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I never thought things could change so dramatically after that night, months ago.

For me it was the most amazing and intimate experience I´d shared with a woman, but I knew for Emma it was the beginning of awakening. The look on her face when succumbing to every sensation striking her was the most wonderful thing I´ve ever seen.

And now, I get to see her in that state even more frequently. I adore it.

She got a book for our little Book Club on our first month as a married couple; I still can remember the mischievousness in her stare the moment I unwrapped the square package. She had giggled and laid next to me with the book vertical on her chest to initiate the reading session. It was an interesting story, but after a week, she had sighed and confessed there was something missing in it.

We never found out how the story ended.

So I decided to take charge on this subject. I hoped I didn´t misinterpret what she meant with those words, because the little book secretly saved on the bottom of my suitcase was nothing but improper to be carried across the School hallways. The two short passages I´d read in the bookstore revealed this was quite different from the stories we were used to. It was hot, much racier, as Emma would say, but I bought it anyway.


After months of feeding my imagination with erotica series and satisfying our hunger together, I began wondering if I was becoming some sort of depraved woman.

It never happened before; getting bored with a book. We couldn´t even get to chapter 10!

Maybe my senses and habits were corrupted…

Or maybe I needed more…

Yoga proved to be the relaxation I was desperately calling for; my muscles and, what was more important, my mind were light was a feather.

Will was already home when I arrived that Friday night. His name floated in the air when I called him and after a few seconds, he greeted me from the bedroom door; his face slightly colored and his mouth twitching awkwardly, just like every time he was nervous.

"Are you ok?", my concern was evident when kissing his lips and he nodded repeatedly, "what were you doing?"

"Just checking a few things", he was obviously elusive and my eyes narrowed with amused suspicion, "I was thinking about ordering in tonight"

"I´ll have a shower and then we can call", I knew he was up with something; everything about his voice told me so. But I dropped it and entered the bathroom for a long shower.

Looking at it retrospectively, I can thank twelve months of therapy sessions once a week for this. You see, two years ago, I would have spent thirty minutes under the spell of rain. Now I only need 15, and 5 to get changed.

Apparently, Will wasn´t too thankful when I opened the bathroom door and found him deeply focused on the small book on his lap.

If it wasn´t for the blush creeping up his neck and cheeks I would have thought it was an innocent book. But his parted mouth, the cloudiness of his gape revealed there was nothing of innocent on the yellowish pages he was studying so engrossed.

The book flew off his hands and he shuffled it in the air, mumbling my name in the process.

"What´s that?", I giggled softly, walking to the spot on the bed he was occupying.

"I, erm, nothing, nothing, doll…"

"Doesn´t look like nothing", I replied light-humored, my eyes quickly traveling to the bulge in his jeans. It cost me. A ripple of heat reached me and I chewed the inner flesh of my cheek. "What are you hiding?", I asked once more; the playfulness in my voice was evident as I crawled next to him.

"I´m-I´m not hiding anything"

"Really?", I kept on mocking, pretending to peek to the printed words his hands were veiling.

"I was, erm-"

"Testing it?"

"I, erm,", he coughed and shifted while I tried to find his gaze, "I don´t think you´ll like it, Em"

"What do you mean?", I didn´t fully understand what was he referring to. Maybe it was some sick story line.

"It´s a little too graphic", he explained, not really doing so.

"Oh… Is it-", suddenly, I got what he was talking about; he was so protective towards me sometimes; I loved that about him, "Is it vulgar?"

"No, not vulgar...", he shook his head, his confidence slightly building up again. Sometimes, I unconsciously did that; I acted like an experienced woman and he would be coy. Then I´d be demure and he´d be self-confident and sexy. We balanced each other so well. "Just high rated. Very. It´s detailed"

"Detailed?", I shivered with anticipation. The hunger I had appeased with exercising, abruptly stirring and pushing my boundaries.


"Yes", I looked at her enlarged eyes, her body slightly bending forward and I tilted my head to comprehend what I was already assuming as a possibility.

"You think it´ll shock me?"

