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Fate's Legacy

Chapter 1: One Step

Nazu could hear the voices over her music, which blasted in her ears at half-volume. She opened her eyes and turned up the volume on her CD player. She rolled over, hands tracing the stitching in her comforter. She exhaled through her nose and brushed away her bangs.

The song changed. Sitting up, Nazu stretched before grabbing her phone from her pillow. She opened up the recent text message on her phone. The brunette weighed the message in her mind, as if it was some sort of multiple choice question rather than something that could change her life. Shibuya Station at ten, huh? Checking her watch, Nazu saw that it was barely eight...

If she went now... Nazu shook her head. No, it was rather stupid, she told herself. And that girl would be there.

Stupid or not, she had to get out of the house for now. She got to her feet, slipping on socks and a few items into her small bag. Leaving her CD player behind, Nazu descended the stairs to the right of her room, passing the pictures with a smiling family. She stopped at the kitchen entrance and noticed the sole woman hunched over the table, rubbing her temples with vexed hands. Nazu turned her head away. "He must have left." Then, she stepped over to the foyer to put on her shoes. Nazu heard the woman calling for her, but the girl didn't stop walking out the door and slamming it shut behind her.

Nazu trod down the streets, mind focused on her destination and what could possibly happen. If she was lucky, Nazu could separate from them and go on her own, but that easily couldn't be the case. After all, that girl knew more about where they were going than Nazu did.

After about an hour of travel to the closest station and twenty more by transfer train, Nazu arrived at Shibuya Station. Exiting the front doors, she pulled her jacket collar up to avoid the October chill. She paid no mind to the gray skies that foretold treacherous rains or the crowd that she had to push through to get to the Hachiko statue across the street. All the while, she mumbled to herself how stupid it was to meet at that exact spot—especially on a Saturday, of all days.

Finally, she found the five strangers she needed to follow to where ever she was going. The only female and semi-familiar person of the group noticed Nazu first and had rose to greet her. "Hey, Nazu," she said with a smile, placing a hand on the newcomer's back and guiding her to the rest of the group. "I didn't think you would come."

"Don't be so informal with me, Orimoto," Nazu said. The hand disappeared from her back and a half-glare turned to Nazu from the thick-boy. Nazu glanced up at him for a second then shrugged before looking at the other three boys. Two of them, a brunet and a raven-haired boy barely paid her any mind. The last, a little, skinny boy, looked up at her and gave her a feeble wave as he glanced her over with a slight frown.

For a few seconds, they sat or stood in silence. Then, the thick-set boy said, "So, you're Nazu Fukufuya?"

Nazu gave him a firm nod. "I take it you're the friends that Orimoto was referring to."

Zoe Orimoto clapped her hands before interrupting them. "Hey, it's almost ten," she said, "We should be going." She looked up at the sky and muttered something in Italian that almost sounded like a prayer.

The brunet boy nodded as he got to his feet, adjusting the goggles onto his head. He studied Nazu with a frown on his face. "Are you sure you want to come, Nazu?"

"Yes, I am," she said, staring at him with narrowed eyes. "And it's just Fukufuya." She folded her arms, challenging him to say anything else to deter her like a chihuahua would to a doberman.

But the brunet only shrugged and turned to the dark-haired boy next to him. "Ready to go, Koichi?"

It took a moment for Koichi to look up and respond. "Sure," he said, making a plastic smile. "Whenever everyone else is."

The brunet then looked to the little boy. "Tommy, how about-?"

"I'm not going back home, Takuya," responded Tommy, standing up straight. The brunet named Takuya tried talking the little boy into leaving, but Tommy refused. Nazu raised an eyebrow at this. The day before, the blonde hadn't stopped from saying how great friends they were. Yet, here was this scene. Nazu shook her head and looked up at the sky to study the clouds. I'll get away from them later, she reminded herself.

"Takuya, let's not be late," said Zoe, stepping over to the goggle-head and the little boy. Takuya then smiled.

"Right, Zoe," he said. Then, Takuya turned back around, putting his fist into the air, hovering just an inch above his head. "Let's go!"

Takuya began walking towards the entrance to Shibuya Station with the others following after them. As Zoe and Tommy passed Nazu, she heard the little boy thank the blonde. Sighing, Nazu stuffed her hands into her pockets and followed the others, not minding the buzzing of her phone as she went.

Takuya couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic. Except for the fact that he didn't need to jump through closing elevator doors and crashing into a wall in the process, it felt like he was the same kid that had descended down to the Crystal Station. But that delusion quickly shattered as soon as he remembered that the elevator this time was highly cramped with six people instead of two. He told himself that he knew exactly what all six were getting into, with much thanks to his experience in the Digital World. But still, you could never be too sure.

