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It happened so fast... Only just seconds ago was Rigby and Mordecai, finally accepting each other in a happy mood with the raccoon helping the blue jay up from the edge of the cliff. But... That suddenly changed when Mordecai's weak feet slipped down against the side of the rocks and dropped, along with his body and fell. His heart dropped, as his body began to fall from the cliff and he was too scared to scream, so, he fell with silence. As soon as Rigby felt Mordecai's wing leaving his own furry hand, his eyes opened wide and his own body leant out forward, trying to reach over to the blue jay and see if he was able to grab onto him, but he missed. Rigby screamed in horror, looking down from the cliff and seeing Mordecai, falling to his own doom. Shouting his name, Rigby hung onto the rocks and desperately screamed for help.

As Mordecai fell, he was only able to see Rigby's shocked face become smaller and smaller, coming close towards his death... He was too shocked to yell at all and he closed his eyes, seeing memories pass through his own mind in a quick blur.

He saw him with his parents at a young age, meeting Rigby, going through school, graduating, going to art school, working at the park, slacking off with Rigby, playing video games with Rigby, shouting quotes with Rigby, reading comics with Rigby...

Rigby. He mainly saw Rigby.

He saw him getting rejected by Margaret, receiving rejection by his dad, being asked out by the red robin again, telling Eileen, telling Rigby his true feelings and almost committing suicide. Rigby was a huge part of his life and now he thought...


He slammed against the ground, in the most unimaginable pain he had ever been in. His whole body almost shattered into a million pieces, because of the pain the fall gave him. His wings dropped out against the side of his body, also hitting the ground in the process and from that moment, Mordecai knew he wasn't going to survive. The pain from hitting the ground was too much for a living being to handle... It was impossible.

He felt his head spin and began to slowly pass out, trying to yell because of how much his body was hurting but he just couldn't. Nothing escaped his mouth. His eyes began to close and the last thing he saw was blood rushing from his stomach and his arms...

'My life is over...' he thought, feeling his brain shut down, along with his lifeless and unworthy body.

Rigby froze. His mouth was widely hanging open, saying nothing but loud squeaks that came from his vocal chords. His left hand was hanging out in front of him, which was trembling and began to shake more and more. He had no idea what to say. He was in a state of confusion, which caused his brain to spin and he almost felt as if he were going to faint in seconds to come.

'M-M-M-MORDECAI!?' Rigby finally yelled as loud as he could, desperately wanting to hear a reply. But, nothing was heard. He gasped loudly and felt his own breath shaking in horror.

'MORDECAI!?' Rigby shouted again. No response.

'No... NO. NO! NONONONONONONO!' Rigby screamed, burying his face on the edge of the cliff, using his hands to pull out some of his fur in utter frustration.

He cried.

He began to cry again and burst into tears. He fell down onto his knees and tightened his hands into a fist, which were shaking unusually fast. He then fell flat onto the dirt, hitting his head onto the ground, as the tears began to drop onto the dirt below while he scrunched up his face with hopelessness.

'Rigby! RIGBY!' Benson shouted, walking past a few tall trees that stood in his way. He grabbed onto one with his metal hands and poked his head around the side, scanning the view. Right there, almost in front of him was Rigby, crying there on his own and had his face buried into the dirt on the edge of the cliff.

Benson opened up his eyes and thought 'Ohno... Oh dear, God! No!'

Benson began to tremble himself, realizing the fact that Rigby wasn't there in time to save him. He lost... His best friend. Benson understood, due to the time his friend Dave got killed... But, this was horrifying to see Rigby's best friend committing suicide on his own.

He slowly walked towards the raccoon, stepping one foot at a time and dropped onto his knees besides Rigby. Benson sadly sighed and closed his eyes tightly, feeling a small tear escape while bowing his head towards the ground.

'I-I'm guessing h-he's gone...' Benson said aloud in a quiet tone. Rigby looked up furiously, with his head faced forwards and looking out into the open. He stood up on two feet and then... He jumped.

He jumped off the cliff with his left foot forwards in the air and his arms high in the sky. Benson almost choked on his own breath and he stood up himself, just after Rigby had jumped. He leant out forwards, trying to catch the raccoon in his hands, but he was too far out into the open and Rigby fell.

Benson almost screamed in horror and looked down from the edge of the cliff... Until he realized that Rigby had jumped on top of a tree and landed on the branch right below the edge of the cliff, swinging from branch to branch with his supporting arms.


