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So it was that the Ministry Six, as they were once known as, went back to school with the knowledge that the War was incomplete. While on the carriages, they decided that this year, they were not only going to lead the resistance against a Dark Army, but also against the Wizarding traditions as a whole.

"How peculiar is it that the Wizarding World always is opinionated against certain groups of people?" asked Hermione.

"What do you mean, love?" responded Ron. And then it hit Neville and Harry at the same time. The Wizarding World had, at first, shown hatred towards all things muggle. Then it was against all things Dark. It was what Dumbledore had taught Harry, and what Augusta had told Neville. People, curses, creatures, and powers are evil or good when they are used as such. It was similar to Ollivander's favorite saying: the wand chooses the wizard. For Harry all it reminded him of was his godfather's saying: "The world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters. We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are." At that moment in time the Wizarding world would never be the same. The Hero and his Equal had realized that everyone was too opinionated and it needed to be changed. So ever so slyly, they saw that they had the same recognition of the situation, and wordlessly agreed to meet up later.


Sorting Ceremony, Great Hall

There they sat at the Gryffindor table, even Luna. With the War, the teachers were all for inter-house unity. The sorting was dragging on due to the influx of students who were muggle-born, or as the six liked to say—first generation. However, there were a few that interested one or another of the group for example for Harry; it was a boy named Eli Aymslowe, a shy boy with black hair and blue eyes. He was smaller than average but seemed to have some sort of purpose. The hat took about five minutes for his sorting but finally sorted him into:

"GRYFFINDOR!" and the boy seemed genuinely surprised. Perhaps, he was supposed to be in a different house, but had the same demands as Harry. So it went on that five other boys and girls were sorted that would later become 'The Apprentices'. Once the sorting was over, and once Ron had relieved the table of its food, Professor McGonagall stood up.

"Before we go of to bed I would like all of those who lost family members in War to stand up" she said. This led to half of the student body to standing, including the Six. This was due to the sad fact that Xenophilius Lovegood and Neville's parents had finally left this world. Soon it was called for those who participated in the battle and almost everyone stood up.


Headmistress's Office

Minerva was shocked. Never, in all her years, would she believe those two enemies in the likes of Godric Gryffindor vs. Salazar Slytherin; Severus Snape vs. James Potter; and Gellert Grindewald vs. Albus Dumbledore would trust each other at all. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, it seemed, were actually becoming friends in the cause against the Dark. She had heard the story from her "Golden Trio" and the newly christened "Silver Trio" about the Dark Army. These six students, no, heroes were planning to take down this group and came to warn her:

"Please professor, don't make us stop with our plans because we're kids. We are the ones who were really fighting the Battle." And the point they brought up was a valid one. She knew that she, and what remained of the Order, were part of the old times. These 'Ministry Six' and 'Dumbledore's Army' were the new Order. They would help propel the Wizarding World out of the Dark Ages. So it was that she agreed to assist them in finding resources and with liaison to many groups that could help. This was yet another step in the Six's plan to take out the Dark.


Third Floor Corridor, Late that Night

"Hello Harry," called out Neville. From out of nowhere, a glistening cloak fell to the ground, and there was Harry.

"Neville, you and I both had a realization in the carriages. The Wizarding World is too opinionated. It consistently separates a certain group of people because they have a certain trait. You and I are the only ones who can do anything about it, because Hermione respects the ones in power too much, while the other three are raised with a strong belief that Wizards are best- even if they don't know it," said Harry.

"Yeah, mate. You and I have a hell load of power in the World, and we know how to use it. You and I both lost people in the War. My parents died when Bellatrix died- to kill her was the only reason they wanted to stay alive. Your parents were killer by the monster himself. He was created because of muggles' xenophobia against us; we don't want another monster made the other way around. They children of Death Eaters shouldn't be punished," responded Neville.

"Mate, in this cause against the army, and the World, we aren't just partners," started Harry

"We're not just friends," continued Neville.

'We are brothers," they finished. So it was that the Longbottom's and Potter's dream came true. Should either family die, they were supposed to be raised as brothers. The monster had done many evil things, but he set up for the greatest brotherhood ever: Potter and Longbottom vs. the World.


Slytherin Seventh Year Boy's Dormitory

Draco lay in his bed thinking. He had told Harry about the one invasion. However, there were two others before that. He had only told of one to see their reaction. He had still been there outside their compartment, just disillusioned. They didn't notice him, but he saw their planning. He knew that they were taking this seriously. But, still, he debated with himself- was it worth it to take the risk of telling them everything? The DEs could find out. Even though he was no Gryffindor, he would still take the risk. Maybe throw in the suggestion that many Slytherins were loyal to their cause, and to let them join. Draco Malfoy had been a coward once. He did not enjoy it.

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