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Crimson's POV

My hands are folded on my lap, I sit criss-crossed in a heap of tributes ready to begin training.

"Welcome tributes. Now that District Three has finally arrived we can begin training, but first I must give you all some information on the center. We have separate stations- survival and weaponry. Weaponry is always a favorite, but I highly suggest spending your time equally. If not you might find yourself at a loss in the arena. You may begin!" The training helper grins as some of us, including me jump up and the rest, including Rosaline move slowly and nervously. I feel as if I can smell her fear. She hasn't spoken to me yet, but I'll make sure she speaks when I'm pinning her to the ground with a knife in my hand.

"Crimson!" Silk calls to me. She's the District One female, and an eighteen year old. Her boyfriend was reaped right after her and she immediately dreaded volunteering- after all, only one of them could come out. Actually, neither because I think I could at least take Silk and Titan will die sooner or later from being dumber than a rock!

I walk over to Silk. Her hair is blond and wavy. She's tall and curvy- the perfect stereotypical District One teenager. Both District Four tributes have decided to join our alliance. My weak excuse for a District partner sulks in the survival knot station. Morgan, the bulky male and Hattie, the girl meet us at the weaponry. I take a knife, my strongest weapon and throw it at a target, wanting to impress the other tributes, even though I'm smaller and younger than them. I hit the bull's-eye. Morgan pats me on the back,

"Not bad," he smiles and picks up a trident. It plunges through the air and pierces a dummy's heart.

"You aren't too bad either," I grin. We all work with an air of confidence. Just then a District Twelve tribute comes up. Her hands shake when she picks up the spear. She throws it and it misses, hitting the target's knee. A snicker escapes my lips. This is why everyone bets on the higher Districts. They are richer, bigger, and better. We almost always win. District Twelve is nearly hopeless. I think the gamemakers will kill them off on purpose since they participated in the rebellion. I hope they spare Rosalie and leave her for me, even though her District did too.

"Hey Marie, ever seen a spear before?" Titan chuckles.

The girl ignores him and looks straight ahead. "Didn't think so," he turns to us. Silk laughs, but I don't. It isn't wise to make your competitors hate you from the start, no matter how weak they seem. I learned that from Clove. Marie walks over to Rosalie. They shrug and head away from us. Looks like the devil has an ally.

Rosalie's POV

Crimson's brown eyes glare at me from across the room. I know she can't wait to get into the arena with me. I know she's mad that my brother killed her sister, but I can't help it. Clove's District partner killed my brother! I doubt she's thought of that.

"Rosalie?" Marie whispers.

"What?" I ask calmly.

"Why does b**** hate you so much?" I laugh a second then reply

"Because my brother killed her sister,"


"Yeah, not so good to already have an enemy, eh?" I say sadly.

"No, but don't worry, Rosalie, we can outrun any of those arrogant fools any day!" She smiles. I nod and we head to the knot stations.

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