'I'M COMING FOR YOU MORDECAI!' Rigby shouted from down below, climbing down as fast as he could from tree to tree. Benson let out a large sigh of relief. He thought that the raccoon had decided to kill himself but doing the exact same as Mordecai did... But he was only going down to see his best friend. Benson looked down and saw Rigby climbing down, all over the trees with his hands clinging tightly onto the bark as he jumped. He almost looked like an angel... An angel to help his best friend in need.

'Go, Rigby... I-I really hope Mordecai isn't dead,' Benson whispered to himself with a gulp.


Rigby was sliding down on the edge of the closest tree towards the ground, with his arms wrapped around the brown bark, carefully letting himself down upon the dirt below. His feet landed against the ground and his turned his whole body around as fat as he could, turning over to see where Mordecai was. The blue jay was lying there, with his arm dripping with red, dark blood that stained his feathers and a small puddle of it was seeping into the dirt. His face was pale and his eyes were closed, gently shut with his mouth just slightly open. His right arm was lying over on top of his body, next to his arm with the blood and his legs looked horribly disfigured which made Rigby squeak.

Even just looking at the blue jay was uncomfortable. Rigby took a few steps closer towards Mordecai and fell onto his knees, feeling slightly faint and lightheaded. His eyes began to drip with tears yet again and his mouth began to tremble. He kneeled there, right next to Mordecai's body.

'I-I-I'm sorry. I'm so sorry... THIS WAS MY FAULT! WHY DID MORDECAI HAVE TO DIE!? I-IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME!' Rigby shouted, bursting into tears and leaning his face on Mordecai's neck, crying into his feathers, desperately gripping on his body.

'I JUST WANT YOU TO BE ALIVE! I-I LOVE YOU, BUT NOW YOU'RE DEAD... Y-you're now dead...' Rigby continued, closing his eyes and tightening his fists, kicking the ground with anger.

Behind him, a bright light began to burst from the trees. Rigby opened up his eyes and turned slowly, looking at what was there. Standing there, after the light had disappeared, was Death.

'D-Death...!? Oh-no... OH-NO!' Rigby thought, feeling his body tremble as he took a step back feeling frightened and worried. Rigby took a huge gulp, while Death wickedly smiled at the raccoon and glared, taking a few steps forward from behind the trees.

'Ello... Rigby, aren't 'ya?' Death asked, crossing his arms and pulling the black coat that sat upon his head.

'Y-yes...' Rigby replied nervously, looking up at the creature with a worried expression, biting his bottom lip.

'So, I heard there's a dead body 'round here? Someone's soul I need to take away?' Death asked, looking down at Mordecai's dead body.

'Death... Please. Mordecai was my best friend, and I-I now love him, in an actual love way. And seeing him dead like this... Is seriously damaging me! I want him to be alive again... Please! Is there anything you can do!?' Rigby pleaded, clenching his fists together and looked up at him with begging, bright eyes. Death laughed and stared at the raccoon.

'Sadly, mate, there's nothin' I can do. He's dead! Unless you give me another soul, somehow,' Death replied. Rigby thought for an actual moment and shook his head.

'Unless... How about that soul ball you gave me?! I could give it back to you, and y-you could bring Mordecai back to life!' Rigby said excitedly.

Death shook his head.

'Nope. Got millions just like it. Don't need 'nother one,' he answered back, crossing his arms across his chest. Rigby's face completely dropped and all the emotion drained from it, slouching his back.

'Sorry, kid. He's gone,' Death replied, reaching out his right hand which caused magic powers to erupt and hit Mordecai's lifeless body. Mordecai's soul then began to float and disappear into Death's hands. He glanced down at Rigby and looked at him with an emotionless expression until he disappeared from the forest and up into the sky. It happened too fast, almost too quickly for it to be real. Rigby stood there for a few moments, processing exactly what had just happened. His friend... He couldn't save his friend...

He was too late.

His friend was gone.

Benson appeared almost out of no-where, as he quickly slipped past some trees that stood in his way, getting closer to Rigby who was standing in the distance. He leapt forward, hitting his metal foot on a tree root almost tripping over onto the ground but rebalanced himself as he fell forward on his two feet right behind Rigby.

Rigby was standing there, too shocked to talk or even move, like a statue or ice that was completely frozen. Benson gulped and slowly placed his arm forwards to touch the raccoon's back. As soon as he did, Rigby turned around and ran off, wanting to run back to the park bursting into tears yet again and pushing the Gumball machine out of the way. Rigby covered his eyes with his left hand and ran as fast as he could, running behind a bunch of tall trees.

'Ohno... P-poor Rigby,' Benson thought, swelling up tears. 'I can't believe Mordecai's gone,'

'H-he's gone,'

The room was empty, filled with nothing but the black darkness that covered the entire room. It was completely quiet and there was no noises heard at all, only the loneliness of one blue jay who had just arrived in the room. He opened his eyes and began to panic.

