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When Nightmares Come True

As Ken dutifully read out loud everyone's warm up score Hyuuga complained when it came to his score. "Ken sensei why don't I have a perfect score I came out of the maze on time and without any scratches!" Ken glared at Hyuuga angrily before walking over to him.

"If a soldier cannot follow orders what good is he? You have a tendency to disobey orders Hyuuga so I cannot give you a perfect score. If you want a perfect score then you need to start getting serious," Ken stated rather gruffly.

"A person of high ranking military status can voice their ideas and take more liberties can they not," I stated without looking his way.

"Yes however, Hyuuga right here will never amount to much. He is powerful too powerful for his own good. He needs to be controlled by someone higher up to be of any use in the military," Ken barked his hand locked tightly on the collar of my uniform pulling my face close to his threatening one.

"Hey leave Ayanami alone," Hyuuga shouted angrily pulling out the sword he always kept by his side.

"Put your sword away Hyuuga!"

"Sir Miroku he—"

"I'm not asking."

Hyuuga glared at Ken and slowly put his sword back in its sheath.

"Ken let go of Ayanami I have come to fetch him. I have some business with him and little time to spare,"Miroku said watching the grip on my collar slowly release. I refused to take a breath and walked over to Miroku.

"You may continue with the class," Miroku said and turned to leave not looking back to see if I would follow or not.

"Did you see that? Ayanami's facial expression never changed even when his face was pulled close to Ken's intimidating one."

"Ken sensei looks pissed. I don't think I want to even get near him now."

"Just who is that boy?"

"What in the world was Hyuuga thinking going against Ken sensei?"

"Isn't he pitiful he killed his own mother and he can't follow orders Ken sensei is right, he is not suited to be in the military."

The class chatted before the door shut with a loud creak behind me. As soon as we got farther away from the classroom I started to get dizzy and took in a shallow breath only to start coughing and gagging.

"Nurse put him on an oxygen mask and get him stable," Miroku said calmly as an oxygen mask was placed over me and I was put on a bed with wheels.

A nurse pulled out a needle and smiled, "Just a little pinch and you will be fine. It's best if you are asleep for the examination."

My eyes widened with fear. I don't want to go to sleep. Too late to stop her, I felt the pinch of the needle and slowly zoned out.

I open my eyes to see a wavy brown hair and green eyed girl above me. "Didn't I say you shouldn't keep coming here Eve?"

"How can I forget, you say it every time I come? Loosen up Verloren, I have nothing better to do so I figured I would like to talk to you some more. Besides a little company won't do you any harm," Eve smiled.

"Have you come to me after another argument with your dad?"

"Well no, this time I just left before talking to him. That way we wouldn't argue," she chuckled.

"Why do you keep coming here," I ask staring at the flowers that calm the dead.

"Isn't it obvious," Eve said turning her face away from me in an attempt to hide her sad smile.

"I don't have much interaction with people so obvious isn't really normal for me to pick up on," I say in a half effort to ease her sadness.

"Thanks. Sorry I knew that about you and yet I wanted you to figure it out. That was selfish of me," she apologized.

"I'm sorry that I can't understand even with all the human watching I do I have never felt what any of them felt. I think I was created not to know. Those things called feelings and casual interactions are meaningless to use on someone like me. Eve you should interact with others who can understand you better," I say in order to push her away from me who made her sad.

"Verloren I don't want to talk to anyone but you at the moment. Don't say that you were created not to know feelings and interactions! Even if that were true I know how kind you are to me. It's true you are a bit harsh and easy to judge, but everything that you do you commit to with everything you have. You take the job God gave you seriously. You have many great qualities waiting to be unmasked. I admire your devotion to your work."

"I only do what I was made to do. If I didn't do it I would have no purpose to exist."

"Then that means you want to exist. You want to have a purpose. Is it possible you want to feel emotions? Do you want to feel love?"

"I never really thought about feeling emotions or interacting like the humans," I smile kindly at her.

"But you are now aren't you," Eve smiles back.

Darkness surrounded her and when it vanished all that was left was her bones.

I awake with a loud gasp.

"Hey calm down kid you made it through just fine. We couldn't find anything wrong with you today, but we still have a few more things to try out. You are not allowed to go to any more classes today, but tomorrow should be fine. Take this pill before you go to bed, it will help you open your air passages," the Doctor said handing over the pill.

"If you need to you can stay here and rest for a while," the nurse offered.

"No thanks I'm fine just a little jolted I forgot I was being examined. Thanks when will I next see you?"