So, when the elevator's glass doors opened, Takuya stepped out first. JP walked passed him, soon followed by the other four. He looked passed Nazu's amazed gaze as she turned about to see the entire station hidden under another station. Instead, he focused on Koichi with a frown.

Nah, he'll be fine, Takuya thought before turning back around to the Trailmon that waited for them.

"So, all six of you are here?" called a booming voice farther down in the tunnel.

"If there wasn't a typo in the messages, then, yeah!" responded JP.

Nazu walked passed them and tried peering down the tunnel, a hand over her eyes. Takuya let out a chuckle; he thought he also heard one from JP and Tommy. The doors opened with a sharp hiss of air and the six stepped on. Each of them took a seat on the sideways facing benches. After a few minutes, the doors closed and the train left the station.

Takuya watched each of his comrades and the new girl during the ride. Tommy looked about, rather excited as he began chatting with JP and Zoe to his right. Nazu sat a bit away from the core of the group with her face turned towards the windows as she watched the dark tunnel walls. Koichi was a bit more away from the rest of them than the brunette, with his hands folded and eyes closed.

After an undetermined amount of time, a voice broke the silence. "Nazu, did you get that message back in July?" asked Zoe.

"No," Nazu answered, eyes remaining fixed out of the window.

Takuya blinked in surprise. "Really? I thought everyone and their mother got the message."

The brunette shrugged but kept her eyes focused outside.

"Then you must have heard of it then," Zoe said, sitting next to Nazu and getting a good look at the annoyed brunette's face. "It told us to go to the Digital World, just like this one. I should probably warn you in advance that the Digital World is a strange place." From there, the blonde explicated the entire Digital World, from the odd creatures they were bound to meet-up with to the multiple moons and the Spirits and everything else they knew. Quite often, JP, Tommy, and Takuya threw in some tidbits of information. By the time they were done, Nazu looked like she had been bombarded with at least thirteen new math formulas.

"Do you think you need more of an explanation?" inquired Tommy, looking at the girl curiously.

"No," she responded after a second, rubbing the side of her head. "I think I got it..."

JP snorted sharply. "It doesn't sound like it." Nazu glared over at him.

The lights in the cabin went out, leaving the children in darkness.

"Oh boy," said Tommy in what sounded a little like a half-whine, half-groan.

"Not this again," JP grumbled.

Nazu peered about in the darkened cabin, wondering what each of them met. Zoe quickly warned her to grab onto something, but Nazu was far too late with much thanks to her own confusion. The cabin rattled and jerked, causing Nazu to fall off the seat and slide back. Her hands reached out for something and grabbed a bar as gravity pushed her to the back of the car. What the hell-? she thought, squeezing her eyes shut and gripping the bar tighter. Is the train going up a wall or something?

The train whistled—or rather, yelled out a whistle—just as light poured through the windows and lit up the cabin. Nazu open her eyes and notde that Koichi, Zoe, Takuya, and JP had grabbed onto the seats to keep them steady while Tommy had grabbed a pole in order to keep himself from falling onto the floor much like Nazu had. She couldn't help but flush in embarrassment.

After a few seconds, gravity had returned to normal. Nazu forced herself onto her shaky legs. Zoe and Takuya looked back at her. "You okay?" asked Takuya.

"F-fine," Nazu muttered, looking away from them to outside the window. She held back a gasp at the floating...things that flew outside the train. They looked like little ghosts. The brunette walked over to the window and pressed her hands against the cool glass. "What are...? Digimon?"

"Exactly," JP said. Nazu looked back at the five with a frown. "Honestly, what were you expecting to see on your first glimpse? A dragon?" The brunette looked back out the window with a frown.

At that moment, Takuya looked over at Koichi, then he sighed in relief. "Yeah, they come in all shapes and sizes. I thought Zoe explained that to you."

"I did," the blonde said, putting her hands on her hips and smiling at the goggle-head.

Nazu shook her head. "You didn't explain the 'shapes' portion well," she muttered. Several of the ghost-looking Digimon flew closer to the train cabin and stared in curiously. Leaning back, Nazu exchanged looks with them before looking over at Takuya, Zoe, JP, Tommy, and Koichi.

Zoe and Tommy were right at the window, giving the creatures smiles as they tapped on the window. Takuya had joined them, though he sat and watched the creatures. Even JP seemed to be smiling. Koichi sat on the opposite side of the train, with his head turned down so that Nazu wasn't sure if he stared at his feet or his eyes were closed.

The brunette glanced back out the window. Really, what was she doing here? Yeah, sure, she had been called by whatever had called the other five, but for what? And why did she even follow the instructions? Nazu knew she wasn't really all that welcomed and she really didn't want to spend all this time with them. But, how they knew all this information about this world and the inhabitants...it made her feel like a kid with a bunch of chaperons.

