Clove's sister Crimson watched her death when she was so close to winning. Thresh killed Clove because of something she didn't do. Crimson vows to take revenge when she volunteers for the 76th Hunger Games after the failed rebellion. What happens when Thresh's little sister is reaped to compete too?

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A dark shadow falls over Clove and picks her up, only to slam her on the hard ground. Thresh is accusing Clove for something she didn't even do. Then Clove sees it, a large rock. She loses it completely and screams for Cato.

"CATO! CATO!" and I jolt awake moments away from reliving my sister's death. A cold sweat covers my body and I realize I am shivering. I look at my picture of Clove on the night night stand next to my bed. She always told me that when she came home we could live together as a happy family and I wouldn't have to even worry about being reaped or anything, not that I really worried that much. I am a trained Career and I have a good chance of winning, but I'd rather have stayed here with Clove.

"CRIMSON! ARE YOU READY YET?" My mother yells upstairs.

"Almost!" I lie as I quickly jump up from my bed and put on a pretty red dress I bought yesterday. I grab Clove's old training knife and slip it into my pocket. I brush my hair quickly and run downstairs.

"You look gorgeous," my mother says softly. I smile back at her. "You don't have to do this, you know," she says quickly. I shake my head. I must. I know that I can't live much longer knowing that Clove just... just died. I have to avenge her death in the Games this year.

My mother sighs and gives me a hug. "Okay then. Why don't you head up to the square to get in the front of your age area?" I nod and head out the door.

Hardly anyone is outside yet, except for a few peacekeepers and some twelve year olds. I have to be quick because plenty of people want to volunteer each year and I like to think that Clove inspired them to try to win the Games because she did so well. And if it wasn't for Thresh she would have come home after killing the Girl on Fire and Lover Boy it would be her and Cato and that red-haired girl that they could have easily killed. Cato never would have been able to kill my sister. He would let her win.

I guess that I lose track of time because the next thing I know our escort is on stage and she starts the short movie on the Darks Days and the Second Rebellion. I watch as they show Katniss Everdeen's and Peeta Mellark's execution. When the film ends I stand eagerly waiting for the reaping to start. Our escort grabs the two bowls and decides to start with the girl's. She reaches her hand in and pulls out a small slip of paper. Before she can even finish reading the name out loud I screech,

"I volunteer!" I can see the disappointment in somem other girl's eyes. I beat them! I smirk as I walk upstage and say my name into the microphone.

"Crimson Aemilia."

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