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"How can this baby be here. When all the gods are in a coma?" Percy said and looked at Bailey

"That. . . Is a Good question" Bailey said and looked at the baby

"Percy what do we do with this baby? We can't just leave it here!" Bailey said and Percy started to sweat

"I don't know Bailey." He said and heard Annabeth coming

"Percy!" Annabeth yelled and waved her hand and Percy bushed the bush back and stood up standing in front of the bush

"Oh, Annabeth! Hi!" Percy Said

"Is everything alright?" Annabeth asked and Percy's eye's got big and Bailey stood there staring at them

"Oh yeah everything's... ok..." Percy said and Annabeth Pushed him out of the way and pushed the bush out of the way

"AW! It's so cute!" Annabeth said and looked at the baby

"Yeah I found it and WOULD YOU MIND I WAS STANDING THERE!" Percy said and Annabeth looked at him and gave him a look like "Yeah whatever"

"Well who's is it?" Annabeth asked and Bailey looked at Annabeth

"We don't know. . . We found it today" Bailey said and Annabeth stood up slowly

"That's impossible. The gods are in a coma, they can't have children" Annabeth said and Percy got up and wiped off his pants

"Well it's sitting right there, So something must of happened" Percy said and pointed to the baby and Annabeth smacked him

"It's a GIRL not an IT" Annabeth yelled and Percy rubbed his cheek and said lowly "Ok"

"Well I guess I'll take it to the Big house and ask Chiron what we should do" Annabeth said and picked up the basket with the baby and walked off

"That really hurt" Percy said and Bailey stared at him

"Sit on it Percy" She said and walked away

"What! It did!" He said and walked after her. . .

(Big House)

"Chiron! I found something!" Annabeth said and walked into the big house with the basket and Chiron was playing tic-Tac-Toe with Mr.D

"WON AGAIN! IN YOUR FACE CHIRON!" Mr.D said and laughed at Chiron and walked off

"I can't get this game down!" Chiron said and saw Annabeth

"oh Annabeth. . . I didn't see you there. Please come in and sit down" Chiron said and Annabeth sat down and placed the Basket o her lap

"What is that?" Chiron asked and Annabeth smiled and took off the blanket and it reviled a baby

"Percy and Bailey Found this baby but we don't know who's it is" Annabeth said and Chiron looked at the baby and back at Annabeth

"I see. . . Well leave it here and I'll see if Mr.D knows anything about it. And by the way it's almost bed time, You need to get to bed" He said and Annabeth nodded and gave the basket to Chiron and left the Big house jogging back to her cabin

"I talk with Mr.D in the morning, First we need to rest" Chiron said and placed the basket next to him and put the blanket over the basket and sat down and fell asleep. . .

"Milady. Should we do it now?" A voice spoke from outside the Big house

"Yes. Place the spell, but this time do the right one!" Another voice said and a bright red light grew and it went into the cabins and froze the campers and everything In the camp, everyone was frozen in what state they were in. And none of them were waking up

"The spell is cast Milady" the voice said

"In 16 years the spell will fade

all those who were in it will never change

but the earth will have changed greatly

for everything will be nothing but crazy" the other voice said and the big house doors opened

"Look. A basket" The satyr said

" I see it Juniper" the older voice said

"Lets see what's inside" Juniper said and walked over to the basket and took off the blanket and gasped

"It's a child Milady" Juniper said and the older person walked over to her and looked in the basket seeing a baby sleeping

"Leave her" the older person said and Juniper looked at the baby and back at the other person

"But Delphi. She'll die" Juniper said and Delphi looked at Juniper

"She will not die, she will just be lonely. I will make sure she doesn't die" Delphi said and placed her hand on the baby's head and said something in ancient Greek and took her hand off

"There, Now she will be able to live on her own. And her name shall be Riley" Delphi said and walked away to the big house doors

"Well? Are you coming?" Delphi sad and Juniper sighed and walked over to Delphi and walked out closing the big house doors.

Riley grew up, she taught herself how to walk, talk, eat, run, swim, fight, everything you had to learn at Camp Half-Blood. But she was lonely, she could never go into the cabins because the doors were locked and the window's curtains were drawn. Same with the Big house. She wondered why she was there but just tossed the thought aside and kept training and learning. Her 16th birthday approached and something was going to happen. . .

Riley woke up in her bed that she had made out of twigs and leafs on the porch of the big house

"Today's my 16th birthday!" She said and shot up out of her bed

"oh yeah. That right, no ones here. Just Another lonely birthday." She said and frowned but put on a fake smile and got her clothes and changed into her normal everyday outfit: Jeans, Camp Half-Blood T-shirt, Boots, Bracelet, Ear rings, and her Hair in a pony tail.

"Guess I'll go get breakfast" She said and sighed and jumped off the big house steps and walked up to the dusty old mess hall

'My favorite place." She said and got herself a plate and a cup and closed her eye's and thought of Eggs, Bacon, and hash browns, and also water. She opened her eye's and there it was, She sat down at an old table and looked around at the other tables with her homemade friends made out of twigs, Leafs, and mud

"Happy birthday Riley, Thanks Lucas!" Riley said to herself and smiled at one of her friends across from her and started eating her breakfast alone.

"Done" She said and stood up and left her plate and cup there and walked out of the mess hall

"I guess I'll go clean up around the cabins. Got nothing else to do" Riley said and started with cabin one

"Zeus's Cabin" She said and got a bucket full of water and a rag and started cleaning the windows

"What the-" She said and looked into the cabin through the window, the curtains were drawn and she could see inside

"there are people in there!" Riley said and threw her bucket and rag on the ground and tried to open the door

"Come on open you old rusty door!" She yanked the door handle but it didn't work

" I'll kick it open!" She said and kicked the handle breaking the door knob and the door slowly opened,

"Four people er Girls. But they're asleep?" Riley said and walked into the cabin, It was dusty with spider webs and everything was covered in dust, but the girls were fine, Nothing had happened to them

"I guess I'll wake them up" Riley said and walked over to a bunk bed and shook one of the girls and their eye's slowly opened

"I. . . Had the strangest dream" The girl said and looked at Riley

"Who are you?" The girl asked Riley

"My Name's Riley, Riley Swear" Riley replied

"Nice to meet you. I'm Thalia, Thalia Grace" Thalia said and Riley smiled

"Well I guess I'll just leave now" Riley said and Turned around and started walking away

"Wait!" Thalia grabbed Rileys arm arm

"Yeah?" Riley asked

"What happened" Thalia replied

"I don't know if anything happened. I've lived here for 16 years, I thought this place was a forgotten camp" Riley said and pulled her arm out of Thalia's grip

"Anyway I have to get back to doing my chores. See ya Later Thalia" Riley said and left the Zeus's cabin

"Riley. . . 16 years. I'VE BEEN ASLEEP FOR 16 YEARS!" Thalia yelled and Riley rolled her eye's and poked her head in the cabin

"I guess. But don't yell, I have to do my chores" Riley said and walked away

"This doesn't make sense at all. . .But then again it never did" Thalia said and woke up the rest of her cabin buddies. . .

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I hope it makes sense. Sorry I'm not the best at explaining things :P