The World That Never Must Be, Inside

Everything went down the drain the moment we walked inside the huge castle. We had lost all sense of direction, and the enemies were nowhere to be found. We had looked everywhere we could inside the main entrance, and found nothing. I collapsed to the floor.

"Need help?" A familiar voice said from above.

I opened my eyes in order to see it was Ikuto, from the stories Amu tells me in portals, that's what the description was.

"Dude, how did you find us?" I asked.

"There is a giant castle that appeared out of nowhere. You really think I could have missed that?" Ikuto responded.

"He makes a compelling Argument…" Amu said.

"It was more of a point, but we can go with that. Come on, I'll lead you to Trotejy's lair." Ikuto said.

We all nodded. But then, a huge crash came through the wall. It wasn't an organization member. It was just the Dinoblade Master Ekkue.

"You can't seriously expect to have a party without me, can you?" Ekkue said.

"Guys, we must go now. The fate of the world depends on it." A voice called from Max's mouth.

"Max, what the hell?" I said.

"That's shione. I freed her while we were apart in between Camp Half-Blood and This World." Max said.

"And now the whole team is here! Giddy up, bitches!" Shione called out, using max's body to jump up.

"I shouldn't ask." I responded.

"Please, don't." Max replied.

After that little conversation that happened, we followed Ikuto and Ekkue straight to the bottom of the base. Inside, there were 4 capsules. They were filled with the people Xalir had stolen from me. Zoey, Mayura, Rin, and Tohsaka.

"I'll get you out of there, everyone!" I yelled.

Mayura shouted, but I couldn't hear her. The other three did the same, but I couldn't hear any of them.

"Soundproof glass," Ekkue said, "the worst kind of glass there is. Trotejy must know we are here."

"Correct!" Trotejy said loudly, randomly appearing out of nowhere in his Tron armor, "Especially so they can't give you any hints without knowing hand signals."

"Release them, Trotejy!" I yelled.

"Oh, Rexy-boy, why would I do that? Where is the fun?"

"His speech has changed dramatically since the last time I saw him." Ekkue stated.

"You saw him before now?" I said angrily.

"Hey now, I can see things before they happen. It doesn't mean I have ever met the guy."

I turned my attention back to Trotejy.

"Give them back. Now." I said sternly.

"Well, Alright. But first, we have to make a deal. You can keep one of them and the other three…" A large fireball appeared in trotejy's hands "…Die. Pick wisely, now. It's multiple choice. It can either be A, The smart, Student Council treasurer Mayura. It can be B, the ever so lovely Zoey Drake, who you have beaten Seth by the side of. It can be C, The only Chinese girl who can really cook, Rinin Fan. Or it can be D, the fighter of the decade, Rin Tohsaka. You're Choice."

"Rex, it's obviously a trap." Ikuto said.

"You can only save one of them… Trotejy is a sick bastard." Ekkue said.

"Rex… Pick the one closest to your heart." Trione said.

"Hey, Ai, can't you just send Trotejy to hell?" Jil asked.

"I have to have the soul of the person to send them to hell. Trotejy doesn't have one." Ai responded.

It took me awhile, but after a large consideration, I finally spoke up.

"I choose…" I started, moving my finger towards Mayura.

"Rex, No!" Amu, Max, Jil, Ikuto, and Ekkue all said simultaneously.

But, just then, the day was saved. A large window near the top of the building came crashing down to the floor and out popped Ulrich, Aelita, Odd, and Yumi. In their Lyoko forms.

"But, how? We aren't on Lyoko!" I yelled.

Jeremy's large voice came from above, "Rex, The World That Never Must Be is the 6th sector of Lyoko!"

"The 6th sector?" I said.

"I am such an Idiot! We were never in any real danger. This was all just a trap. This whole time, the last 3 you picked wouldn't die, they would just get divirtualized! The entire time you were travelling worlds, you never teleported to any new ones. You were just travelling the 6th sector of Lyoko!" Trione exclamated.

Link nodded his head. He had always known this, but he never said a word. Figures.

"But that means that no one is real… and that… Seth must still be alive." I said.

