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Eli held his first blade today. I was trying to prolong it as long as possible, but he was well balanced and Will had to try and keep the blade from slicing other objects. Eli kept forgetting how big the blade was. He then exclaimed that he was going to defeat Mortmain.

It had been eight years since the incedent with Mortmain. Will had stayed around to raise my son, and was doing a good job of it too. The search for my species still continues, but it is certain that I am immortal. I have not aged a day. The word of the battle against Mortmain spread quickly, turning into a story that kids were told at night. Of course the lives lost and my personal attack was left out.

We visit Jem's grave every week, and Will sometimes visits alone in the hopes that he will see his past Parabatai.

I miss him dearly. I do. Any time I look at Eli, he has his father's eyes. The night he first opened his eyes I found comfort in the arms of Will, sobbing. But that's in the past. And I have begun to move forward.

22nd December, 1886

Tessa G.

Tessa's head cleared as she wrote the paragrath, tucking it away in the draw under her desk. She put the quill back into the ink bottle, and sat at the desk silently. She wore her night gown with a dressing gown tied around it, and her brunette curls were up in a neat bun upon her head.

"Mother! Mother!"

The screams were down the hall, and in her instinct she flew up, to have a little boy with brunette locks and silver eyes to fly into her, wrapping his little arms around her.

"Eli!" She laughed.

"Hide me! Uncle Will and I are playing hide and seek and-"

"Eli George Carstairs!" yelled a voice from the 's grey eyes flickered to the door, where Will Herondale stood. His hair had been recently cut, his blue eyes brighter then before. He too still looked like the beautiful seventeen year old boy too her.

Eli gave a yelp, jumping onto Tessa's made bed, crumpling the sheets.

"He is going to get me!"

Will let out a laugh, detatching himself from the doorframe, and he too jumped on the bed, playfully wrestling Eli.

Tessa could not help but smile, but she put her hands on her hips, and a mock authority voice, "What on earth are you still doing up?"

Eli stopped laughing and jabbed a small finger in Will's direction, "He started it!"

"Oh, I started it, eh?" Will grinned, tickling Eli.

Tessa laughed, "Now, now! Eli go get ready for bed!"

Eli looked up at her and sighed, "Yes mother."

He sprung up, wrapping his arms around Will. The way he looked at Will was the same way he would have looked at Jem, with a look of tenderness towards a father.

Tessa always felt a pang of sadness when she thought of that, the fact Eli never met his father. But than it was nice, to know that he had some form of father figure, like Jem would have wanted.

Eli departed from Will and leaped off the bed, hugging Tessa and then running out of the room. Before Tessa could speak, Will sighed.

"Get old fast, don't they?"

She looked at him, smiling weakly, "Yes, indeed they do."

"His eyes. He has James' eyes." said Will, like it meant nothing at all.

Tessa sighed, "He does. But they are beautiful."

"Come on, let's go put the little warrior to bed." Will mumbled, lifting himself off Tessa's now ruined bed.

That night was peaceful, quiet. The only sound that echoed the Institute hall's was the deep breathing of Eli, but Tessa had found that as comforting as the rythym of her clockwork angel.

She heard a thump from the attic, and she remembered when they had first returned from the place they were held captive, if she heard one small noise her heart would skip beats. Now, not so much.

Because she knew it was Will, staring out over London.

She rose from her bed, retrieving a night gown. She left the room, and walked down the halls, up the stairs and into the attic.

At first she could see nothing. It was dark. But as her eyes adjusted she saw Will, facing her and propped up on an elbow.

She smiled slightly, sitting down beside him, "What on earth are you doing up here now?"

"Keeping away from the ducks that wish to kill me down below." He grinned.

Tessa laughed, "Seriously."

He sighed, "Nothing. Nothing at all."

She chuckled slightly, looking at the night from the only window in the attic. It was broken, the glass chipped away at the middle, letting some breeze in.

"Tessa?" Will asked. She looked down at him.


She was cut off when he pressed his lips too hers.

Ever since Jem, she did not count Mortmain, she had not kissed anyone. The feeling was overwhelming, and one of his hands reached up to tangle in her hair. Tessa responded, moving her lips in sync with his.

As she continued to kiss him, her eyes slipped open for a moment, too see the broken window.

It was Jagged. Like her own heart.

But unlike the window, her heart had mended.

She was no longer Jagged.