"I-I don´t know", I hoped it´d turn her on; I hoped she´d love it. But deep inside, I had doubts. Maybe it was too much for her. Too much, too soon.

"'Not her type'", she read the cover and kneeled and sat on her shoeless heels, the mattress plunging under her light weight. "What is it about?". Her nightgown was fluffy and bright on her pale skin.

"Erm, is about a woman who almost gets hit by a car and this strange man helps her and walks her home"

"What´s her name?"


"And his…?"

"Mark", I turned my face to her, finding only suspense in her eyes, "And he´s not her type… physically. But she meets him in a restaurant, by chance and they have dinner and then she kinda invites him for desert-"

"And what´s the graphic part you were, uhm, uncertain about?", her beam was adorable, but she had really no idea where she had just interrupted me.

"She´s, erm, pretty excited about him", I stressed my words, hoping she wouldn´t make me say it out loud. I´ve never dirty talked to her. I didn´t know if we reached that phase yet.

"Excited?", she doubled my words, with a hint of confusion, "You mean she likes him?"

"She wants him to fuck her", I spurted not even thinking about it. Maybe it was the anxiety, or the desperation with I wanted this to stop. Or start. I didn´t know. But I froze and so did she.


"I´m sorr-"

"Does he?"

The ingenuousness in her question, mixing with its interest, set off my most primitive instincts; there was nothing, nothing else, I wanted more than to ride this woman until exhaustion.

Maybe I had underrated my wife; I loved her (I do) for everything she represents; her kindness and compassion, her wisdom, her concern and intelligence, her strong will and character. Every single flaw she might have is perfect to me, she´s always bashful and adorable, and she could be so engrossed sometimes. I´ve never told her so, but her courage and proving is one of the things that turned me on the most about her. "'They had only taken the first turn when he pushed her up against the wall and began to kiss her roughly, hungrily'", I decided to continue where I had last stopped; we´d discovered what would happen together, although I suspected what that might be, "'Jasmin could only kiss him back as he grabbed hold of her full breasts and traced circles around her nipples with his fingers'", I could practically hear Emma´s low breathing on my skin; but despite I couldn´t see her, I wouldn´t end the paragraph there, "'He began to kiss the smooth skin of her neck and she threw her arms around his neck, licking at his ear. She realized that her shirt was halfway open and he had his lips locked around the swollen bud of a nipple through her tube top before she pushed him away, gently, but away, breathing hard. "You're not going to fuck me tonight, Mr. Archer." she said out loud, feeling the heat rising on her cheeks. He grinned. "We'll see." She turned and began to walk ahead of him, feeling the hairs rise at the back of her neck as she heard him follow her. Knowing he was watching, she put a certain feminine sway in her walk. She was only going to kiss him, she told herself'". Again, I turned my face to her, her expression serious, but oddly relaxed, "It seems like he won´t", I teased trying to lighten the atmosphere and Emma gave me a crossed side smile.

"Will, even I think he will"

"He will what?", I couldn´t prevent it; the prompting. But I was seriously aroused and her nearly see-through nighty wasn´t helping me in any way to compose myself.

I watched her gulp and look down at me; her stare made me feel like a creep, but her soft low voice made my eyes snatch open, "Fuck her", It was my turn to swallow and nod, "He does"

In that point I just couldn´t tell if she was talking about the book or us. But I lifted her off the bed and laid us together on the fluffy pillows, "We´ll just have to find out", I watched her bite her lip and my excitement grew exponentially. This was just beginning, "'He leaned forward and kissed her, softly, "I am going to fuck you tonight, Jasmin Marchand", he said, kissing her again. "I'm going to fuck you again tomorrow", he kissed her again, stroking his thumbs across her hard nipples. "And the night after tomorrow", He pinched her pink buds and swallowed her gasp with another kiss. "And the night after that", He licked her lips, "And the night after that"' "; I felt Emma´s naked leg wrapping around my denim covered one and we moved closer to the other, "Jasmin was breathing hard, making her breasts rise and fall in his hands, lips parted and staring at him as if she had never seen him before. He tightened the pressure on her nipples again and she arched her back, moaning. "Say you want me to fuck you tonight, Jasmin", he commanded, his voice a growl'"

"'"I want you to fuck me tonight, Mark." Jasmin said simply'". I thought I was dreaming when Emma´s voice spoke softly on my ear; her breath hot and slightly labored. It made my head spin and the knot on my throat loosen.

I kept on reading; occasionally she would sweeten my ears with a line or two and I´d smirk with pride. We barely touched each other; I wanted to crave for her until my body would almost explode and I needed her to be desperate for real contact.

"He´s so confident", she said in a murmur when I stopped for a second to look at her; I knew she liked confident men but couldn´t tell her so, "He´s like you sometimes"

"Is he?", my palm moved between her shoulder blades and pressed her onto my chest and she arched a little, letting her flesh rub on mine. It wasn´t until then I realized how much she wanted me.

"Yes…", my neck puffed the answer when she buried her face there and planted light kisses on my skin, "But you´re gentler. I like gentler too"

Holy cow. 'Too'?

The only thing I could do was pull away and crushed my mouth against hers, forcefully, right after sucking on her lower lip with zeal.

I felt her arousal the moment she tried to straddle my hips; but I wouldn´t be giving in so easily. I´d worship her before. So, kindly, I kept her right where she was, next to me.

"'"Hi" he said, grinning, only the faint quivering of his lip to show he was not really in full control of himself. "I hope I'm getting your number after this ..." he added. Jasmin laughed despite herself at the absurdness of the situation. He´d been moving inside her for God knew how long, and they had not even exchanged phone numbers yet. "0-4-5-9-3-3-2-2-2-6-1-7-7-3" she told him. "I thought I was going to have to fuck it out of you", he gave her another long thrust and she gasped in pleasure. She smiled at him "Forget I said anything." She gave his lips a long lick of her tongue. "Fuck it out of me," She whispered.'". I heard her. Her breathing already raspy, her chest heaving and I teased her by asking, "Are you ok, sweetie?"

She was muted when removing the book off my hands and continuing where I had ceased. "Then he suddenly reached for and pulled her forward almost unto his lap'", the rashness of her voice was the sign I needed to know she was willing to end this as quickly as possible and get in to the real business, "'One hand plunged-'", I observed her gulp and gather the courage to say that line out loud, "'One hand plunged bet-between her legs and two fingers slipped …into her. His lips found hers and she was helpless as he swallowed her moans, her pelvis rocking involuntarily against his hand.'". Her thighs were quivery the minute I allowed myself to trace my fingers between them. So slow, and softly Emma could do nothing but to shut up and stare at me; her eyes widening when my palm made contact with her soaked underwear. She seemed to be teasing me, but I knew she wasn´t. By no means. But I would.

"Yes, baby?", I asked innocently, hooking my thumbs on the lace fabric and sliding it down her legs, "Are you ok?"

"Ye-yes", she breathed instead of talking when she was stirred up. And that was what she was doing right then, "Will…"

"Carry on", I instructed huskily, feeling her desire on my fingers.

"I´m-I, uhm, I feel so hot", my jaw almost dropped when her nightgown rose above her head and went to rest somewhere on the floor.

"Better?", Her skin was so fair I only wanted to burry myself in her. Instead, I tasted her warm with my tongue and she moaned beneath me.


"Carry on", I pleaded once more, my hand never interrupting its ministrations between her legs.

"'Ja-Jasmin's eyes rolled up'", her back arched to me and I permitted myself to bite her shoulder, softly, but hard enough to make her whine in pleasure, "'in- in her head, breaking the kiss and throwing her-her head back- Oh god, Will, just… please…."

"'"Look at me, Emma'"", I used her name as a replacement for Jasmin´s and I felt her hands undoing my pants, making my hips buck on her, "'he commanded, and she opened her eyes. His breathing was ragged, his fingers were now just slowly moving in and out of her. "I want your neighbors to know you're being fucked, Emma"'", I did it again and her walls clamped around my working fingers, "'he growled after a long moment of staring into her eyes as they intimately caressed each other. "I want them to know when I'm fucking you. I want them to know every time I'm fucking you"

She called my name when I didn´t halt and rubbed her almost furiously to take her there. And then once more, when holding onto me, squeezing my hand amid her strong legs.

Her pants were the most delicious sound I´d ever heard; she was a mess, a lovely mess and I kissed her hard, still touching her slowly; the night had barely started.

My groin, on the other hand, was hurting like hell. The freedom around my lower half when she had undid my jeans was worst than I´d imagined.

"I want you", her demand took me out of my state of dilution but I clicked my tongue twice.

"No. Keep reading", I advised playfully, removing my shirt to finally hovered her and nest my face on her collarbone.

I wished I was listening to what she was reading. I couldn't, though. Her porcelain skin was all that mattered to me. The taste and texture. Spongy and meaty on her breasts; I devoured her, softly pulling a nipple with my teeth. Her moans only encouraged me more. Firm and soft on her ribcage, where my finger pads would dig and bring her to arch.

"He moved and she suddenly found herself lying flat on her back on the blanket'", Then her voice gained its volume back and I scooped her behind when anticipating what might occur in the next lines, "' with his head moving down her body to go between her leg- Will...". I smirked swollen with pride and licked my way down her lower belly to that spot where I knew she´d lose her mind. "I-I-I-"

I loved reducing her to that. To incoherencies. To blubbering and hips-bucking. "Yes, Em?", my crotch was screaming for me to let it see the light.

"Please- just- God, do it… make love to me", I watched her burry her face on the book, to cover her desperation and arousal.


"Wha- No. I wan-"

"Read", I commanded before disappearing amid her legs, drawing out what it was something between a mew and a whine.

"'She-she cried out as his tongue s-speared inside her'. Holy-!", it was like she was hit by a thunder; the way she immediately sat straight to watch me use my mouth to make her climax. "'He-he licked the folds of her slit bef- Ugh…", her hips bucked on me and I for my delight, I tasted her salty essence, "be-bef-ore he took her swollen clit into his…'".

Her pants and gasps were all I needed to corroborate she was about to lose her mind. I licked, kissed and sucked on her and I felt her fisting my curls, pushing me deeper in her.

"Oh God-", she was loud, and I only kept my actions as intense as before until she let out a sharp shriek and stiffened.

I licked my lips, still flavoring her, and smirked with content; she looked so drained.

"You. Come here. Now", her hoarse voice caught me off guard; and so did her arms pulling me on top of her and hastily removing my boxers.

I swear I almost come undone the minute she grabbed me and guided me to her entrance with no hesitance.


"Yes. That´s what I want you to do to me", she moaned circling herself underneath me.

I cursed again. She was tight and slick, she could make me come with nothing more; and I was about to explode, literally.

I thrust in her, struggling to keep it together, but her mouth on my jaw was working marvelously; her tongue run across my unshaved chin, then her heels pushed me deeper inside her, helped by her hands.

"W-wait", I begged and she giggled almost viciously raising her hips, "you´re a minx"

"No", she breathed and sweat broke all over me, "I just want you"

"Do you?", my movements stopped and she complained.


"How much?"

"A lot"

"Not enough", I shifted slightly and her lips got caught between her teeth.


"Still not enough", I hoped she´d say that word… that word so foreign to her lips. She had read it, tonight, but I wanted her to hear her saying it.

"So fucking much"

It worked magic. It was raw, almost animalistic, the way we moved together. I had her trapped by her arms, above her head; and she had me tightly clutched to her with her legs.

The sweat, the sounds our bodies made every time they collided, my nose dipping in her hair, her perfume, her pants, the 'I love you's that spilled forth from her mouth and mine, the stolen kisses, the stares, so lust-filled and devoted…

It was thunderous; the sounds and cries coming out our bedroom. Especially when we climaxed together.

I really wished there were no neighbors and kids around that night.

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