"We'll see you tomorrow at the end of your last class. You can just sleep in the examination room since it will be late." I nod my head and walk out of the room realizing I have no clue how to get to my room from this part of the school.

"Ayanami did they find anything out about your health," Atsushi asked just as he turned the corner and saw me.

"Father, they said they found nothing out of the ordinary yet, but have a few more things to test out," I answer with respect.

"I heard your results of your testing. You're doing well son, I'm proud of you as well as your mother," father said placing a hand on my shoulder and giving a quick smile.

"Sir Atsushi, I have handed over the report to Bert, but he refused to take it no matter how hard I pushed it on him," a soldier working beneath my father reported.

"Come with me. I'll show you how to get someone to do their job," Atsushi growled. With the wave of his hand my father left down the hall he came from and I decided to take the other hall figuring students must be the opposite way of the higher ups.

"Aya-tan I finally found you," Hyuuga grinned, "You and I both have made quite the names for ourselves, on one hand I'm sorry Ken was so rough with you because of me, but on the other hand I finally got to see the man reprimanded."

"Humans are quite frivolous when it comes to gossip," I reply.

"True, but we are humans too so we better watch out and not fall into the pits of gossip," Hyuuga said giving me a friendly slap on the back.

"Shouldn't you be going to history class," I asked upon seeing the time from a clock on the wall.

"Awe, but it won't be any fun until Aya-tan is there so I came to find you," Hyuuga said forcing a hug on me which I was too tired to dodge.

"Actually I can't go to any more classes today," I said lightly punching him on the head.

"Hey you didn't have to punch me for hugging you. Well since you can't go to the rest of your classes why don't I just skip and we can walk around town," Hyuuga smiled.

"We haven't gotten permission and I don't think they will care to give it today," I sighed.

"Who said we were going to get permission? There is only one way to escape and it has style," Hyuuga smirked.

"You just don't want to go to class," I retort.

"That and I'm running low on my candy supply. Well hold my hand and don't let go Aya-tan, alright?"

"Wait what?" Hyuuga grabbed my hand and before I knew it we were falling along with shards of glass from the window we just flew through.

Hyuuga's POV

I looked around for the perch I needed to grab and gripped it tightly jerking our fall to a halt. I looked down at Ayanami and surprisingly there was no hint of worry or fear on his face, however, he looked awfully tired.

"We are going to get in trouble Hyuuga and I have no desire to get in trouble. My dad works here," Ayanami stated.

"Sorry, sorry I'll make it up to you I promise! I've already got an idea on how to! Aya-tan can you grab onto the hawkzile there?"

"Fine, but I'm holding you to your promise," Ayanami said giving in. After the two of us got on the hawkzile successfully I drove us away from the military and into the city. The city was bursting with people going about their business, some in a rush and others taking their time.

I love the city one can easily lose themselves within it or be easily forgotten. With all the sights to see and people to run into no one pays attention to me. No one knows me. No one judges me. Ah, the more crowded the city the better it is!

"It's too crowded imagine trying to catch a criminal here," Ayanami stated looking around.

"Hey look there's my favorite dealer," I gleamed and pointed to a woman with black hair softly touching her shoulders.

"You do know how wrong that just sounded right," Ayanami asked as he followed me through the crowd over to her stand.

"Hello, why if it isn't my best customer; what can I get you today Hyuuga?"

"Hello I'll just have the usual. Have you seen your brother around today? I wanted to go check his stand today as well."

"I have seen him about today. In fact, you came at a good day he just got something new and in high quality. Are you sure you don't want to try out a new candy we just got in? It comes from a person born in the Raggs Kingdom and is quite popular."

"Hmm okay then can you throw in fifty or so, in thanks for the information," I smile.

"No problem. Thanks for your patronage, please come again."

"Where next, what does her brother sell," Ayanami asked.

"He sells things with really high quality and thus he makes a fortune, but he is one of the nicest guys you can ever meet," I smile, "Well aside from Aya-tan of course."

"Aya-tan," I asked not hearing any response to my teasing.

"Is that him over there," he asked pointing to a guy surrounded by two guys in there thirties seemingly threatening a young man with black hair and similar features to his sister.

"Awe, darn not again! Thanks Ayanami," I said and dashed over to him.

"Well what's a shrimp like you doing here when adults are talking," the man with his hand gripping the material of my friend's shirt roughly asked.

"Don't call him a brat he can kill you if he really wanted to," Ayanami said stopping just behind me.

"Hey Hyuuga do you remember me? It's your big brother, now go away and let me do some business with this man."

"Hisao I would have killed you if it weren't for father coming to save your butt," I growled my whole body tensing up.

"Hyuuga you should just go, I don't want you to get caught up in this," Yuudai the merchant whispered to me.

"Well I don't want your business to get damaged because of my family," I argued.

"No little brother you're the one who should die," his sword swept down to quickly for me to deflect and I stared in horror waiting for my end to come.

One second I only saw my brother and his sword coming down on me then in front of me was Ayanami. There was no in between. Blood splattered on the front of Ayanami's uniform and I feared for his life.

"Ayanami are you okay," I ask with a shaky voice. I moved out from behind him and saw indeed the wound was not Ayanami's nor the blood, but my brother's. Then I noticed the fierce scary look in his eyes directed at my brother. Strange.

"You're lucky I even let you live you scum. I can send you to the pits of hell, but my friend here seems to want to kill you. I leave it to you Hyuuga to dispose of him however you like," Ayanami said in a deadly voice. I felt the eyes of everyone on us and the people quite down.

"As you said he is scum. Let him live in embarrassment as his punishment. When father hears of this he will surely wish to see hell," I sigh and smile darkly at my brother, "Looks like your partner in crime already ran away."

"You wretched brat, you'll pay for this Hyuuga I assure you and your friend will wish you would have killed me now," Hisao said holding over the deep bleeding wound created by Ayanami's ziphon.

"You two really should have run off and stayed out of the danger, but since you saved me I guess all I can say is thanks," Yuudai bowed.

"Hey Yuudai do you still have that new item I heard your sister talk about," I asked.

"Oh so you're interested in this sword? The lady I got it from told me it was cursed."

"How is it cursed it looks normal to me," Ayanami asked.

"I'm not sure all she told me was that it was her son's sword and he died with this sword pierced through his chest," Yuudai sighed.

"Wow how scary a sword that turns on you," I said in awe.

"Sounds intriguing," Ayanami says.

"Glad you agree Aya-tan! I'll take it Yuudai."

"Are you sure you want a cursed sword Hyuuga," Yuudai asked.

"It's no problem my whole life has been cursed. A cursed sword can't do much more to it than that has already happened anyway," I smile.

"Well then you can have it for free as a token of my gratitude for saving my life, just don't expect me to give you anything else for free in the future," Yuudai smiled.

"Well thanks for the gift," I said taking the sword. It was long and probably a little too big for me to use until I got older, but it wasn't for me anyway.

"Are we done shopping we should get back before they find us missing," Ayanami said back to his expressionless face.

"Yes, but Ayanami I promised to make it up to you didn't I? This sword would suit you don't you think? Take it as a gift for our friendship and a promise that we will both fulfill our dreams," I said.

"Are you trying to curse me," he asked with an amused smile.

"Aren't you cursed already as well? How could I or any other curse you more than you already are," I smiled.

If only I knew just how right I was earlier.

Ayanami's POV

When I saw the sword about to kill Hyuuga one image alone popped into my head opening so many emotions in less than a second. Her bones, Eve's bones. The dream I had forgotten came rushing into my head along with so much more. I'm Verloren cursed to watch the death of the woman I love, cursed to search the world until I find her. I take the sword Hyuuga offered me and took note of its high quality. I pulled it out of its sheath and swiped the air once noting that it was a little on the heavy side.

"Thanks Hyuuga this sword suits me," I smile darkly.

"Aya-tan has a dark thought and a plan! No fair Aya-tan you can't keep it to yourself you have to let me in on it too since I'm your best friend!"

"It is too complicated for me to explain all at once. I will tell you when I get my thoughts in order," I answer bemused by Hyuuga's impatience.

"AYA-TAN if you don't tell me I am going to sabotage your life by telling all your dark secrets to Ken sensei! I'll tell him what you thought of his personal life problems when he rants about the troubles in his life and I will tell the other boys that you're in love with Kiro. Although Kiro is a very serious student he has been known to like boys who admire him! He will definitely not reject you Aya-tan!"

"You spout any of your lies to anyone and you are dead Hyuuga," I glare at him.

"What do you mean Aya-tan you shouldn't say your feelings are lies it is important to be true to yourself? Oh I get it you're in love with me more than you are with Kiro! I'm super honored Aya-tan, but I have a busy schedule so it might not work out. Oh what should I do?"

"You should shut up. Besides I can tell Miroku of your little adventure today."

"But you know that I will then tell Miroku you went along with me."

"Fine then we will settle this by a duel," I smirk, "Be prepared to lose."

"Oh look its Kiro. Hey Kiro Ayanami said he has this super big cru—"

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