Chapter 9 Finale-Birth

Neku sighed as he lay in his bed, his fully pregnant stomach protruding into the air for all to see. His lover Joshua was right next to him and had hardly left his side in the past three weeks, much to Neku's annoyance at times but he grew used to it. Neku yawned as he rubbed his belly, getting up to get something to drink.

"My stomach's been hurting the past couple of days. I hope it isn't that time already…" he thought to himself, getting a glass of water and taking a drink. Suddenly he let go of the glass feeling a sharp pain in his belly. The glass fell to the floor…

Joshua's PoV

I awoke suddenly to the sound of glass breaking. "Shit, now!" I cursed as I tore out of bed and ran into the kitchen where I found Neku grasping his stomach as if he was in pain. I ran over, "Neku, are you okay?" I asked him worried and in panic. Neku glared at me in annoyance as he lay in my arms. "No, the twins want out NOW." he said, a tear falling from his eye. I sigh and went to grab the phone to call Beat. It took me a few tries, but I managed to get him to pick up the phone.

"Wha-? Joshua, do ya realize how late it is? It's 2:00 am." he said sleeply. I frown and said in irritation at his naivety. "Beat, Neku's in labor." I said. It took a few seconds for him to yell, "NOW? Of all of the times for him to-…I'll be right there with the others!" he said, hanging up. I sigh and hug Neku, "Shhh, it's okay…I'm right here…" I said attempting to soothe my lover. He nodded and took in a deep breath.

A few minutes later, Beat came inside the house "Thank god." I said picking up Neku. Beat looked like he had just ran a marathon. He looked at his friend and gently touched his cheek,

"Phones…" he said as they ran out to the car. I made sure to lock the house before jumping into the car. Neku let out a cry of pain, grasping his belly again. He let out a few breaths of pain. "Ahhh…shit…this hurts like a son of a bitch, damnit!" he said glaring at me as Beat started the car and drove out of the spot he had parked in. "Fuck you…" he spat, squeezing my hand. I began to sweat nervously.

I stroked my lover's hair and kissed him gently. Neku began to adjust himself as his friend Beat kept driving.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me? TRAFFFIC! REALLY? Of all the fucking times for this-really!" yelled Beat as he slammed his fists on the steering wheel. Neku leaned over to peak and saw cars bumper to bumper. Both he and his lover were not amused.

"Fuck, these twins won't forever, you stupid cars!" yelled Neku, feeling another contraction hit him hard. I growled, "Damnit, what can we do?" he said looking outside. My face soon held a frown of anger.

"Crap, where the hell are the others?" I panicked, worried. I reached for my cell phone and dialed Shiki's number in a hurried frenzy.

' ' ' ' ' ' '

Shiki's PoV

It's official, I really should have known that Neku would go into labor in the middle of the night. That always happens in the movies, you know. On the way to the hospital, I got a call from Joshua saying that they were stuck in traffic. I turned to face Eri and Rhyme, "This isn't good. They're stuck in traffic." I said dimly. Eri sighed as she rubbed her nose in annoyance to the news. I could hear her grumble a bit.

"Well…shit, this isn't good." she said folding her arms. Rhyme nodded in agreement. I sighed, "Well, I'll text him back about what we'll do next." I say, tapping away at the keyboard.

Rhyme tilts her head in confusion, "…What are we going to do next, Shiki?" she asks me, fear creeping in. I merely grin at her,

"Oh, you'll see…" I say.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Ryou's PoV

When I got the text from Shiki that Neku had gone into labor, I immediately got on my motorcycle and began driving to where they were stuck in traffic. To my amusement, I could hear people screaming and cursing at me as I weaved between them.

Eventually, I found Beat's car and drove up next to them. "Hey, what's up? I finally managed to find you guys!" I say. Beat looked at me, "Phones is hurting real bad man." he said as Neku cried out in pain. I looked at him, poor guy. I think for a moment before saying, "I'm gonna check out what's happening up there, okay? Be back soon." I say leaving.

I continued to drive until I come across a blockade. I see a few police officers directing traffic. "Hey officers!" I yell trying to get their attention. One of them saw me and waved for me to come over. Taking my time getting there, I could only worry about my friend Neku. "Hope he's okay back there…" I thought.

The officer in question was a tall blond man in his 30's. "Look sir, my friend is in labor back there. If we don't get him to a hospital soon…" I began to say. He looks at me in understanding, "I see. Take me to him. Can you lead me there?" he asks.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Neku's PoV

Why is Joshua my lover again? I swear when this is over, no sex for a year for him. The contractions I felt are fucking painful. So close together…

"Neku, just relax love." Joshua said to me as he held my hand, free for me to crush the bones in. I glare at him in anger, "When we get this done, I'm castrating you!" I snap at him. I feel an contraction and squeeze his hand.
Neku, you're crushing my hand dearie." he says as if this is no shock. I sigh for a moment before I felt some warm water gush in-between my legs. I let out a painful cry that I'm sure everyone could hear.

