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The Woman In Chains

Tired of trying...

Sick of crying...

Yeah im smiling...

But inside im dying...


"Why are you being such an idiot about it Clare? I wanted you to wear the dress I bought you. I even put it on our bed that we share in our apartment...how goddamn fucking oblivious can you be?" He screamed at me, thrashing his arms left and right, trying to prove a point that I will never understand.

"I'm sorry, I had to make you dinner before I did anything else...and then all of a sudden you want to go out to buy a video game. Really? I have to wear a dress to come with you and get a video game," I whispered most of the time, not knowing what words would set him off tonight.

He's not abusive though, he just cares about me...a lot.

"You're my fiance Clare, you'll be doing what I want you to do more often. This is just practice. Now, next time we decide to go out, I want you to wear that dress," he put his hand on my thigh, hiking my flower dress up with each stroke while his other hand was on the wheel.

I swallowed the lump in my throat, pushing his hand away, "Owen, keep your eyes on the road please. I don't want to die while going to a video game store at midnight."

"There's that sarcasm I love so much," he pinched my cheek, and I slapped his hand, "Oh feisty tonight I see...well, next time would you bring it into the bedroom so it doesn't feel like I'm fucking a corpse lying on their back collecting flies?"


Owen always knew what made me upset, he memorized my feelings and emotions like a book. Making love was never one of my best talents, considering I was only sixteen when I lost my virginity to him in a car at the ravine. He lit candles, but that only made the situation worse, being that it was so stuffy and hot...that the candles just made it even more unbearably hot.

But now, seven years later, at the age of twenty three, I have still yet to fully satisfy my soon to be husband. Owen was never satisfied with the average, he always wanted above and beyond...but I could never give it to him. I didn't know how, and I still don't. I'm inexperienced, and when he tells me to do something I get extremely nervous, not wanting to do anything wrong.

"Let's go, we're here. You can cry about your feelings when we get back in the car," he mocked, before opening the door for me and roughly interlocking my hand with his.

He dragged me into the store, the bell ringing above us, signaling someone has come in.

The two men at the front were arguing and laughing over a comic book that sat between them, while Owen ordered in a stern tone, "You stay right here while I go get my video game. Got it?"

I nodded, too weak to use my voice.

When Owen was out of view, my fingers traced over the video games on the shelves, smiling at the noise they produced when touched. I caught a glimpse of the 'Curious George' video game for the Wii, but quickly put it back, knowing Owen would never let me touch anything or play a game with him.

"Curious George huh?" I turned my head, and was lucky to catch sight of someone else but Owen, "Y-Yeah. Sorry I messed up your thing, I must've put it in the wrong place right? That's why you're here?"

I looked nervously at the shelves before me, not remembering where I put it back. If the employee told Owen that I touched a video game and didn't put it back in its rightful place, then I'd be punished.

And I wasn't up for another punishment...not the fourth time in the same day.

"Hey, it's cool. Look, it's right here," he pointed to the game, and flashed me a smile, "So, do you need any help looking for something? Any video game you like in particular?"

"I-I haven't played a video game since I was sixteen," I admitted shyly.

His blue eyes sparkled, "Well, it's okay. The best part about video games is you can always get back in the game."

"No, not me...I'm not allowed," he looked at me weirdly, before asking, "What? You've got kids holding you back or something?"

"Oh, no...no kids at all."

"Then why aren't you allowed to-."

"CLARE! What in God's name do you think you're doing? I'm sorry sir, was she bothering you?" Owen gripped onto my shoulder, digging his nails into my fragile bones.

"No, not at all."

The man's voice was so sweet, and he was so innocent, so kind to me. I haven't been treated with respect in years, and he seemed to radiate this source of happiness.

"Let's go Clare, we have to get to the counter. I'm sorry on behalf of her actions," my fiance grunted, moving his arm down to my bicep, gripping it tightly, as if he was afraid I'd run away...

I probably would.

If I had the chance.

"How'd you find your visit here today?" the green eyed man behind the counter asked, ringing up the video game Owen purchased, "Just peachy."

"With every video game you buy past eleven at night you get a free chocolate milk. Here you go," the man nudged the small bottle towards me, and when I reached out to take it, Owen slapped my hand lightly, as if I was a child, taking a cookie from the cookie jar before dinner, "No chocolate milk Clare, that stuff will make you fatter than you already are."

I slowly retracted my hand, holding it firmly at my side, "You're right. Sorry."

"Come on, you only live once, right? Here," the blue eyed man whom I was talking to before said, pushing the bottle into my hands, "It's just chocolate milk, and besides, your girlfriend looks thirsty."

"Don't tell me what my fiance looks like," Owen spat, and my heart raced, knowing he can't control his anger very well, "Owen stop, let's just go."

I gripped onto his bicep, but I took in his appearance, knowing my night was already ruined. My plans to read my book and sleep were out the window, knowing these two men-who upon innocent actions have gotten me into big trouble.

"Thanks for the video game douche heads, now you can go back to squealing over comic books like the little girls you are," he spat towards them, and I mouthed a 'sorry', hoping the blue eyed man would notice.

He nodded, giving me a short wave, before Owen dragged me to the car.

The car ride home was silent, the cold chocolate milk bottle being held between my legs, numbing my thighs. I smiled slightly, the only memory I have left of that man being this bottle.

"Give it," Owen ordered.

"I-I'm not going to drink it, I just-I just want to keep it. I promise I won't drink it," I whispered, and he reached over, grabbing the milk bottle from between my legs, and chucking it out his side of the window on the highway.

And just like everything else in my life, it was smashed in pieces...


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