"Actually, No. My data tells me that was the real Seth. Trotejy and X.A.N.A were working side by side until you killed him. Link isn't the real Link, but Amu is the real Amu. Ai is the Real Ai, but Jil isn't the real Jil. You see, when a world is destroyed, the people who inhabit it were sent here. When Amu's world was destroyed, she was sent straight here. When Ai's world was destroyed, she was sent straight here." Trione said.

"So that means, everyone I met on my journey besides the Organization, Amu, Ikuto, and Ekkue… They are all fake?"

"Them and the 8 you see in front of you. The Lyoko warriors and the girls in the soundproof glass. They are the real deal. Everyone else is Fake. Including, That Trotejy!" Trione yelled.

"Spot on, Trione, Spot on. While you were all travelling Lyoko, The real Trotejy was out destroying worlds. You never saved anything. From the start of your journey, you were trapped inside Lyoko. The real me, he had you trapped," The Fake Trotejy said, "and that's why I sounded so different."

"I knew there was a problem with this shit!" Ekkue yelled.

"Well done, Rex Owen. You have passed the test. You have been granted a pass from this test. All the girls will return to their own worlds." Trotejy said from outside Lyoko.

As he said it, all the girls except Zoey disappeared to their own world, and a light shown above our group.

"This is where I must depart. Amu, take care." Ikuto said, and then disappeared.

"Max, thank you for everything." Jil said, before returning to his Lyokian world.

Link did 3 flips and played the ocarina, then waved goodbye before heading back to his Lyokian world. All that was left was Ai, Zoey, Max, Amu, Ekkue and I.

"Jeremy, can you devirtualize us?" I asked.

"Sorry, Rex. Only someone from your world can do that." Jeremy said.

"So, my world isn't fake?"

"Nope, yours is very real."

I did a jump for joy, and then a familiar voice came through.

"Rex? Max, Zoey? If your there, please respond!" The voice said.

"Reese!" Max and I called.

"Oneesan!" Zoey called.

"I'm so glad I found you. I figured out you guys were in Lyoko halfway through the second journey, but I couldn't find any of you. Starting the Devirtualization process with the other 3 included." Reese said.

In a few seconds, we made our way back to our world and landed with a thud on the ground.

"Rex! I'm so glad you came back! I hope you brought my book on girls with you on your journey!" Mr. Owen yelled.

"I'm glad to see you too, dad." I said back.

I looked over, with Amu and Ai introducing themselves to Spike, but Ekkue was talking with Reese.

"Now that all the welcoming back is over, we have another job to do!" Ekkue shouted, "Reese and I are going to take Max and Rex onto a journey to have one of them to be a Dinoblade master, like myself!"

"What?" Max and I both said.

"I'm totally in! Honing the Dinoblade would be a great past time for me!" Max yelled with excitement.

"Yeah, I'm sure I could take my Dinoblade for a test drive." I said.

"Great!" Ekkue said, twirling.

"We start tomorrow. Be prepared!" Reese said.

So that ended our second Journey. Soon, one of us will become a Dinoblade master, and then he will defeat Trotejy's real self. Soon, the entire war will come to an end.

From the Desk of Ekkue:

This whole story started in March of 2012, and it's still not over in 2013. This fanfiction may take place well into 2014! I pledge to you guys, the readers, that the last 2 books will be full of jokes, humor, Kingdom Hearts Parody Moments, Dinosaur King reference's, Rex X Zoey Moments, Rex X Mayura Moment's, Rex X Rinin Fan Moments, Organization Fights, Hilarious Video game reference's by Gamiir, great ass Villians, and Never before written worlds you get to explore through the mind of this story! It took me for fucking ever to create all these OC's and the storyline, plus Personalities for all the OC's. It'll take me an even longer time trying to write the last book. I promise you, the last book will have 40+ worlds, everything brand new and completely fresh. I mean, Dinosaur Hearts 3 will be the first story that'll have the Non-Lyokian worlds of the same characters, so everything will be new. It's like that part in Kingdom Hearts II in which Pooh forgets who Sora was, except they never did. But, It will be like Chain of Memories for the fact that the Lyokian's share the same memories with their real world counterparts. So, DH3 will have a little bit of KH2, KH Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 3. That ends this long paragraph discussing the next two stories. So, Continue reading!