Chapter 1

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Summary: Emily Prentiss and Lindsay Messer are sisters, Emily was put up for adoption, Lindsay was born 10 years later. Now 42 years later, The two sister reunite when Emily's whole family is almost murder and her one daughter is murdered. Will Emily push Lindsay away or lean on her following the death of her 15 year old daughter?

"I found a case matching this one, another home invasion" Danny tells Mac and Joe while walking into Mac's office and continues talking "This is SSA Emily Prentiss. She's married to SSA Aaron Hotchner. Emily has three kids Lily, Courtney and Meghan. Aaron has one, Jack. And together they have two daughters, Hannah and Josie. Last night in DC, Emily, Lily, Meghan and Josie was almost murder. Courtney was murder, Aaron was away on a case, Emily was home because Hannah was sick, and she was at the hospital at the time. His son Jack was at his Aunt's home for the night. Aaron is on his way back to DC now."

"How old was Courtney?" Jo asks Danny

"15 years old. This son of a bitch killed a 15 year old girl" Danny tells Jo

"Sidney Ross was the same age. Again her mother was home with her four sisters. Her father and brother was away on a fishing trip" Mac tells Jo and Danny

"He must of knew when the father's were not home" Danny tells Mac

"I talked with Agent Jareau. I requested their help. They are coming on their jet to pick you up. Take Lindsay with you. Be ready in 30 minutes. I'll take care of Lucy."Mac tells Jo and Danny

30 minutes later

"Hi I'm Agent Jareau. these are Agents Rossi and Morgan. This is section chief Strauss. Our technical Analysis is back in DC" JJ explains and continues "Agent Hotchner is at the hospital with Agent Prentiss and his Daughters. Jack is still with his Aunt"

"Hi I'm Dectective Mac Taylor. This is Danny Messer, Jo Danville and Lindsay Monroe. The rest of the team is staying here to process evidence" Mac tells JJ and her team

"Ok let's go" JJ tells the CSI team


"Does Foyet have any family?" Jo asks

"Yes he had a son, he was 20 at the time, so he's 26" JJ answers Jo

"That might be our guy" Jo tells the team

"I'll tell Garcia to look up everything she can find about him" JJ tells Jo

"Hi Garcia, Look up everything on James Foyet" JJ tells Garcia

"He's living in Durham, North Carolina. He hasn't use his credit cards in a week and his phone not on right now" Garcia tells the team

"Thanks Garcia" JJ tells her

"Can you tell us about Courtney and Lily?" Danny asks

"Lily's 17. She's in grade 12. She was on the field hockey, Swimming, Gymnastics and Tennis teams. She's also on the public speaking team. She's going to University of Maryland-college park next year. Courtney's 15. She's in grade 10. She was on the swimming, Gymnastics and Tennis teams." JJ explains

"Why was Emily home last night?" Danny asks

"She was home because Hannah and Josie were sick and because she upset. One week ago, Emily and Hotch found out Hannah has Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. When she went to her mom because Hannah needed a bone marrow transplant, she found out she's was adopted. She also found out she has a sister. Emily was very upset by this. She didn't have a very good childhood. She got pregnant at 15 had a abortion. Lily was born when Emily was 18. Her boyfriend was killed three months before Meghan was born." JJ tells Danny, Lindsay and Jo showing the CSI team a photo of Lily first, Who looks like Lindsay did at 17 and then one of Courtney, who looks like Emily.

"Did Hannah have her transplant?" Lindsay asks

"No not yet. We can't find a match. The only person now that can get tested is Hotch. The closer the match the better. " JJ tells the team

"I can get tested" Lindsay tells JJ and continues "If I'm right, It will work"

"Right about what?" Danny asks his wife

"I think Emily is my sister" Lindsay tells Danny and continues "My dad has the same color hair as Emily. We have the same eyes And i'm 10 years younger than Emily. Hannah is a spitting image of Lucy"

"Who's Lucy?" JJ asks

"Our daughter" Danny tells the BAU team

"I already got a blood test done by Adam, we will know soon" Lindsay tells everyone

"When we land, I'm going to get Jack. He needs to know about his stepsister and his family." JJ tells everyone


"DADDY!" Jack shouts

"Hi Buddy, Have you been good for Aunt Jessie?" Hotch asks his son

"Yes" Jack tells his dad

"Thanks, Jess" Hotch turns Jessica, Haley's sister

"No Problem, we are family, Aaron" Jess tells Aaron

"I need to tell you something, Buddy" Hotch tells Jack

"What is it, Daddy?" the 10 year old boy asks

"While I was on a case, the bad guys got to Emily, Lily, Courtney, Meghan and Josie" Hotch tells his son and continues "Emily, Lily, Meghan and Josie will be ok soon, the doctors are taking good care of them. But Courtney didn't make it, she's dead" Hotch cries

"NO!NO!NO!" Jack cries. He starts sobbing on his Dad's shoulder.


Lindsay is processing then scene with Jo when her phone rings. It's Adam.

"Hi Adam, what's up?" Lindsay asks

"Hi, I got your test results back. You're 99.9% related to Emily Prentiss and there was blood on the floor on the crime scene which i got the results too, It's James Foyet." Adam tells Lindsay

"You're sure, Adam?" Lindsay asks looking pale

"Yes Lindsay, I'm sure" Adam tells her

"Thanks Adam" Lindsay ends the call

"It's James Foyet. Adam found his blood at both crime scenes" Lindsay tells Jo

"Hi JJ It's Lindsay. Who is Foyet?" Lindsay asks

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