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Chapter 1…

Jane was lying on the couch, watching some crime drama that had just started, when her phone vibrates on the table next to the beat-up couch. Jack was calling her. She answered. He asked her if she wanted to spend the rest of his shift with him. She said yes – of course. He told her that he'd be there in fifteen minutes tops.

When the called ended Jane set the phone back down on the table and went over to her dresser. She replace her pajamas with a dark blue tank top, a pair of dark wash jeans, and her blue plaid boat shoes… oh how she loved that pair of shoes. She rolled up to jeans so that they were cuffed just above her ankles. Jane let her hair out of the messy bun that she had put it in that morning. Her hair was a brown color with a little tint of auburn in it and it went just passed her shoulders.

Jane walked over to her bed and looked into her bag for things that she would need. Wallet: check; I-pod: check; sketch pad and pencils: check and check. She put her phone into her bag and looked for her book. On the kitchen table was her prize: Emma by Jane Austen. She put said book into her bag and headed towards the fridge.

Jack came in as Jane was putting snacks and other stuff into her bag.

"Really?" He asked her as she closed her bag and slung it over her shoulder.

"Yeah, Really. You have absolutely nothing in you cab!" Jane replied with a smirk on her face.

"Fine lets just get going." And with that Jack saw Jane walking over to the television and turning off the crime drama that was playing. He opened the door when she got back to his side, side stepping in front of him and through the doorway.

As they were walking through the hallways, down the stair cases, and towards the parking lot, Jack asked Jane if she knew who the murderer was in the episode. She told him that it was the boy who lived inside the RV. She then went on explaining how the boy only seemed mentally challenged and that it was all a hoax. Jack asked her how she knew this and she explained to him about the book in the RV when the detectives went in to ask the boy questions about the victim. Jack wasn't really paying attention because he knew all of this already. He saw the episode, while she didn't until that morning. When Jane turned off the television, Jack could tell that it was only ten minutes into that episode. That was the funny thing about her, she would be able to tell which one was the culprit in any show that they watched together.

The two entered the parking lot and Jack stopped dead in his tracks, causing Jane to walk right into him.

"What –" Jane started.

"Get in the cab." Jack said as he walked over to the people over by the other cars.

Jane got to the cab, opened the door, and slid into the passenger seat. She could hear Jack talking to the men about wanting out. She took a closer look at the men and noticed them immediately. A few of them were the ones that killed her parents. When she was eight years old she and her parents were at home watching a movie. A knock sounded off the front door. Her dad stopped the movie and left to answer the door. Jane remembered hearing a crash, then a grunt, and then a thump on the floor. Her mother told her to go hide somewhere. She remembered sneaking through the house looking for a place to hide. She finally went into the front coat closet when the man left the entrance, looking for her mother. From her hiding spot she heard a scream and then another thump upstairs. The man then set the house on fire. She blacked out. The next thing that Jane remembered was Jack – her uncle – carrying her from her burning house. Her parents died in that fire and she was sent to live with Jack, and that's where she's been ever since that fated night.

Jane looked up from her blank stare at the dash board to see Jack walking back from the other men. She relaxed a little when nobody was coming with him. Today was going to be a good day…

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