Sighing, Nazu looked over at other passengers and pointed out at one of the ghost creatures that had pressed itself against the window. "What are these Digimon called?"

Tommy and Zoe looked over at her. Their smiles faded to looks of curiosity or surprise, making Nazu slightly uncomfortable. She frowned, curling her pointing hand into a loose fist. Turning back out the window, she repeated her question. "What are these things called?"

Takuya was the first to respond. "Poyomon, I think."

The blonde smiled. "They're pretty young Digimon." She turned back and tapped on the window, startling one that had drew closer to the window than the others. "They're kind of like babies, but they will evolve into bigger creatures."

They watched the windows until the train turned to the left. The brunette blinked as the train suddenly grew quiet. She looked out the window and saw an expanse of ocean and a mass of land with baleful clouds hanging over it. The brunette didn't question any of it, instead, she sunk down into her seat and kept her head turned to look out the window.

"The Dark Continent," a voice broke the silence with a low growl. Nazu looked over to Koichi, rather surprised by him speaking. A shiver ran across Nazu's spine as she witnessed the brooding glower etched on his face directed at the general vicinity of the looming landmass covered in a black blanket as if it was evil incarnate itself.

Zoe, Takuya, JP, and Tommy only murmured words of agreement, as if they never wanted to return to the land in the distance. The Poyomon left the train as it drew closer to a single strip of land that connected the Dark Continent with another landmass. For a good hour, the train kept going, entering a massive black gate. The shadows of the land quickly shut out any and all sunlight, almost as if night had permanently descended upon the world.

Nazu peered through the window before turning back to the others. She shifted uncomfortably before she asked about the continent. JP opened his mouth to answer but Koichi interrupted him, turning his eyes to the floor and away from the window. "This continent is covered in darkness, always. Where he was. Where all this shit happened."

The brunette glanced at him with furrowed brows before shrugging and sighing. "Thanks for the little information," she grumbled.

Koichi turned his eyes up to her, a grimace on his face. "Like you know anything."

Nazu snorted. "Of course not." She turned her gaze back out the window.

From there, the train fell back into silence.

The train finally came to a stop at a station a few hours after arriving in the Digital World. The humans disembarked. Koichi, however, was the last one to step onto the platform. Nazu stood with Tommy farther down the station from rest of the group, so she couldn't see what was going on. Part of her wanted to just tell them to leave him for now—if he didn't want to come, why had he even come along in the first place?—but the others had insisted on waiting for Koichi to get off the train.

"Come on, Koichi," shouted JP. "This is ridiculous! You're not Tommy's age." Nazu watched as Takuya's figure moved to say something to JP and Zoe tell him off in Italian.

She sighed and turned away before looking down at Tommy curiously. He frowned and his face had been turned down a little. Was he going to cry? Nazu shrugged before gently pushing the boy away by the back of his head to the benches a few yards away. She sat down; Tommy following suit albeit hesitantly. Folding her arms, Nazu watched the four figures squabble amongst each other and then closing her eyes, trying to forget about them.

However, the single set of eyes boring into her side brought her back to the world. "Yes?" she asked, giving Tommy a side-glance. The boy, however, said nothing before looking down at the four figures by the Trailmon, whom had finally got Koichi off by whatever means it had been.

"They're not always like this," he said.

Nazu blinked. "What do you mean by that?"

Tommy kicked his feet, the soles of his shoes scrapping the pavement in a long ssshhht noise. "We were all close only a few months back, but...I hope that everyone being here will bring us all together like when we left."

"Honestly," Nazu sighed. "What does that mean?"

Tommy shrugged. "Something happened." He looked down at his feet. "I think I can fix it."

The brunette looked down at her hands. She opened her mouth but closed it. Nazu wanted to say how stupid the idea was, how stupid he was for thinking up something like that. Instead, she swallowed those thoughts. Instead she stood, causing Tommy to look up at her. She bent down a little so she could looked down, straight into his blue-green eyes. "You can't fix things that don't want to fix themselves," she said, voice hard.

Tommy blinked. "Maybe...but my brother said that it never hurts to try."

Nazu shook her head, stepping away from the boy, scratching the back of her neck. "Honestly, that's stupid." Before another word could be uttered, Takuya called for the two. Nazu walked over with Tommy following after.

After exiting the station, the humans entered a village. Small Digimon stood along the station walls, holding strings of bright beads and strange flowers. The Digimon noticed the humans and grinned broadly as they approached the six. One of them, a strange reptile-fox cross, draped a wreath over Tommy's head before stepping back and welcoming them with a swish of it's tail. "Welcome, fellow Digimon!" it exclaimed with a bright smile.

