Three pairs of eyes stared at the jiggling lock.

"Mako, please. I know you're in there. Can we talk?" the forlorn voice pleaded through the door.

Bolin and Korra looked at each other puzzled.


Mako sat crouched in the closet with his heart pounding and eyes as big as saucers. This was the worst thing that he could imagine happening right now. Thousands of scenarios flew through his head at once. What would happen if he revealed himself? What would happen if he stayed? What would happen if he burned a Mako sized hole through the wall and fled the scene? At the moment he was leaning towards the last option.

"Mako." Asami started again. "I know that…Well… I understand…" an audible sigh was let out as she was unable to finish her sentence. "I'd really like if we could just talk face to face."

A very intoxicated Bolin started to get off the bed to unlock the door for Asami, and to tell her that Mako wasn't here. Bad idea. He had seriously underestimated his steadiness and ended up crashing to the floor and bashing his head on the closet door.

This crash landing so to speak, startled Mako and made him gasp loudly. Shooting a hand up to his mouth, he peered through cracks of the door hoping nobody had heard him. Unfortunately Bolin's head was blocking any view he had.

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuch," Bolin whined loudly, rubbing his head with a pout set on his lips. Lucky for Mako he didn't seem to notice the noise from within the closet.

"Mako I can hear you in there! Why won't you speak to me?" Asami cried, sounding more angry than sad at this point.

Bolin's head was swimming with a mixture of pain and alcohol. He looked up at Korra silently questioning her as to what they should do. To his surprise Korra was staring intently past him at the closet. He glanced over his shoulder. What was going on? He waved a hand in front of her sight line but her stare was unwavering.

Shrugging to himself Bolin slowly stood up, supporting his weight on the bed. This whole night was confusing and it didn't help that he couldn't think straight. Why did he let Korra manipulate him into drinking? He was having a great time just innocently playing Hide and Seek in the courtyard. His heart felt heavy. He knew this wasn't right.

A muffled sob from outside the door pulled him back to present time. He glanced down at Korra who was still looking at the closet with a confused expression. He sighed. What was up with her? Easing himself off the bed, he slowly made his way over to the door. What was he supposed to say? Should he just open it? And why on earth was she looking for Mako in here of all places?

"Uhhhrm… Ashami?" he spat out before he could stop himself.

Korra whipped her head around at him and gave him a deadly glare. A few hours ago he would have shuddered at this but now he held his ground and stared right back at her in the same way. She seemed taken aback by his sudden boldness.

"Bo… Bolin?" came the voice behind the door, sniffling. "Bolin is that you?"

Not taking his eyes off Korra he answered with the best of his ability. "Yeah it's me."

"What's going on in there?!" Asami asked. Her voice has stopped wavering and now seemed genuinely confused. "It's Asami! Let me in!"

Bolin's hand fumbled for the lock but he wasn't able to make it function right without looking. Reluctantly he tore his glaze away from Korra and finally managed to turn it, successfully opening the door.