Hannah Baker here. Live and in stereo.

Tapes. Why tapes, you may ask.

A suicide note could be lost. Recording a video is a bore. So many reasons not to do anything like that.

But tapes. Tapes.

Tapes just came across to me as perfect. I could talk to you all and you can hear emotions in my voice. On these tapes, through soundwaves...i'm alive. Through tapes you can still see me as a living person who is capable of sharing my opinions. You know I still think and feel like you all do.

It's just easier for me to talk to you all about how I feel through my voice, writing a note to you all just isn't as personal and releasing. That's right, releasing. I say releasing because releasing something is letting it fall or go away from you. I'm making everything you all have done to me go away from me. But actually, i'm giving it all back to you. If one of you did not pass on these tapes and these recording are released...then it is being released to the world. Hello world.

Everyone goes through life doing things and affecting others. Now that you all know how some specific actions of yours affected me...I hope you take a closer look at how your actions are affecting others too. Ask yourself: am I responsible for anyones suicide? Have I permanently affected someone in some way by something i've done?

Depending on your religion, or even lack of, you know a higher power will be judging you one day. I hope you end up going wherever you want to go. Maybe i'll even see some of you there. I'll be waiting for you.