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I was in the library reading a book on military strategy my father had bought me for my twelfth birthday. I placed the book down half way through and I have still yet to learn something new. I've just about learned everything about the military and all possible strategies from books. "Ayanami your father has just arrived home from his meeting with the Barsburg military," my father's servant Hansuke said upon entering the room. I stand up and feel a headache coming on.

"Then I shall go and greet him," I force out. I covered my mouth and started violently coughing.

"Ayanami you should go to your room and lie down. Your health is unwell at the moment," Hansuke worried. I glared at him.

"Father doesn't need to hear about this, what he wants from a son of a military family is for me to toughen up and act as if nothing is wrong with me. In a way that is strength itself," I retorted stifling the last of my coughs. I put on a straight face took my hand away from my head and walked down the stairs followed by Hansuke.

"Ayanami you seem to be doing better than usual. How about we do some training then," Atsushi my father said with a smile. He was often away and even when he was home we would have our distance from each other, but it was comfortable. We were not avoiding each other. We had a mutual understanding and agreement. My father has always wanted me to join the military and I have always wanted to rise to the top of the military; if only I could rid myself of this weak body.

"Master Atsushi, Ayanami is," Hansuke started.

"I am ready father," I said turning my head to glare at Hansuke, "I'm sorry I wanted to say it to my father myself after all."

"Well then Ayanami lets go outside to practice. We don't want to make your mother Eri worry about the house being a mess," father said firmly.

"Yes father," I answered and fell into step beside him. My throat was itching, but no matter what I do I can't show any sign of weakness. I know how to do everything properly; if only my body wasn't so weak then I could be the best student in the military school to ever be.

"Ayanami just look at you," Hansuke gasped as I walked in after father, done with practice. I had scratches and bruises on my face and all over my body.

"You need to put more strength from your muscles in those swings Ayanami and you can't cough in the middle of the battle it won't do you any good. Though I can complement your knowledge and pain tolerance if your body wasn't so weak you could even have a chance at beating me with your skills. Your form is amazing, but you lack power behind those skills of yours," Atashi said taking off his hat and placing it on the counter.

"Tomorrow we are going to visit the Basburg's military school to see if the Chairman Miroku can be of any help to your lack of power. Be prepared to leave by five in the morning," father said to me before heading to his studies.

The chairman, who is he? I think my father introduced him to my mother and me when I was five, but it's hard to remember. "Hansuke we have the whole family gathering to eat dinner tonight right," I asked fairly sure it was going to start soon.

"Yes Ayanami you should get ready I have already picked out a suitable outfit for you," Hansuke answered. I sighed. I hated this event it happens once a month and every time I go people whisper behind my back and jest me with rude remarks because of their jealousy.

"I shall go and get changed then," I answer softly.

"Oh what a lovely navy suit you are wearing! My son you look handsome," my mother said as I arrived perfectly on time to the table. She got up out of her chair to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek then sat back down.

"Thanks mother you look charming in your green dress," I answered before walking to the opposite end of the table where all the children without military status sat and some low ranked adults next to us. I sat down and silently ignored the others stares. They smirked and were up to their usual business, making rude comments.

"Hey look isn't it Ayanami! Still can't use any strength behind your punches? I'm two years younger than you and still have more chance of getting into the military than you," Akifumi laughed.

"He can't even beat his mother with his strength," giggled Emi twirling her silver hair that she kept tied with a dark orange ribbon.

"Hmm I wonder what I shall ask the waiters to make for me today," I muttered forgetting that they were in the process of trying to hurt my pride. I shouldn't have forgotten and pretended to pay attention.

"How dare you not listen to others when they are talking to you," Emi spat out and raised her arm to slap me. Slightly caught off guard, I still managed to grab her hand before it came to slap my cheek. I felt the tickle in my throat. Not now.

"Emi you don't want to get in trouble the only time anyone is not allowed to battle with someone is at these dinners," a small escape of air escaped my mouth and I struggled to not go into a coughing fit in front of everyone at the table.

"Looks like my daughter is checking up on how well your son is doing he looks rather pale," Eli said pretending to be bothered. She and her husband hated me just as much as their children did. Then again after my father's family they were second in line.

"Now release your hand before they think differently of your intentions with it," I advised calmly.

"Emi do it before you get in trouble," Akifumi warned her grabbing her arm and pulling it back.

"Fine, I just hate it that everyone treats him special just because he is the blessed one in the family. I don't understand how his hair being white—not silver—and purple eyes the exact color of wisteria makes him blessed," Emi huffed stabbing her fork into her meat.

"Emi it has something to do with the family name Fujihara. The name means wisteria meadow, but I don't understand what the point is. I don't see anything special about him other than he is weak and constantly sick," Akifumi scoffed.

"At least I am goal oriented, I practice constantly when you practice your skills once a week," I said coolly. Finished with my dinner I bowed once to the elders and left the dinner table not wanting to listen to any more nonsense when I could be reading.

Morning came and as promised I got up early enough to get ready to visit Chairman Miroku. He went with his dad stopping at the school before he would leave for work.

"So this is Ayanami, my has he grown, I'm surprised you haven't enrolled him in our classes yet," Miroku said not smiling, but his eyes seemed to look as if he was. This is not a man who one could not deceive easily nor was he one to be easily trusted. I waited silently for my father to introduce me then shook hands politely with the chairman.