"They don't look like Digimon," said one of the other Digimon, a bipedal black cat.

"Shh! You've seen humanoid Digimon before," the reptile-fox responded in a low hiss.

"Yeah, but these guys aren't-"

"We're human," said Takuya as he took a necklace that one of the others handed him. He looked around, rather surprised. "So...there are villages in the Dark Continent?"

"Yep!" answered the reptile-fox, his big grin returning. "It's been here since Cherubimon's fall several years ago by the hands of mysterious Digimon."

"They were humans," inputted the black cat, earning a hiss from the reptile-fox. "Humans that used the Spirits of the Legendary Warriors."

"No way!" The reptile-fox turned a doubtful glare to the feline, who rolled her eyes. "That's just a myth. There is no such thing as humans!"

Nazu blinked as she looked back at each of the others, who sighed and exchanged looks of embarrassment or confusion. Except Koichi, who just stared at them. "We are humans," he said, pulling out his black and gray device.

The fox-reptile just shrugged. "Whatever you say," he said, as if annoyed by the entire thing. Then, he plastered on a smile like a mask. He waved for the newcomers to follow him. "Well, welcome to the village's Moon Festival!" The reptile-fox introduced himself as an "ordinary Dorumon" as he lead the humans around the village that was being set-up for a festival. Nazu didn't pay attention to the explanation of the festival but rather at the decorations and the Digimon of every different size and shape. A number of them looked like they were strange crosses of animals that existed on Earth while others looked like they came right out of myths and legends. Some looked like they could fit into her hands while others towered over her at almost three times her height. Futuristic and fantastic, all crowded into one place. Her surroundings quickly overwhelmed her and if it wasn't for the occasional shout from JP or the tug of her shirt from Tommy, Nazu would have surely been lost in the awe of it all. Even among the creative melting pot, there were things that made her feel as if she wasn't in a completely alien world. The houses were one of the first things that sprung to mind. Then there were the lanterns that decorated the streets and the booths. Everything felt as if it was simply an ordinary Japanese festival with the only thing missing being actual humans dressed in kimono and yutaka.

What eventually brought her back from the awestruck wandering was when she bumped into something solid. Stepping back and looking passed a large bulk of flesh—which she assumed was JP because of the edges of a mutter—she could see the humans gathered around a white gnome Digimon that stood a few feet tall and wore a pink body warmer around it's waist. His (or the best she could assume) beady black eyes look like they were about to spill over in tears as the gnome spoke in almost gibberish.

"It's nice to see you too, Bokomon," Takuya said as he patted the gnome's head.

"You came!" the Digimon exclaimed, looking at the humans with a smile and teary eyes. "You came. Just as Darcmon said."

Tommy approached the little gnome, rather confused. "What do you mean by that?" he inquired.

Bokomon opened his mouth, holding up a finger to begin explaining something, but he quickly fell silent and shook his head. "No, no, not here," he said. "I'll take you back to my place so we can talk in silence."

With that, the little Digimon turned on his heels and disappeared down into the crowd. Nazu blinked as she looked between the five of them. Takuya had already hurried after Bokomon, with Zoe and Tommy behind her. The brunette heard JP mumble to himself about what could it possibly be before following after them. Nazu began walking after them until she noticed that Koichi hadn't budged. She looked back at him with furrowed eyebrows. Then she shrugged and continued for a few paces before turning around. Frowning, she thought momentarily if she should say anything to him or not. She shook her head, sighed, and rolled her eyes. If I just leave him here, his friends will probably cause me more trouble than if I don't do anything. So, she waved her hand towards the dark-haired boy, saying, "Well, aren't you coming?"

Koichi looked up at her, as if a bit surprised. The brunette blinked for a second, but then waved her hand again and turned around. Before she knew it, the dark-haired boy ran passed her. Nazu stopped for a second and blinked. Then she shook her head. Nah, no point worrying about it. Then, she went on her way to catch up with the others.

Chapter 1: End.

Well, here's the rewrite for chapter 1. Sorry it took so massively long to finally get this out, but, if any of you had been following me on my tumblr, I was having a bit of a hard time trying to figure out how I wanted the story to start. Originally, I wanted it to be a big bang, but I realized that wasn't such a good idea because it didn't really match the pace of A Changed Destiny, which had a bit of a slower start and the fact that it wasn't the kind of introduction to a few of the characters.

I'll put up the original first chapter on my tumblr. The second version might come up eventually, but most likely in snippets. Oh, and those turned off by OC protagonists (if I can even call Nazu that), don't worry, she won't steal all the spotlight, despite being having a very important role in...a lot of it. You'll probably find out more about this by chapter three or four.