Winds of Change

By Berry's Ambitions

Chapter 6: Hostile Territory

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WARNING: Coarse language, sexual content, violence and thematic elements.

Missy supposed she had no one to blame but herself.

It hadn't seem like a completely idiotic decision at the time, but the more she mulled it over, the more she began to realize how stupid she'd been. Of course going off by herself wasn't safe - it was one of the first, most basic rules of training. At the very least she could've asked Amber to watch her back.

But no. Missy had been so embarrassed by her urgency, so hasty to do her business, that she'd walked off without a word. She'd convinced herself she would only be a minute, and that she wasn't that far from her group. How could she have predicted the bastard's ability to blend into rocks?

Missy chalked her decision down to years of self-preservation and the desire to rely on no one but herself finally taking its toll on her.

And now here she was, slung over the beast's shoulder like some sort of object without the faintest clue where she was being taken to. She wasn't sure she wanted to find out, either.

Abruptly Missy was flipped over, tumbling onto the ground with a yelp.

Her first thoughts when she was able to look around were Oh, God.

The room, like the rest of the mines, was dimly lit. She could hear the quiet sound of static in the background - TVs, perhaps? There was furniture as well, such as a table and an armchair.

If this man's intentions hadn't been obvious before, they were blatantly so now.

As he crept towards her, Missy was overcome by a wave of sickening dread. He was about six-five, if she were to guess. Muscular but lanky. The look in his eyes - sky blue in colour - made her skin crawl. She felt naked.

"Want," he stated.

His voice startled her. It was the first time he'd uttered a sound since her kidnapping, and she honestly hadn't expected this. It was soft - lulling, even. But what really caught Missy off-guard was the fact he could speak at all. These people are savages. They can't possibly be educated.

She wasn't so sure, now.

The man crouched down to her level. "Mama," he whispered, carefully enunciating each syllable.

Missy gasped in spite of herself, half-sitting up. Redding's remark about 'breeding' came to mind, and she started backing away.

"Pretty," he purred, the word rolling off his tongue as he reached out for her.

Missy promptly spat in his face.

He flinched, expression changing from disbelief to outrage in such a brief span of time that Missy could barely absorb it. The man - the mutant - lifted her y the shirt, snarling. "Dirty... cunt!"

Missy was dropped onto the table and he grabbed hold of her legs, attempting to straddle her. "Come here," he growled.

She tried and failed to pull away. "No!"

The struggle lasted about ten seconds before he yelled, "Mine!"

Missy didn't realize she'd been backhanded until her skull met wood, the taste of copper filling her mouth. Her lip had been split.

The mutant reacted instantly, sighing as if relieved and pulling her hand away from her injury. Missy was in too much pain to fight as he caressed her face, sliding a finger into her mouth before bringing it back to his lips, cleaning his digit of her blood.

"So sweet," he murmured, hot breath blowing against her cheeks.

She refused to acknowledge him until something moist brushed against her face.

Missy opened her eyes to be greeted by a foot-long, darkened tongue. Moaning, he licked the side of her face. Trembling violently, the young woman began to scream but was cut off by his sudden grip on her neck. As the tongue slid into her mouth, he brought his face closer to hers, groans intensifying.

When it touched the back of her throat, Missy decided she'd had it, biting down. Hard.

He let out a startled shriek, retracting his tongue from her mouth. Missy was satisfied to discover he was now bleeding, bringing her boot upwards and swinging it between his legs. Catching a glimpse of the man doubling over in pain, Missy bolted towards the door.

...Just as someone else was walking through it.

Missy came to a screeching halt, mouth going dry.

This mutant was not like the others. She was aware of this instantly. He was monstrous, easily as tall as the first attacker but twice as muscle-bound. And not even the lizard-like mutant had looked upon her with such unadultered contempt.

She only had her arms raised - in a one last, vain attempt to save herself, she supposed - for a heartbeat before he swung his arm back and knocked her across the room.

But this time, Missy did not get up.

Chameleon's heart sank as Hades slowly, delibrately turned in his direction. He began stumbling backwards, raising his hands the same way the brunette had moments before.

"No..." he gasped, feeling blood dribble down his chin. Desperately he pointed to the girl, who lay slumped in the corner. "...was her..." He waved his hands frantically, but Hades' eyes remained steely.