"This is my son, Ayanami. I have wanted to sign him up earlier, but his temperament is weak and is often sick. Well I say that, but mentally he is a military genius and he has the most efficient attacks, if only he didn't lack power behind it. I was wondering if you could test out his abilities and see if there is anything we can do to help him," my father informed Miroku then looked down at his golden watch.

"Well I would be delighted to. Your son is safe in my care. I hope we can find a solution to it as well as you do for he sounds as if he could be the hope for the future of the military," Miroku answered smoothly.

"Thanks for your help. Can you contact me all the details later, I have to get to work and I have yet to be late one day. Oh and my wife Eri might come by to visit Ayanami if that is alright," my father said looking down at his watch quickly again.

"Sure your wife is welcome and I will send you the details later. Now go or you will be late," Miroku answered. My father left walking at a quick heavy set pace vanishing quickly. I was now left alone with this man who I could not come to trust—not that I trusted anyone, but this man I couldn't shake the feeling.

"So Ayanami let's see if you really are blessed like your family's history indicates," Miroku smiles, but this time it doesn't reach his eyes. I get it; his smiles are fake – meant to deceive. When he didn't wear this expression he was himself. Interesting I thought noting the information into my mental storage.

"Just having my parents as my parents is blessed," I answer knowing I really did respect my parents. I only wished that I could feel love for them. I wish that I could feel emotions and seem normal, but my parents understand. My mother told me they both knew I care for them and hugged me as if I was the one to pity and not them for having me as their son.

Miroku smiled. "Their lucky to have such a good son," he said.

"Are all your smiles used to deceive? The only real smile I have seen from you is with your eyes when you aren't smiling," I said not liking it when he smiles.

"I do have real smiles, but they are harder to bring about. It seems your father was not over exaggerating when he said you were a smart boy, not easily deceived I can see that much myself," Miroku smiled for real. At this I couldn't help, but give a small smile back.

"Jiro go and bring Kiro Ito to the training room number 13," Miroku ordered a subordinate.

"Are you going to test my abilities against Kiro? Is he one of your strongest students at the moment," I asked having heard some stories from my father.

"Yes he is at the top of his class, but he has yet to fight anything other than stimulations so I would like to know how he will fair. I am testing both of you since I have little time to dwell on seeing as princess Ouka's first birthday party is this week and I have to make sure there is proper security," Miroku answered. Miroku then guided me to the training room which was rather far away considering the number of halls and twists and turns we had to walk through.

"Sir Miroku," a black hair boy with dark blue eyes said saluting upon his entrance, "Of what service can I offer you?"

"I want to see you fight a person not the stimulation. Fight this boy here, but under no circumstances will I tolerate one of you dying, this is a test. . No ziaphon allowed. ," Miroku instructed sternly gazing into both of our eyes. I walked confidently over to the field and held out my hand to Kiro to shake. Maybe if I had feelings I would smile or care if I lose, but I'm not sure as to how to act all I can do is pick things that I have seen others do. Kiro looked at it with anger then he looked into my eyes and calmed down finding something. He took my hand and shook it.

"Begin," Miroku ordered. Kiro pulled his arm back took three steps forward and aimed for my stomach, but nothing a simple side step could avoid. Still, it would be a waste of movement to just avoid the boy. Kiro would turn around and go after me without any delay. When Kiro's arm stuck straight out for a punch I grabbed it and flipped him over using his own momentum against him slamming the boy into the ground. Kiro gasped to replenish oxygen while swiftly swinging a leg in my path. A simple jump and I dodged. When he got on all fours a put all the power I could and punched him. He smirked.

It wasn't that painful and I knew because my own fist was hurting more than he was. If only I had more power, I was sure I didn't use any wasted or extra movement. I have to rely on strategy. I backed up some and acted surprised at the speed Kiro came at me. He punched me hard in the stomach and I coughed up blood onto the sleeve of his shirt. I got a firm grip on the hand he punched me with and waited for him to struggle out of it. He did. I tripped him to one side, used the momentum to swing him into the wall and then banged his head into the wall once more for good measure. Kiro fell to the ground unconscious.

"So how did we do," I asked covering my mouth as I felt the tingle I get before a coughing fit.

"Kiro didn't do bad though he lost, his punches were stronger and his plan was good. If the battle went on a little longer I think he would've won. However, it does not matter seeing as a soldier knocked out can't do much. I'm glad you showed me what your punch looked like. Even though it barely did any damage there was no unnecessary movement. You're a smart boy obviously using the wall to your advantaged and lured him there letting him think he had the upper hand when he punched you. All of your best moves used your opponents own momentum against them. With some hope I can cure you of your temperament and you would quickly rise up in the military," Miroku answered gruffly.

I opened my mouth to say a thanks as my father told me I should whenever given a compliment, but started into a coughing fit choking in desperation for air. Miroku was right if I had let the battle go on any longer I would have surely lost. That was why I had to end it.

"Get the boy to the hospital wing and get him stable," Miroku ordered as people with a stretcher pushed me back into it and placed an oxygen mask on my face. I black out and in the darkness for the briefest of seconds a girl with emerald eyes and long brown wavy hair smiling at me.

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