'W-where am I?! W-why am I floating? I can't be dead! No-NO!' Mordecai thought with frustration, twisting his whole body around the room, feeling his wings tremble against his body. A cold, eerie wind filled the room which made Mordecai feel frightened and scared, feeling awfully worried. It was so incredibly dark that Mordecai was able to see the specks of the white wind spreading around his feet, almost like fog on a cold, Winter's day. Mordecai stared at the fog for a few moments, getting hypnotized as it moved in a circular motion around his feet.

That was until a small voice filled the room.

'Hello... Mordecai...'

Mordecai jumped in shock and shook his head, looking directly into the distance. He had a sick feeling in his stomach, so he gulped loudly and sweat began to drip from his forehead.

'H-hello?' Mordecai asked, feeling the courage to talk.

Appearing in front of him, was someone hidden under a black hooded coat, only being able to see his right hand. His right hand was almost human like, but looked as if it was rotten with it's brown colour and wrinkles covering it. Mordecai was able to see the bones covered by the skin and two holes were there through his hand.

'Mordecai... You are dead,' the person in the cloak whispered.

'Dead?! I-I don't want to be dead!' Mordecai nervously blurted out.

'There's nothing I can do. You'll be transferred to the afterlife,'

'Afterlife? So, I was wrong... There must be a God...'

'Not exactly,' the man whispered slightly. 'Just an afterlife. No God,'

Mordecai felt terrible. He was dead.


There was nothing he could do to return back to his normal life. He wouldn't be able to see Rigby again. In the distance, Mordecai heard a soft crying voice... It was quiet but yet, it sounded too familiar.

'W-what's that sound?' Mordecai asked.

'Ah. When someone dies and arrives here in this dark room, before going to the afterlife, they are allowed to see their most loved person for a few moments,' the man replied, holding out his hand, revealing part of his arm. Appearing above the hand was a small ball. Mordecai took a step closer and slightly bended his knees, peering into the ball as a vision became slightly clearer. In the vision, he saw Rigby.

'Rigby... RIGBY!' Mordecai shouted with joy. The raccoon however, was now sitting in his room, crying loudly and sniffing, hugging tight onto a pillow. He was rocking back and forth, wiping his eyes with his furry arm and shouted 'WHY... WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN!? MORDECAI... I-I MISS YOU!'

Mordecai's eyes swelled up with tears. He held onto the ball and shook it back and forth with his wings.

'Rigby! I'M HERE! PLEASE...' Mordecai shouted at the ball, feeling tears roll down his cheeks. But of course, the raccoon wasn't able to hear him. In the vision, Rigby then stood up and rubbed his red, messy eyes with his furry hands pulled out a few of his hairs in a painful matter. Rigby then threw a few pillows across the room and breathed heavily, screaming loudly as he threw his arms in the air.

'Oh-no... Rigby! He's... He's-'

'Your friend has gone crazy,' the man in the cloak said. Mordecai turned his head around and handed the ball back to the man, as it slowly disappeared in his right hand. The last thing he saw was Rigby running out of the bedroom door.

'You'll now be transported to the after-life...'

'No-NO. I don't want to! I want to be alive again!' Mordecai shouted in a serious tone. 'I want to go back to what it used to be like! I want to see Rigby again! I want to play video games, have fun, read comics, drink soda's and... and...'

Mordecai began to cry.

'Sorry... There's nothing I can do,' he whispered, dropping his head, taking of the hood from his clock. His face resembled a human, however it was almost like his hand. Rotten and a brownish sort of colour, covered in wrinkles. He was bald, as all his hair was gone from his head and his two eyes were blood-shot red. He had a sad facial expression, almost as if he felt the blue jay's pain. Mordecai continued to cry, until the man spoke in a louder voice than usual.

'You will now be teleported to the after-life!' he announced, raising his arm in the air. A bright light shone brightly above his hand which soon had filled the whole room. Mordecai closed his eyes tighter as the light became brighter and brighter, almost blinding the poor blue jay and in less than a second, he was teleported away.

Guess what? There's still more to come! That's right! Don't worry, things will turn out greater, I promise. Poor Mordecai and Rigby! What will happen next? Will Mordecai escape the afterlife? Will Rigby cope? And will I ever get them to stay in character? Find out in the next chapter!

Sorry that it took a bit of a wait, I went to the first ever My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic convention in Australia the other weekend u I had recent tests and assignments. Ah well, I'm only 14 xD I'd be getting much more when I'm older o-o I also went to my Grandparents last week, for the whole week ._.

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