"Papa..." Chameleon's voice rose slightly as the clan patriarch began advancing. "No-"

The blow sent him sprawling onto the floor, but Chameleon recovered immediately, getting on all fours. He could still feel his father's piercing stare on his back even when he was halfway down the hall.

The first thing Missy saw when she regained consciousness was the giant looming over her.

A scream tore from her throat at once. Every one of her instincts told her the same thing - run, and don't look back.

But she couldn't.

Missy thrashed around, screeching frantically, but her attempts were futile. She was bound tight; the only thing struggling caused was rope burns.

Grunting, the giant pinned her to the mattress.

Wait, Missy realized, mattress?

Then it dawned upon her - she was restrained in his bedroom.

Missy let out a pitiful wail as his grubby hands roamed around her body. Her dark hair had become loose somewhere between fighting off her kidnapper and trying up free herself from this new trap, now fanning out from behind her head.

She cried out as he tore off her jacket, his awful face dangerously close to her own. He was even more hideous than the first one - far more so, even - with cold green-gray eyes, patchy hair, and Frankenstein-monster-like features. His skin felt unnaturally clammy against her own.

"No!" Missy screamed, pounding on his chest. It felt as if she were punching bricks and did about as much good.

The thing ignored her protests entirely. "You give me baby," he panted, mucus oozing from his mouth and onto Missy's face.

The scream she let out next was downright feral, frightening even Missy herself.

"Um... sir?"

Both of them froze on the spot, with Missy cowering before her rapist-to-be, who'd just finished yanking her pants off.

This new vice was different. Not almost-normal, like the man who'd taken her down here, or guttural, like the disgusting beast who obviously planned to impregnate her, but rather... nasally.

As if in slow motion, the large mutant on top of her turned for head towards the doorway, speaking through clenched teeth. "Fuck off Grabber. I'm busy."

Missy shuddered at the sound of his voice, the urge to vomit nearly overwhelming her. His grip had not loosened in the slightest, and he didn't seem at all embarrassed to be caught in this position.

Squinting, she could see a short figure in the doorway. Bald, like the first one, and bespectacled.

And facing the wrong way.

"I understand, sir." Listening to the respect in his tone, it occurred to her that this 'sir' must be the mutants' leader. "But... er... this has to do with the women."

'Sir' stiffened, his grip on Missy so tight that she was beginning to suffer from pins and needles. "What ya mean?" he barked, spit flying from his mouth. Missy held back a gag. "If Chameleon sent you here to whine, Grabber, I swear on my mama's grave..."

Chameleon? Missy recalled the long-tongued man, the one who blended into the desert surroundings. She was certain that this 'Chameleon' had to be him. From what she could remember, the leader had taken her away from him. They must compete for the right to breed. Her stomach turned at the notion. Or maybe the guy on top of me is the only one allowed to do it.

The one thing Missy was sure of was the fact she despised these mutants and everything they stood for.

Grabber shook his head quickly.

"Other way, you stupid shit." The leader sounded almost bored, but Grabber whirled around immediately.

"Letch," he said automatically. "Letch got his hands on one of 'em."

Missy's blood ran cold. Amber.

The apparent alpha male, at long last, released Missy's wrists. She almost sagged with relief, but wouldn't allow herself to show weakness. "Which one?" he demanded. "The blonde or the one with the fat ass?"

Stump. Missy hadn't even considered the other girl, but hearing her referred to in such crude terms set her teeth on edge. You're one to talk, she added silently, eyeing his gut.

"The second one." Grabber wrung his hands out in front of him. His behaviour caused Missy to suspect that the asshole in charge treated his minions no better than the women they tortured.

The leader set his jaw and removed himself from Missy, who was beyond glad. His stench was making her light-headed. "Where are they?"

"Letch's room, I think."

"You're dismissed, Grabber," the paunchy mutant said curtly. The smaller of the two departed at once, disappearing down the passageway.

As soon as his footsteps faded, the leader drew himself to his full height, resting his glare on Missy. She stared right back, hoping she appeared defiant rather than terrified. After all, there was nothing stopping him from...

She couldn't even finish the thought.

"Don't think you gettin' off easy," the giant said, leering at her. Even Chameleon and his freakish tongue hadn't made Missy feel so violated. It didn't help that she was in nothing but a tattered tank top and underwear at this point. "I'll be back."

He slammed the door with so much force that the room shook.

Missy lay there, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Only when it dawned upon her that it was Grabber's intervention that saved her from a fate worse than death - and nothing else - did she allow the tears escape.

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