One shot inspired on a scene from "Friends" where Joey finds a curious book in Rachel´s bedroom.

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Every couple spent time apart.

Will usually had his Saturday nights with Shannon and some of her friends, probably watching the game or just hanging out and relaxing. I was happy he had some me-time; and I was happy I had mine too.

Unlike him, sometimes I liked to be left alone, which didn´t mean I like loneliness. It´s a completely different thing and I wish he wouldn´t worry that much. But I understood why he did; he loved me. That´s why he had asked me to marry him.

I loved him too. That´s why I´d said yes. I´m so in love with him; I´d been in love with him even before I was allowed to. Even before it was right. He was married and I was behind him, sighing like a teenager every time he sent me one of his heart-melting smiles.

I loved Will so much I couldn´t help to wonder if he´d made the right decision by asking me to be his wife; his lawful bride and the mother of his children… I wanted to, so desperately. I wanted to be able to and that´s the reason I´d decided to take charge of my own destiny. My destiny with Will….

I was a virgin. Still am.

I knew he wanted kids, and I knew how babies are made; I wasn´t that naive. But even then, after of months of sharing the same physical space, the night make-out sessions, the morning cuddles, I couldn´t seem to let myself go completely with him.

He got frustrated most of the times. I gave him the green light and, as fast as a blink, I gave him the red one and ran to refugee, myself in the bathroom. Who wouldn´t get frustrated? I did too. I didn´t know how to handle it; my body used to be what I thought, it was some sort of receptacle where my feelings and thoughts were locked. But then… then it was the very source of sensations I never knew. He aroused things in me. Things I didn´t know how to control, and it scared me.


The lights were on when I walked in the living room and saw Emma´s coat hanging on the back of the couch, announcing she was home.

I called her name, but the only sound I got was the shower rain; so I went to the bedroom, our bedroom, to tumble on the mattress after what it had been an unusually boring afternoon.

My body sank between the pillows and I allowed myself to breathe the remains of her perfume on them; she had gotten a new one last week, and I couldn´t stop telling her how good it smelled on her skin. Wanting to inebriate myself with it, I rolled over to submerge my face in one of the cushions when I felt it.

Something hard but that would yield slightly under my body. So I reached beneath me, and my hand found something I wasn´t expecting to.

It was a book; but what called me attention is the cover: two lovers; a man trapping a woman against some furniture. And the name: Hot Surrender.

I thought that was probably my dirty mind playing tricks to me. That was why I opened the book where the blue ribbon marked the page where the reader had last stopped.

'His mouth finally touched hers and her fingernails dug into his shirt in fierce reaction. Her lips parted; her eyes shut. She kissed him back with a passion she couldn't dam, a desire that rose like floodwaters in her body….'

So this is what Emma bought in the Bookshop the other day….

I couldn´t help a smirk from appearing on my lips.

Emma was reading erotica…

The simple thought made my head go insane. Maybe she wasn´t that innocent after all.

I loved it; I loved the images clouding my senses and I loved her even more for her bravery. I knew sometimes she had a hard time dealing with sex, with us being together. But that… her efforts made my chest swell.


I´d been embarrassed before; but never like this, the minute I opened the bathroom door and found Will sitting on the bed, eyes big like a deer, book in hand.

My book.

The book.

Dig a hole and burry yourself in it.

I couldn´t say a word. My mouth was dry and I felt blood running madly up to my chest and face.

We stared for what it seemed hours until I finally find my voice and mumbled something between an apology and a defense. "I was going to give it back, it´s not what I-"

"I like it", was his sentence and my breathe seized in my throat, keeping me unable to speak again, "There´s nothing wrong with it, Em."

My gaze fell to the floor; his eyes were piercing and making my body tremble like never before. It was a mixture of defenselessness and shame. And something else, but I didn´t dare to think about it. Maybe I shouldn´t have read that last chapter and face him with only a towel wrapping my body.

"What is it about?" I heard his low question and my eyes rose to meet his.

My head shook nervously. "I haven´t read it…"

"The ribbon doesn´t say so…" He joked and opened the book near the ending. Chapter 8. I´d just finished chapter 8. Evidently. Weakly, I managed to sit by his side and I sensed his stare, dense and yet loving on my freckled shoulder. "Is it good?"

Biting my lip, I nodded silently and by the corner of my eyes I saw him turning the pages, interested. "It´s a romantic story." It was a little bit more than romantic, I was pretty aware of that. But saying it´s erotica wouldn´t be accurate, either. It wasn´t that racy.

"What is it about?" Will insisted once more and I finally ventured to look at him to find him closer than I´d imagined. His shirt dressed arm brushing my naked one. And I shivered at his contact.

"It´s uhm, about a woman… Zoe. She´s got a guest at home. Connel."

"And they fall in love?"

My head shook once more and blush tinted my cheeks at my next words. "No. He´s, he likes her… he´s, uhm, sort of obsessed with her."

"What do you mean?" My fiancée prompted me and I couldn´t find the words to say it right so he helped me out. "He wants to sleep with her, Em?"


"And she?"

"So does she, but she wouldn´t admit it."


"Because she´s never had sex with a man before", our eyes deadlocked and I explained myself better, thinking he was imagining what I was, "She´s not like me."

"What? Red haired?" His question was cute, followed by his hand moving my wild curls away and I kiss his nose; his light humor relaxed me.

"Actually, she is", I giggled softly and then I whispered, tension growing again, "She´s been with men, but not, uhm, like that…"

"I see…" He nodded slowly, deep in thought, "Do you like it? Reading it?"

"The writing is a bit-", I stopped myself when he looked at me acknowledging and I allowed myself to admit the truth, under the spark of his eyes, "Yes. I never read something like this before." I couldn´t imagine how inexperienced I must have sounded right then, next to him who had lived and done so much more than me.

But I choked at his words.

"Neither have I."

Suddenly, I felt myself burn, anticipating his next request or movement, wishing he´d do something to relieve the tickles stirring inside me; my body shuddered slightly and the grip around my waist tightened.

"'Stop thinking like that!'" Will´s voice spoke calmly and I jerked seeing him reading out loud a passage from the book, "'she ordered herself, but her mouth was dry as ashes. She moistened her parched lips and tasted his mouth on them where he had kissed her earlier. Closing her eyes, she let her tongue slowly caress the spot where his mouth had touched'"

My eyes grew wider and his stare was locked with mine. Everything was unreal. And he kept reading; his voice guttural against my skin.

"'If only she could stop thinking about him, but her mind was alive with erotic images: his body naked, coming down, entering her… Breathing faster and faster, her heart pounding behind her ribs, she was unaware of anything but the aroused excitement inside her, not noticing how far they had come'"

And so was I.

The interpretation went on, but I couldn't listen to a word he was saying. Only loosened lines reached my ears. There was a fire in my chest, and itchiness at the back of my neck.

'Throwing pretence to the winds, she wailed, 'No, I can't, Connel. I won't sleep with you'

'Zoe's mind was a battlefield. He was doing what she wanted him to do'

And so was Will.

I didn´t know when or how we got to be lying on the bed like this. From the modest edge I was previously occupying, I was suddenly on my back plunged amid the pillows and Will´s arms.

"They were in her bedroom by then. Connel lowered his face against her throat. 'Zoe…Zoe…I want you like hell.'", Will´s breath is hot near my cheek and I turned my face to him when the next line didn´t come, "Your turn, Em"

"I, uhm, I…" My eyes were pleading him not to, but I was already taking the book in my trembling hands, unsure how to proceed. I´d barely read something like this out loud, not ever in front of someone else. I saw a slight, almost an imperceptible, blush on his cheeks so I gathered courage, swallowed and nodded, "'You can't have me!' She hoped she sounded strong, determined; she felt weak, yielding, utterly at his mercy. His kiss sent shudders of pleasure through her.'"

"You think she´ll let it happen?" His palm rested on my belly, and even through the thick towel I could feel its warmth. My lips were scorching, just like Zoe´s, pages behind.

"Maybe…" Was my breathed answer, lowering my eyes back to the book. I wanted to know, and I wanted him to slide his hand underneath my towel. "The fight went out of her; she arched up to him, kissing him back, her hands grabbing his shirt, slipping buttons out of buttonholes, needing to touch his skin, to feel him, discover every inch of that hard, male body." I couldn´t help it, but my eyes flew to his chest. My insides were burning and he hadn´t even touched me.

"Are you ok?" His mouth lurked on my neck and I only nodded, "Want me to continue?"

"O-ok…" His hands brushed mine more than necessary, but for me it wasn´t enough and I clung onto him.

"Connel groaned, 'Yes, oh, yes,' his own hands exploring, pushing her skirt upwards'", I felt his own hand gently sliding up and down my side, finding the edge of the towel and a sigh escaped my lips, "stroking her bare thighs, her hips. He shrugged out of his shirt a moment later, then her dress was gone; he pulled it over her head and tossed it to the floor".

Will watched me for a moment, because I´d shivered; but not because of fear. I felt worked up. It´d happened few times before, but never like this. "And, uh, what-what happens?" I didn´t know if he could tell how I felt; and I thanked God for always wearing panties before leaving the shower.

"What do you think it happens, Em?", His lips ghosted mine and I urged myself to press our mouths together; I needed to feel him as I need fresh air. And God, I needed air… I thought I was about to burst into flames.

"I-I d-don´t know." I exhaled the words in a rush, needing him to go on and he chuckled softly.

"'It only lasted a second or two, that instant of confrontation, finally seeing each other without disguises or clothes; Zoe looked at his broad shoulders and deep chest, that slim waist, strong hips and what lay between them. She shut her eyes after one glance, then, burning with desire, fell back against the pillows'", I gulped hard at the feeling of his fingers brushing the lace edge of my underwear and his wet mouth closing on my gullet.

He was so good at interpretation… And he was even better at this…

Silently, I removed the book off his hands and rose it above his head when he hovered over me and begun caressing my burning skin with his mouth.

"Breathing roughly," I carried on, my voice was rickety, just by feeling him so close, "his heart audibly beating too fast, Connel came down on top of her, pushing her legs apart" as the good performer he was, Will moved between my legs as well, and anchored himself into me, and I moaned when he buried his face in my neck, "m-moving between them, his hands caressing her smooth thighs as he lifted her slightly to open her for his- Oh God-"

"Keep going, sweetheart", his voice was raspy as he ground against me and my spine arched, "What happens next?"

"I-" I couldn´t even form a decent line when he undid the towel knot on my chest and left my breast to the mercy of his eyes. He was tender caressing my swollen breast and passionate twirling his tongue with my nipple. "Will…" He was making me loose the little control I had left. The friction, his fingers digging in my thighs…

"What happens, Em?" He pushed his evident erection on my core and I purred his name again, biting my lip; a light layer of sweat broke all over me; he was causing it and I was obsessed with it.

"As- as he lifted her slightly to open her for his… for his entry", I managed to complete the line, obliviously bucking my lower half on him, "They m-made love with an urgency that… was in- intolerable; bodies writhing, entwined, moving in hot te-tension, her arms and legs around him… his body a driving…. forceinsideher, thrustingdeeperanddeeper", My breathing was erratic, frenzied against his mouth and I needed to touch him. I could feel the wetness of my panties against my flesh and couldn´t take it anymore. He left me throbbing every time he pulled away to adore some other part of my body. But I wanted him there, moving like that, awakening that hunger I´d just begun to discover. My body was going crazy and I tossed the book on the floor before crushing kissing him forcefully.

He returned the kiss with the same intensity, pushing his tongue inside my mouth. We battled fiercely for dominance, our bodies encountering almost carelessly. I trusted him; I trusted him so much I didn´t even think he´d take things too far. I just wanted to feel him close and groaning in hot abandonment.

I cried feverishly when he buried his weight on me and swiveled against me in a rhythm that I thought was going to drive me insane. Unconsciously, my thighs enclosed his hips to keep him there, doing what he was doing and suddenly I felt my skin scorching like never before. "Will…" I didn´t know if that was a good sign, but his hand sneaked amid us and rubbed my heated flesh and I whined, squeezing him between my legs. I shook and tensed at the same time, but Will only kept moving faster on top of me. Then he went stiff and his abdomen convulsed slightly against my belly; a growl and my name blended in together and then silence…

I needed a couple of seconds to recover myself after such an explosion of sensations and bliss. I was still pulsating and his pants were sultry on the cook of my neck, before rolling us so I was resting on his chest. I´d never felt so loved before. "I love you." Words left my mouth effortlessly and he held me tighter whispering the same adoration.

"I liked the book…." I felt my cheeks coloring and giggled softly, "I bet they´ll fall in love"

"Like us?"

"Yeah… But we´ll have to find out…" His suggestion excited me and I nodded, "Reading nights…"

"Like a Book Club." He chuckled at the new naming our activities got.

"I like it."

"Me too."

The fragment used was taken from "Hot Surrender", by Charlotte Lamb. I intended to make it much more racy, but it´s hard to find good erotica for download. Sorry about that!

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