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I couldnt get what Rilla said to me out of my head. I guess i do fancy the prince. Who'd blame me if they knew who i really was. He's handsome, spareful. But what im feeling i know i have to hide. What im feeling could get me and everyone who knows my secret killed. I cant let this happen.

As i walked to the garden i him sitting on a bench.

"Your highness?"

"Ah, Lord Eon. Thank you for joining me. Come sit. Its nothing serious. Just making small talk."

I walked to him and sat down. I couldnt stop my heart from beating like a humming birds wings! I was afriad that he'd hear it.

"My Lord, are you alright? You seem ill."

"Oh no. Im fine. What was it that you wanted to talk about?" I asked.

He looked at me then up to the sky. I couldnt help but wonder what he was thinking. The only thing i could really see is the way the sun hit his face. His cut had stopped bleeding and was slowly healing.

"My Lord? Did you hear me?"

"What? Im sorry your highness."

"I was asking what your beliefs were in? Whaty bond you you find stronger. A political one or one with friendship or love?"

I started to blush at his words. Of course with me, i would never be able to find love. Not while im still Eon. Besides who would want a lady who had passed as a boy and nearly forgotten ways of the woman.

"Id say that a political one is one of strongest. What about you your highness?"

He looked at me and i was hoping that i the redness in my checks couldnt show. Apperently it didnt work.

"Do i intimidate you my lord? I dont wish to. But please call me Kygo my lord."

I could feel my checks gettting hotter. This i know is the way of women. Many times have i passed them to have them look at me with such redness on their faces.

"Maybe a little. But i think i could get used to it." I said and gave a small laugh. I felt the tension between us fade.

"And please. Call me Eon. 'My Lord' is a little much at the moment"

"Its nothing as you get used to it. But you know. I think the bond of friendship and love is much stronger. Would you so easily betray one you love so dearly." He asked looking stright at me.

"No, i dont think i can." I said in a whisper. It was only then when i saw him moving closer. As if he knew who i really was. But when i looked into his eyes i could not see any hatred.

"Who are you really Lord Eon?" He asked pulling me out of my trance.

"What do you mean? I am Eon. Lord Eon, The Mirror Dragoneye. Nothing else? Why do you ask?" I said suddenly getting nervous. There is no way that he could know. No way no how.

"Please dont play with me. You. Your something else. I know it." He said. I could feel and taste the sudden anger in voice.

"Please you highness. I have no idea what your talking about."

"You know exactly what im talking about. They way you look at me, the way you blush, you talk. You are not Eon but someone, something completely different."

I was a lost fpr words. There was no way that he could have known! Not even Dillion knew!

"Your royal highness. I have no clue on what you are taling about. I, I-"

"Enough! You speak nothing of lies! Tell me know or i will have you put to death!"He yelled making me jump. Within an instatnt two royal guards walked into the garden.

"Your highness, is everything alright?" one of them said.

"Yes. Leave us be. I have special matters to converse with Lord Eon." He said with a taste od bitterness in his voice.

"Yes your highness."

As they left Prince Kygo stood up and grabbed me by the arm into a hallway. He looked around afraid that someone would hear and he lowered his voice.

"Tell me know, or i will be forced to kill you Eon!"

I took a deep breath and looked him in the eye. There was no way back from here and we both knew it.I sent a silent prayer to my ancestors to watch over Rilla and Chart and my master. May their death be swift and painless.

"I am not Lord Eon. I neverwas Eon." I said and imidieately i felt the princeses grip tighten on my sholder and his hand aound my neck.

"What?" He said as he pressed his hip to my bad one making me wince.

"Please your highness! Im begging you spare me for my story!" i said as i felt a tear rolling down my check. He let me go and walked back.

"Please yur highness, i wish not to ashame you. But i am not Lord Eon. But my name is Eona."

"Your a WOMAN!" The prince shouted as he quickly covered his mouth and led us to a different room.

