Hello there :). Here is my serious fanfiction. This is violent, and may later contain disturbing content, so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK... Review! :D xx DarkAngelBlackWings

The fire cracked and split onto the log. Tessa sighed. She had developed a habit of just staring into flames, watching it lick away against it's concrete prison, the fireplace. She heard a slight knock on her bedroom door, and turned around to meet the blue piercing eyes of Will Herondale.

"Do you always have a habit of just waltzing into women's bedrooms?" She snapped.

"Well. most women don't mind. Or they are accompanying me to their bedrooms." Will smirked. Tessa rolled her eyes. "How gentleman like."

"Indeed. So..." Will walked up and stood beside her. "Flames are rather facinating aren't they?"

"What are you doing in here?" Tessa asked.

"I am here to tell you that Shadowhunter's are planning to invade Mortmain's - I'm sorry, Axel's - nesting ground where he lays his many Automatons." Will chuckled at his own remark.

"Why did you just call him 'Axel'?" She inquired.

Will gave a crooked smile. "I assumed that he has tried to kill me, and you, and Jem, and killed Thomas, and almost killed Charlotte and-"

"Do not continue."

"Basically. I believe personally, that I should be on first name basis-"

Will was cut off by a horrible screeching sound, like nails dragged down a chalkboard. Will and Tessa flew their heads around, and was met with a horrible sight.

It was an automaton, but it's human skin had begun to peel, one of it's eyes had left it's socket.

"T-T-T-Theresa Gr-ray..." It stuttered.

Will moved fast.

One moment he was beside Tessa, the next standing inches from the Automaton, blade in hand. He thrust it upwards, and it stabbed into the demons chin, and it shuddered and fell bareckwards, twitching and stuttering Tessa's name over and over.

Then there was a scream.

Tessa gasped, and without hesitation began to ran out of the room, despite Will's protest. She dashed down the steps and stopped, just to catch a glimpse of a heavily pregnant Charlotte lifted off her feet by another Automaton, as Cecily slashed at it aimlessly with a sword.

"Charlotte!" Tessa screamed; but it was too late.

Charlotte was thrown into the air, and sent through a glass table, shards of glass flying and the sound piercing Tessa's ears. Charlotte let out a pained cry.

"No!" Cecily screamed; and she too was picked up-

and the demon released her as it's arm was hacked off, leaving oil and metal springing from it's fake wound. Will stood there, breathing heavily, as Tessa darted to Charlotte.

"No...no...no...no..." Charlotte repeated over and over, followed by a scream, and she grasped her stomach in a worrying manor.

"Oh god, Will!" Tessa cried. And then she heard another scream, a yell of a man, and she spun and saw Will, with the same worried expression. It was coming from the courtyard in front of the Institute.

Tessa flashed back to Charlotte, and Charlotte whimprered. "Go-go..."

Cecily rushed over, and took Tessa's place beside Charlotte, whilst Will ran outside. Tessa followed.

Automatons. That is all they could see. Automatons. Some dead and lifeless - even though they weren't alive - and some still fighting, and clawing at two figures.

"Leave her alone!" Tessa recognised the voice.


She darted forward, screaming the name. "Jem? Jem!"

She recognised the other figure as Henry, who was attacking the Automaton so violently and aimlessly, she feared he would injure himself.

Jem's silver eyes focused on her, and widened. "Tessa! No! Get back inside!"

But Will did not take that advice. He advanced on the creature that was threatning to kill Jem, and slashed it into oblivion.

"James, in future, you should alert me of such fun." said Will, slashing into another creature.

"Stay with Tessa, I got this." Jem yelled, piercing another.

"Fighting partner, remember?" Will hissed.

"Tessa, go!" Jem screamed in her direction.

Tessa turned, but was stopped by three Automatons, and she heard Will swear in the distance.

Tessa made a split decision and turned on her heel and ran - but not before she was caught via her hair. She was pulled backwards, and she gave a shout of pain as a metal claw stabbed into her hip.

"No!" Jem yelled, trying to race forward, but failing as he too was caught by and Automaton and sent flying into the Institute's door.

"James!" Will cried, trying to fight his way through the crowd to his Parabatai, but he joined Jem quickly as he was thrown painfully.

"Leave them alone! For god sake!" cried Tessa, her face covered in blood, grime and tears.

And that's when she passed out from the pain.

The last thing she heard was the sound of cracking and the yells of the blood brothers.