"Shit, my water-!" I wince. Beat growled, "Come on, this is not good…of all the things to happen-huh?" he says as he looks out the window. "What now?" I yell angry, still crushing my lover's hand.

"Hey Beat, I got help!" yelled Ryou from outside of the car. I heard him open the door in a hurry. "Here, I got the police officer!" he said, making way for a blond man to walk by. He checked me over before saying,

"It's too late to get him to a hospital. The babies will have to be delivered here." he said, putting some gloves. He looked at me in the eyes, "Listen sir, just relax and push when I tell you to, alright?" he asked me. I nod and do as he says, pushing when he wanted me to. "Ah, the head! Shit!" I curse in pain. "Fuck!"

"Push now!" He said. I nod weakly and push, screaming loudly. I could sense onlookers outside. Needless to say, Joshua was not pleased with them. "Damnit…why those damn…" he began, but as he stopped he could see the first twin's head. I let out a huge scream and…

"A girl…" he said, cleaning her up and handing her to me to hold. I smiled at her as I felt the second twin come down and into the world slowly. A few minutes later, the second twin came out and was placed in my arms. I cry tears of joy as I hold the children I carried within me for nine long months.

"They're both girls…cute ones at that…" the officer said cleaning his hands as he smiled softly.

"Will you be needing any more help from here?" He asked us. Joshua shook his head as tears fell down his face onto mine. "No thank you." he said. The officer nodded and left.

I look down at the twins after I readjusted myself in the car. "The first one looks like you, Joshua…" I say softly, running my finger across her small face as she whined about being born. I felt him nod and hug us closer to him. "They look adorable, Phones…" said Beat grinning at us from the mirror. I nod as I look at the second twin, her hair like mine.

The first twin fusses at me as her faces scrunches up,

"She wants food…ummm…." I say nervously. I looked at my lover, "…How do I breastfeed?" I asked. Joshua smiled and took my shirt off. He kisses the first one and places her gently and softly against my chest and she latches on sucking almost instantly. "Oh, that's how…hehe thanks." I say kissing him back. As we got to the hospital, we met up with the girls and then…

"Oh my god, they're so cute!" squealed Shiki as she looked at them as they were in my arms sleeping. Being born does that to you, you know,

"I know…" I say softly. As their eyes opened shortly later, I saw the second twin had my eyes. Blue yet they held a tint of lavender. I saw Shiki smiling as she rubbed her stomach. Hmmm I wonder…soon Joshua came into the hospital room with some food for me.

"Have you two come up with names?" asked Shiki grinning. Joshua smiled at her saying, "We each came up with one name for them." he pointed at the first one,

"Aiko…" and to the second one, "And Tsuko." he said with new fatherly pride as he chuckled and puffed out his chest to everyone's amusement. I smiled, "Mom is going to spoil them rotten, I can tell already." I said, nursing the girls. I watched as they nursed on my chest.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '


5 years later

"Mommy, Tsuko won't let me have my squirrel!" whined a very unhappy Aiko, all dressed up in a pink dress. The grey-haired girl began to cry until her father Joshua held her hand gently. He kissed her tears and then looked at her sternly.

"Tsuko sweetie, give Aiko her squirrel back." he said gently. The ginger girl pouted and whined, "She wouldn't let me have a turn, daddy! She kept hogging it!" she protested. Tsuko pouted again, showing her displeasure.

The silver-haired adult sighed and rubbed his forehead. "That doesn't matter, you took it so you have to give it back, Tsuko." he told her. The young girl began to cry until Neku came over.

"Daddy's right, Tsuko. Give it back, or do you want time out?" he said sternly, willing to go on with the warning. Tsuko shoved it into her sister's hands. "Sorry sis." she said guilty. Aiko quickly got over her crying and hugged her twin back.

"It's okay, wanna play with Jack?" she asked, referring to Shiki and Beat's son. Tsuko nodded and turned to her mother, "Mommy, can we play with him?" she asked, flashing her teeth. Neku giggled and smiled, "Yes." he said. The girls squealed and ran off to the front, waiting for their father to take them there. Joshua laughed, "Easy, wait for us!" he said laughing. As Joshua drove the family there, Neku smiled as he rubbed his stomach. He was pregnant again with their third child, making the girls excited to become older sisters.

' ' ' ' ' ' '

"Yay, they're here!" yelled the brown-haired Jack as he ran out the door to greet his friends. Shiki smiled at her son, "Easy dear…" she warned. The brown-haired woman sighed, "He has YOUR energy, you know." she said to her husband Beat, who was smiling at his son.

"I know." he stated. As there son played with the twins and their aunt Rhyme, the adults talked about their daily lives.

"I'm pregnant again." said Neku smiling. Shiki grinned, "Awesome, that's great! I'm sure the girls will be great sisters!" she said, clasping her hand together. Beat nodded, "If it's another girl, Jack's gonna feel overwhelmed!" he pouted. Joshua laughed,

"If it is, I'll still love her…and Neku." he said kissing his lover. Neku smiled saying,

"Why am I your lover again?"