I only have a few more chapters to go, but just to let you know something crazy is going to happen during these last few chapters.

(Sea's POV)

As I walked through the snow not seeing anything but snow covered trees and more snow I felt like someone was watching me,

"Hello?" I called out, there was no answer. Right now it felt like in those scary movies when the person walks out of their room holding a weapon and they slowly walk towards a door calling Hello every few steps.

"HELLO!" I yelled,

"No need to be so loud" I heard a screamed bloody Mary,

"Hey calm down, you'll wake everyone up" They said and I turned around to be met with a very pale face and two big bright blue eyes,

"Hey there, the names Snowflake, I'm a Snow nymph. Who are you?" The girl said and I rubbed my eyes,

"Uh, Sea. And you're a what?" I said/Asked,

"A snow nymph, not a lot of people know we even exist. Only Camp Saturn knows" She said and now everything was wacko,

"Camp Saturn?," I asked,

"Yeah, Camp Saturn, their Demititans, not like you guys" She replied,

"Oh, So why did they name it Saturn after Kronos?" I asked,

"Well, Chronos is the Titan of time, he made the camp. Not that evil man Kronos who he's named after" She replied, Now everything was making sense,

"Could you show me this camp?" I asked,

"Are you a Demititan?" She asked, now I had to lie.

"Yeah I think" I replied,

"Do you know who your parent is?" She asked,

"Yeah, Oceanus" I replied and her eyes widen,

"So, you're A daughter of Oceanus?. Looks like Harry finally has a sister, well let's hurry up before something happens" She said and took my hand and we walked for a good hour.

(Emma's POV)

Sea was gone, Chaos was gone, I just unlocked my inner evil, I now was a bigger threat to everyone.

Everyone was out cold from the blast and now was my chance to leave, I ran deep into the forest, not looking back. