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Anguishing Hate

I muffled Hyuuga's words and stopped his talking with my gloved hand over his mouth. A group of guards ran past asking students if anyone they knew was missing.

"Hey you boy have you seen Ayanami or Hyuuga they are being suspected for escaping without permission and breaking the glass of the window in the east hall," a guard asked Kiro.

"Oh the window wasn't broken by them. Sir Miroku had a strange guest dressed in a black long cloak though I couldn't see their face. You can verify this information with Miroku yourself," Kiro reported back.

"Well how come the two have not been found on campus," another guard asked.

"You just missed them the two were given orders to clean up the equipment for being rash in Ken sensei's class. If you had taken a moment to look into Ken's office you would have seen him lecturing the two."

"If you're lying the punishment you will receive will be severe."

"If I was going to lie I surely wouldn't bring up Chairman Miroku's name. His punishments are severe,"Kiro argued at the guard as he would an idiot.

"We'll be back boy when we find out you're a lair" he growled then walked to the east of the academy.

Kiro turned toward Hyuuga and me and sighed, "It's a good thing I saw Hyuuga before he vanished into the bushes. You two need to head over to Miroku in his office stick with the story I gave the guards. I have to go and stall them."

Without further information as to why he had helped them come up with a plausible reason to be missing Kiro headed off.

"I know that you may love me Aya-tan, but how long are you going to hold me," Hyuuga smirks.

"As long as it takes to get you to shut up and die," I retort letting him go, "Come on let's go to Miroku, I wonder why he is covering up for us."

After hiding and sneaking past several guards we made it to Miroku's office without detection, although albeit a little late.

"Close the door," Miroku stated.

I closed it, while Hyuuga looked down nervously at his shoes.

"Sir, why did you have Kiro lie to the guards when you know it was Hyuuga and I who broke through the glass," I questioned him warily.

"Hey shouldn't we be persuading him it wasn't us rather than giving in so early," Hyuuga panicked.

"Too late for that besides what other idiot would break through glass just to get some more candy," I reasoned.

"Ah darn, but I really was running low," mumbled an apologetic Hyuuga.

"You two have a bright future in helping our military…especially you Ayanami, it seems you have finally woken up. I can see the barely masked anger in your eyes. You ought to be very useful," Miroku's eyes dangerously gleamed.

"What makes you think I would help the military with their plans and not mine alone," I glared.

"Wait hold on you both have lost me what exactly are we talking about? I swear I am missing some important details here," Hyuuga complained.

"Ah Hyuuga, it turns out your friend here, Ayanami is Verloren," Miroku smiles amused at Hyuuga's shock.


"As for you Ayanami I am certain that by helping us you will find the link to Eve if not Eve herself."

"Alright, I'll help the military, but don't think for one second you own me," I answer quite bored.

"I expect your temperament has finally improved now that you remember," Miroku stated.

"Yes…it would seem to be so."

"Tomorrow in Ken's class I will be there to see both of you fight. I might make arrangements to move you up and create a special section of the military just for you. That is if the two of you are up to par," Miroku added.

"We will do our best sir…I guess," Hyuuga answered. I already had opened the door.

Hyuuga's POV

"Ayanami, what just happened," I called out as I caught up to him. Ever since he saved me from my brother something has been off about him. He had a deep anger burning in his eyes.

"Well apparently when a member of the Fujihara family has eyes the color of wisteria flowers and white hair it means they are chosen one to be the reincarnation of Verloren. I never did get why I was the chosen one until now, but it all makes sense," he explained.

"Uwah! And my family told me all my life that religion was for nutcases who lost all their brain cells," I gasped excited that they were wrong.

"I'm surprised you believe anything your family says," Ayanami frowns.

"Well it's not like I do, but I'm still surprised. So what is your goal or rather how are you going to go about and achieve your goal of finding Eve," I ask.

"We are going to drag people astray of the path that God wishes them to walk," he smiles. He really did know me well. I was not going to run from this I definitely wanted to be a big part of it.

I smirk, "Aya-tan I know the perfect place to start how about we get rid of the rest of my family."

"Sure, but just when am I going to hear the lovely details of your family," Ayanami asked a dark grin forming on his face.

"Ah you want to know why I killed my mother and tried to kill my father and brother. Well I don't mind, but it's a long story," I sighed. Plus it makes me angry.


It was a usual day for the Kono family. The sun was out and a cool breeze made the weather bearable, however, instead of being able to go out of the house Hyuuga was stuck in the dark gloomy decorated mansion all alone.

"Ah I'm alone again," Hyuuga mutters out loud. Nope talking aloud to himself didn't help calm him down. In fact, it just proved to make him more uneasy.

When was it going to happen? It was because he didn't know when or where that Hyuuga had become super paranoid throughout his life.

No one in Hyuuga's immediate family liked him. It probably started long before he was even born. His mom had married a self-centered jerk, his dad. Hyuuga could not ever once remember his mother being truly happy, but he could constantly remember how she was always stressed and worried that everything was in perfect order. His mother's antics often drove his father crazy and stressed him out while his older brother of 8 years didn't help ease stress as he was always getting in trouble with the military.

Hyuuga never could get close to his brother due to the big age difference between them and his brother's lack of common sense.

Hyuuga's body stiffened. He quickly forced his body to move to the side and barely dodged his mentally broken mother's outreached hands. Not for long though his mother threw her whole weight at him and pinned his back up against the wall.

There wasn't much he could do at the moment considering he was only 8 years old and he had not had any other training other than trying not to die by his mother's hand since the tender age of 5.

He hadn't been doing a good job of that since he has nearly died at least 10 times. He hadn't really cared to keep track.

"YOU! Why do you always make me look bad? You know your father doesn't tolerate any talking at the dinner table when his important guests come over," screeched his mother as her hands clasped tightly around his throat, "It's your fault your father hates me!"

Hyuuga could do nothing, but choke and gasp for air forcing as much as he could into his lungs. Tears were falling down his face and his small hands tried to pry his mother's hands off of his throat.

As his vision started to get spots of black in it he thought to himself maybe he would actually die this time. He was scared by the peace he felt in that idea, but before he could think anything else everything went black.

Flickering his eyes open Hyuuga knew immediately he was still alive. It was easy to tell when his brother's face was grinning darkly down on him, hell would be a blessing.

"Oh my dear younger brother, you are lucky I found you just in time! Imagine if mother had killed you, I would never be able to have my fun with you," he smirked.

Hyuuga tried his best not to shiver at the gleam in his brother's eyes when he pulled out his sword.

"I do need to practice my fighting skills since my commander is such a useless prick. What would I do without you brother," Hisao shook his head with fake sadness.

By the time his brother was done practicing with him Hyuuga was covered in cuts, blood, sweat, and bruises (not that you could see them under all the blood).

Hyuuga laid there knowing that death would be easier, but he could never give up in his struggle to live. His will to survive burned strong and only got stronger when he came to the conclusion that he would make his family pay. He would become strong enough to kill them all and escape this living hell.

Ayanami's POV

"Sadly I only succeeded in killing my mother, but she is the least of my worries. I mean it was my father who helped create my mom and brother to be the monsters they are," Hyuuga rattled on.

"Did your mother have any military skills," I asked.

"No she didn't ever really get into that kind of thing. Father married her keeping in mind that he wanted a trophy wife who listens to everything he says. It's because she never had any skills that she wasn't my main worry. She was easy to kill, but my brother isn't as quite since he has been in the military so long. My father is the biggest threat since he has the most experience," he answered.

"It sounds as if they will make worthy first targets," I smirked letting the darkness surround me.

"Yes well it sure would do the world some good to get rid of them," Hyuuga stated with the slightest shake in his voice.

"Well I can't let them get away with hurting my companion," I add.

"No Aya-tan you have to get your words right. It's not companion, but friend," Hyuuga teased only half joking.

"Right," I sighed.

"Don't think you'll ever be able to get rid of me Aya-tan," Hyuuga laughed his warning.

"I've already tried and have decided not to waste any more energy on getting rid of you," I frown.

"Well I'm glad you understand," Hyuuga grinned clearly pissing me off. Oh well, at the very least Hyuuga Kono would come in handy to have as a friend, although, I sure as hell wasn't going to treat him like a friend. I have much bigger plans on getting revenge and finding my love.

Eve, wait for me I will find you.

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