you do me the honor of joining me for some refreshments in the garden. There are things i wish to discuss with you. If you do not mind.: He said with a smile.

"Of course. I shall meet you there though. I must talk to my maid Rilla." I said trying to hide the nervousness in my voice. I had to find Rilla and quick and ask her about these symptoms. Maybe i might have to meet with the pyschian.

"Very well. I will be in the flower garden east of the palace. Please be there soon. There are important things i wish to share with you." He said as he walked away.

"Yes your highness" I said with a bow and hurridly left to find Rilla.

When i found her in my room straightening things i shut the dorr and made sure no one could here us.

"Rilla. I think im ill!" i said desperatly seeking answers from the woman who is like a mother to me.

"What is it my lord? Is everything alright?" She asked

"No i dont think so. I was with the prince today and i felt these, things. In my stomach. I was scared though. I dont know what its called." I said not trying to hide my panic.

"Well to me it seems that you havent mastered to hide all of Eona, my lord." She said with a sly smile forming on her lips.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"That, My Lord, are the feelings of affefection. The Eona in you has managed to seek her way through. You, My Lord. Fancy the prince. Which isnt suprising. For he is rather handsome." She said her smile growing wider.

Affecftions? I was starting to fancy the prince. Unbelieveable.

"What do you suppose I do? I havent felt this way before."

"I dont know my lord. You arent supposed to be Eona, but Eon. What do you think you should do?"

I was so confused! For the first time i completely regret ever becoming Eon. If only i could show the Prince what i really am. But if i do then its sudden death. And all of this would be for nothing. I would have failed everyone. Rilla, Chart. My Master. And i know that i cant fail my master. After everything he's done for me.

"I dont know. But I must go. His highness wanted to talk to me." I said as i walked away. All i could hear was Rilla wish me luck. By the heaven i think iwas going to need it.