Why am I your lover again?-Joshua/Neku yaoi and mpreg

Chapter 1-News

Neku barely had time to catch his breath before he hurled into the toilet again. Tears began to form in the corners of his eyes as he weakly lay against the bathtub. "Why am I so sick…?" he moaned weakly.

As he lay there, he heard footsteps coming closer as his eyes closed…

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

"Neku, wake up!" a voice yelled. Neku slowly opened his eyes to see Joshua looking very worried, quite unlike himself. Beat, Eri, Shiki, and Rhyme were also there.

Each of them seemed to be very worried.

Neku slowly tried to get up, but Joshua laid him back against the bed, his facial expression holding looks of concern. His eyes darted around the room in an effort to guess where he was.

"Where exactly am I, Joshua?" he finally asked looking around again. The room seemed like he was in someplace…soon it clicked him and he frowned. But before he could say anything, he was interrupted.

"You're in the hospital Neku. You passed out according to Joshua next to the toilet." said Shiki looking at him worried as well. Neku instantly felt guilty for making his friend worry. "Sorry I worried you all…damnit." he said.

He disliked making Shiki, or anyone for that matter worry about his safety. He felt Joshua take his hand and hold it gently. He smiled slightly at his lover.

"Joshua called us after he told us that collapsed in the bathroom of your apartment you two share. He also told us that you've been throwing up a lot as well too." she said leaning back into the chair.

Beat scratched his head,

"Yo, you mean Phones has been sick! Why didn't you tell us earlier man!" he yelled. Rhyme sighed, shaking her head.

"We took you here as fast as we could. But man…" she giggled a bit. "Joshua was carrying you like you were a princess! It was so cute I almost laughed!" she laughed, her face growing red..

Neku frowned further, his expression getting more confused by the moment. He yawned, stretching his arms.

"Yeah, I've been hurling a lot, but it's just been a bug that I caught a month ago. It'll go away soon, so you don't need to worry about that and…"

He trailed off when he saw someone wearing a doctor's coat walk into the room, Beat moving aside so he could walk to Neku. The man sat down in the chair next to Neku.

"Neku Sakuraba, I'd take it." he asked smiling as he looked at his clipboard. Joshua seemed to be irritated and said,

"Can you please tell me what the hell is going on with my boyfriend!" he said annoyed. "He's been sick and I can't find out what he's got."

The doctor stopped as he found the information he was seeking.

"We took some blood tests and needless to say we've found something really odd and unusual." he said looking at Neku, who instinctively held Joshua's hand.

Beat grew pissed, "Just tell us damnit!" he yelled, concerned for his friend and ex-partner. Shiki and Rhyme both nodded at the same time. The doctor took a deep breath and said,

"He's pregnant…" he said slowly. The room stopped for a moment before Joshua fell to the floor.

Neku seemed to be shocked, "H-how b-but, just how?" he said freaked out. Neku seemed to be shocked and confused. Beat tried to wake up Joshua, but his attempts failed.

"Yo man, wake up! The doc just said you're gonna be a dad! Phones needs ya! Come on!" he yelled. Neku turned back to the doctor.

"We're not sure how exactly, but your genetics held some clues to why. Neku, has you mother told of anything strange in your medical history?" the doctor asked. Neku shook his head. He looked at Joshua, who was still passed out. He facepalmed, "Baka…I'm gonna kill you for this…" he said.

The doctor chuckled, "All new fathers I've seen have done that at least once. He'll come around soon." Neku blushed, putting his hand on his stomach.

Beat grinned, putting his hand on his friend's shoulder, "Don't worry Phones, we'll keep you and the little guy safe! You can count on us!" he smiled, going to pick up a still knocked out Joshua.

"Damn, he's heavy! What does the guy EAT for god's sake!" he grunted. He carried him out the door,

"We'll be in the car waiting, yo!" he said leaving. Rhyme followed him,

"Wait for me, big bro!" she yelled running after him.

Shiki smiled, clasping her hands together, "I can make baby clothes for your baby, this will be so much fun!" she smiled. Neku smiled, "Thanks…Shiki." he said to his best friend.

Neku yawned, "I'm tired." He said getting off the counter. He grunted a little bit. The doctor handed him something and he put it in his pocket.

He and his friends left to go to the house that he and Joshua shared after they became a couple. The house wasn't too big, but it was big enough so they had plenty of room to move things around. Neku was about to open the door, but Shiki opened it for him.

"Thanks Shiki. I needed that." he said walking in. She smiled at him and kept the door open for Beat and Rhyme to come in after. Beat grumbled some choice words, saying that Joshua needed to go on a diet. Neku laughed slightly at that, amused by his friend's words.

Neku lay down on the couch and took his shoes and headphones off. He turned his head to see Joshua was waking up, "What the hell…?" he moaned sitting up rubbing his head. He saw that he was back home and looked at Neku.

"Neku…" he moaned moving near him. The silverette looked at him, "You passed out at the hospital." said Rhyme sitting down in a chair. The others did the same thing as well, getting comfortable. The Ex-Composer sat next to Neku, pulling him closer.

"Is Neku really…? Am I going to be a…?" he began. He looked at Neku, who moved his head to his lap. Shiki nodded smiling eerily, unnerving him a bit. Joshua's eyes widened,

"So I'm…going to be a father?" he said, remembering what the doctor said. Beat grinned, chugging down a soda he got on the way back. "Yup, that's what the doc said!" he smiled. He pumped his fist in the air,

"I call being the godfather!" he yelled. Everyone laughed,

"Oh Beat, it'll be a long time before that happens!" laughed Neku, who was in tears. Beat cried, "Oh come on! Please yo?" he begged his sister Rhyme, who sighed, "I guess so, bro…" she said. Beat pumped his fists in the air in victory.

Joshua smiled, moving his hand through his hair. He hugged Neku.

After a while, the others left for home leaving the couple on their own. They went to bed talking. Neku put his head on Joshua's chest,

"It's still heard to believe this is all happening…" said the 20 year old.

Joshua kissed him fully on the lips, "I'll keep you safe Neku…you're mine, after all…all fucking mine…" he said kissing him on the lips. He looked up at the celling, deep in thought.

"I honestly never thought that this would happen, Neku. I thought that you would never forgive me for the Game." he said sadly. He could never forgive himself that he betrayed Neku like that. Neku snuggled him,

"It took a while for me to forgive you, but I did and so did the others, Joshua. I still love you." he said contently.

The silverette chuckled, "But who'd thought that this would really happen, I'd thought that we'd have to adopt or something!" he laughed. Neku poked,

"Yeah, like I'd let you kidnap someone…" he said yawning. Joshua held him close and the pair soon fell asleep.