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(Sea's POV)

As we flew to Alaska I just couldn't help but think about Kathrine, I left her behind at Camp Half-blood, by Best friend.

"Hey Sea" Someone said and turned to my left,

"Yeah Bailey?" I asked,

"You alright?, you seem sick" She replied,

"I'm fine, but I just wish Kathrine was here, she could make me laugh and make me feel better" I said and Bailey's eyes grew wide,

"What's wrong Bay?" I asked,

"Kathrine. . . I saw her at the dance, she was the one who attacked me" Bailey said and now it was my turn, me eyes grew wide and a million thoughts started going through my head,

"Sea?" Bailey said and I didn't respond, I was too lost in my thoughts to talk or do anything,

All of a sudden I heard one of the Pegasus' screech in pain, I looked over at Percy and an arrow was in the Pegasus' side, he lost control of blackjack and plummeted to the ground,

Soon another arrow hit Bailey's Pegasus, she lost control and plummeted to the ground also,

"Get to the ground!" Luna yelled and everyone quickly flew down to the ground,

Riley dodged some arrows and Emma had her eyes closed holding onto Riley for dear life.

We all got off our Pegasus' and looked around for Percy and Bailey, I saw them a few feet away and ran over to them,

"You guys alright?" I asked and they nodded,

"Good, let's hurry and get back to the others-" I was cut off by someone grabbing me by the neck and lifting me up off the ground,

"So, you thought you could run away from me didn't you?" I knew that voice, it haunted me ever sense I could remember,

Evelyn was standing next to Percy and Bailey with wide eyes, She knew the voice too. And so did Percy and Bailey,

"Chaos" Emma said and the person laughed, her laugh was pure evil and cold. It felt horrible just listening to it,

"Surprised you escaped Trinne Emma, and after all I've done for you, you still want to kill me" Chaos said and I could feel the anger and rage coming from Emma,

"You- You have done nothing but cause me pain and sorrow!, I HATE YOU!" Emma yelled and Chaos chuckled,

"I'm the one who made you who you are" Chaos said and I could feel Emma becoming more and more angry,

"SHUT UP!, I HATE YOU AND YOU KNOW IT!" Emma yelled and I could sense that she was crying,

"Emma. . . Don't. . . Fall for her. . . Tricks" I said and Chaos tightened her grip,

"Be quiet" She said and I could barely breath,

"Sea, Bailey, Percy, Evelyn, Luna, Riley, Codex, Leonardo. . . . " Emma whispered and I could feel a huge sense of energy,

"LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE!" Emma yelled and I could see a shadow of a bright light coming towards Chaos and me,

The next thing I knew I was lying on the ground with snow all around me, no one was insight for miles around,

"Where am I?" I thought and sat up, my head hurt really bad and I felt like someone just stabbed me in the heart.

"Better find somewhere to rest, it's not safe out here in the open" I thought and stood up, I headed north hoping to find something, or someone. . .

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