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Days have passed since that meeting with Kygo. I can assure you that not a second has passed that I haven't had him leave my brain. Rilla looks at me from time to time to make sure I don't do anything that would get us in trouble. She says although she is happy for me she thinks it completely dangerous. And I understand. I just hope it doesn't become dangerous.

After one of my lessons with Dillon I was wondering around the garden. I wasn't thinking of anything in particular, When someone behind me cleared their throat.

"Pardon me Lord Eon. But the prince requests you in his quarters after lunch. If you don't mind." One of the guards said.

He wants to see me? For what? I felt a wave of panic run through me. It's not that I doubt anything of him but sometimes the mind runs wild.

"Pardon me My Lord, but are you alright? Your face seems to have gone pale." The guard said.

"I am fine. You may go." I said and nodded to him. He walked away looking curious, but seemed to have shaked it off. Lunch, I must meet him at lunch.

All morning I couldn't stop thinking about what my meeting with Kygo would be all about. Would he say I was crazy and that I should leave? Maybe he changed his mind about having me around and in the dragoneye court. Would he kill me. I couldn't think straight. Rilla says it's just my nerves and I need to knock it off. That we'll be fine.

"Hess a noble prince! He wouldn't do such a thing. He sticks to his words that one, I can tell. Very honorable." She said

"What if has to honorable for his head? how well do you think that will go?" I asked feeling completely defeated.

"Well we can only hope and pray."

"Why do you sound so calm? I could arrive back dead and you sound like you don't care!"

"It's not that I don't care Eona. I do. It's just that I know how it is to be with you. You have a strong presence. You attract people. I promise you he won't harm you in anyway."

I couldn't believe her. There I was almost on the verge of death and she's walking around as if it doesn't matter! But she did have a point. But we couldn't only hope and pray that nothing bad would happen.

I walked out of my quarters. Rilla was assisting me to Kygos bedroom. I closer we came to his door the more nervous I became. I could feel my palms sweating and my heart race speeding. I felt like a 2 year old walking into the dentist having no idea what would happen to me. When we reached their Rill turned to me and embraced me into a hug and whispered good luck in my ear. When she pulled away she saw how nervous I become and smile.

"Threes is nothing for you to be worried about My Lord. Everything will be fine!"

"Easy for you to say. You not the one with the secret."

"True, but I can assure you there is nothing to worry about. If anything you know how to fight." She laughed and walked away as I turned to the door and quietly knocked.

"Who is it? Why must you bother me now?" I heard the prince yell from inside. I didn't know what to say. I felt a sudden sense of unexceptance. I was about to say something when a shirtless Prince Kygo threw open the door and stopped midsentence. It was then when I saw the height difference between the two of us. He was almost a head taller than me. But he bare chest had knocked the wind out of me. I felt weak and breathless. And when he smiled I felt as if I was about to pass out.

"Lord Eon? A pleasure to me you. I had almost forgot I had asked to meet you at the lunch hour. Please come in as I finish getting ready."

"Prince Kygo. The pleasure is mine." I said as I walked into his room. It was almost twice the size of my room. Very elegant. Nothing les as I expected from a prince. I felt my body tense while being in here. When he walked back in the room I almost jumped when he walked in.

"Eona. Why so tense?"

"What do you mean? I-I'm not tense."

"Why are you stuttering?"

"I- I don't know. Kygo, why is it that you seem so calm taken our circumstances?"

He looked at me intently and smiled. I could feel the inside of me melt to a puddle around me. I was surprised that I was still standing.

"I'm sorry if I offend you. But your only in my quarters. Threes nothing to be afraid of. No one will enter unless I say." He reassured me. If my heart beat any faster it would've blown out of my chest.

"Why is it that you haven't talked to me for the time that has passed?"

"Why? Jealous? I'm sorry. But I didn't ask you here to flirt. Though I wish I did."

Feeling confused I did nothing but stare at him. Well, I had no idea how to flirt and if he was flirting with me. But if it was I didn't want it to stop. But the realization hit me. If we weren't here for flirting and a normal lunch then what was it he wanted me for? A million things started running through my mind. What if he changed his mind and didn't want me? What if he was planning on telling everyone? If he told everyone and they wanted me dead? What if they didn't have the heart like Kygo?

"Um, Eona? Are you alright? Your turning pale." He said sweeping me out of my stupor.

"I'm sorry. But what is it you wanted me for?"

"Yes. But first you must listen to me first. Spare me for my as I did you."

"Of course. Anything for you My Prince."

"Good," He said with a breath looking nervous. He looked ten years younger. If I thought his mature handsomeness' took my breath away his young look made my heart skip a beat.

"Eona, I-I don't know how to say this. There is something about you. Something strong. I can't pull my way from you. These past few days I tried my hardest to shake it because I know it is forbidden. But I was talking to you maid Rilla and she made me realize that what I feel for you cannot be help."

He stared at me intensely and I felt the floor give way from me. I felt I was floating in mid-air. He talked to Rilla? What could she have said.

"What are you saying Kygo?"

"What I am saying is, I think that, I think that I am in love."


"Yes Eona. With you."

What! What was he talking about? He can't be in love with me! Its forbidden for him to be in love with me! He must not do this. I looked at him feeling tears wield behind my eyes. As much as I wish the same it cannot be. Although I felt like crying a sudden rage over took me. Love? What would he know of love? This that we have isn't love! It can never be. It's something that mustn't be. For the sake of us two. If he loved me then he wouldn't be doing this.

"Eona. Please, say something."

I looked at him completely puzzled. Say something? What was it that he wanted me to say? There were so much that I wanted to say all at once. None that would help the situation though. But I knew I had to do something. I had to do something because of the face he was giving me. He looked at me as if I had tore his heart out. He looked like he too was on the verge of tear. He looked heartbroken, and I knew that the longer I stayed silent the more I would be breaking his heart. Before I could run from his room I took a deep breath and braced myself.

"What is it you want me to say? There isn't much that appropriate."

"Tell me how you feel about me. I know that you feel something too. It mustn't just be me. I know it."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"Because. Its forbidden."

He looked at me with rage in his eyes. I have crushed him. I see it. I can also feel it. It's as if whatever he feels I feel. This thing we have is crushing us.

"Eona! Please! Tell me that you feel the same! Tell me that I am not the only one! Don't leave me as a fool! Please!"

He had fallen o his knees and began to weep. My heart began to break. I felt like kneeling next to him and cry with him. But I couldn't. There was a part of me that wouldn't allow it. Then something changed. He stood up from the ground and walked away into the bathroom. And for some reason I followed him.

"Kygo. I'm sorry."

"No its okay. I'm over reacting."

"No you're not. It's me. If you must know. I am scared. This thing. Is nothing I've felt before. But if you must know, then yes. I too, am in love with you. But it is forbidden. It cannot be. I, we, could both-"

Within an instant his lips were on mine. He tasted of sweet tea and honey. I felt the world around me collapse. His arms tightens around my waist pulling me closer. My head starts to spin and my heart beats in time with him. We brake the kiss for a second to catch our breath but before he can let me go I meet his lips with mine again. This time it take no more than a millisecond until we hear someone outside.

"You highness, Your father is ready for your conversation with you and Lord Eon."

We break apart, both of us panting heavily. When I meet his eyes he smiles while I blush.

"Were meeting with your father? Why?"

"Because. We are going to tell him."

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