"Are you mad? What are you doing here? How are you even here?" He asked in an angered wisper.

"Please. Let me tell you my secret. Only if you spare my maid and my master, and my friend Chart. For they are the only who know."

There was a long pause and i was afraid he'd say no. Then as if the gods answered my prayers he did a slow nod. I continued on witth my story. With accedent and how my master bought me, to finally telling about how i was chosen by the Mirror Dragon. By the time i was finished i couldnt read his face. And i was imidiately afraid.

"Please your hignesss. Forgive me. I meant no harm. But please now would be a good time to say something."

After a long while he finally spoke. "I dont know what it is you want me to say."

"Anything is fine. But please dont tell anyone. You know as well as i woman are not allowed on the dragoneye court." I begged and he nodded.

"Very well. But tell me. Do you have the dragon sight."

"Yes i do. Which is why my master desguised me as Eon. He knew i was speacial from the begining."

"I see. Do you mind. Let down your hair. I'd like to see for myself."

Quickly i let down my hair and brushed it out with my fingers and i heard the prince take a sharp intake.

"Amazing. But question here, where does this leave us." He asked.

"No where but where we were before. We shall speak of this. We shall keep our distance and we will call eachother by our rightful name, You Prince Kygo, and i Lord Eon." I said with a break in my voice.

"And if i wish it other wise?" I couldnt heklp but be taken back. "If i wish it other wise?" What could he have meant by that?

"I cant see you are very confused. But as you know i live here amoungst woman. If it werent for that then i wouldnt have suspected anything."

Still i was a lost for word. What did he mean?

"Are you saying you knew? This entire time?"

"No i am not. I am simply saying that now i know i shouldve."

I felt the wind get knocked out of me. Confusion hit me and i felt like i wanted to cry but i was furious at the same time.

"Eona. Please, forgive me. I know i must not be making much sense."

"No you dont. But what i really want to know is why you would wish it other wise?"

He looked at me and smiled. Behind it there was something to be said but i could quite place it. He took a step forward and frightened i took one back whilest bumping into what i think was a table.

"I meant it as i had a feeling. But i like you. Thereis someething about you that pulls me to you, yet i dont know what it is. But please forgive me for my previous actions. I was not thinking stright."

I looked at him, if possible, with even more confusion. This was impossible! Everything he was saying. He just kept staring at me and smiled.

"Where does that leave us now then your highness?" I asked and just smiled.

"I dont know. You seem better at this then anything else. How old are you really?"

"Sixteen by the year."

"Sixteen and beautiful"

I blushed at his words and there was a long silence. Then suddenly i saw the prince lean closer. It couldnt be. He wasnt. I wasnt going to let myself believe it. But it was happening. He leaned closer to me. My palms started sweating and my hart racing to a maximum as if it was going to explode out of my chest. I could feel his breath and smell his scent. His lips were onle so close to mine when we heard a few guards outside of the door.

"Have you seen the Prince? His father request is presence." One said.

"No clue. He was last seen in the garden with Lord Eon. We shall check there. If anything check the library or his quaters." Another answered and we jumped apart.

If my cheeks werent red before then they were now. Prince Kygo smiled and let out a small laugh and i did the same.

"I am sorry your highness but i must go. I believe my maid is worried for me. I shall see you." I said and ran out the door before he could say anything. With out knowing i walked right into Rilla.

"Rilla! I found you! By the gods."

"My Lord! Are you alright? You look frightened! WHat happend to you hair why is it down?" She asked with much worried.

"Please follow me. We have things to dicuss."

Just then the Prince walked out of the room and looked at me then to Rilla.

"Eon-, Lord Eon." he said as he blushed.

"Ky-, Your highness. Thank you for the wonderful chat. I shall see you soon." I said with a smile. Then i grabbed Rillas hand. As we turned the corner to my quaters i turned and saw him smiling at me as he turned and walked away.

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