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Anne Shirley sat in her seat, her head propped on her hands. She was completely unaware of the world, let alone the curly headed, brown haired boy sitting across from her, who was trying desperately to get her attention.

Gilbert Blythe was trying his hardest to get this Anne-girl to look at him. Unfortunately, Gilbert was not succeeding in any way, shape, or form. He extended his arm to grab the long braid, but his arm dropped as he thought scornfully,

"From what we heard from Rachel, teasing her about her hair is the last thing I should do to get her to talk to me. It sounds like she's sensitive and tempermental."

Gilbert ripped a small piece of paper from his notebook and wrote the words, 'I think you're cute,' And he slipped it under Anne's arm. She picked up the piece of paper, read it, blushed, and looked at Gilbert with a slight smile. Gilbert, having finally gotten her attention, shot her the best wink in his arsenal. Anne giggled, then quickly scribbled something on the piece of paper, and passed it back to Gilbert. Anne had wrote, 'Thank you. I think you're cute too.' Gilbert didn't know what he looked like on the outside, but on the inside he was beaming from ear to ear. On the paper he wrote, 'Meet me at Barry's pond this evening?' Anne wrote back saying, 'I would love to. See you there.' Then Mr. Phillips came up from behind.

"What do we have here?" Mr. Phillips questioned, taking the piece of paper. After reading it, he said, "Hmmmmmmm. Class, I think we have another pair for the 'take notice' board." Mr. Phillips walked to the board and wrote, 'Take Notice: Ann Shirley and Gilbert Blythe.' Not only did the two have to deal with that humiliating scene, but they also both got detention for passing notes.

~ Later that day at Barry's pond ~

"I thought you wouldn't come." Gil told Anne, as she joined him at the lake.

"Why wouldn't I. I told you I would." She responded.

"Well that was before what happened with Mr. Phillips." Gilbert admitted reluctantly.

"Embarrassment or none, a promise is a promise. Besides, I couldn't be mad at you for that, it was more my fault then yours." Anne reassured Gilbert. After a few moments, Anne broke the silence, "isn't the Lake of Shining Waters just lovely this evening." She commented, while sitting down on the bank.

"Lake of Shining Waters, What's that?" Asked Gilbert, joining Anne on the bank.

"Oh! I never liked the names Barry's pond either, I just thought of changing it." Said Gilbert, who was much less confused.

"Shhhhh! Lets just enjoy the sunset." Anne quieted Gilbert, took his hand in hers, and rested her head on his shoulder as they watched the sun dip below the earth.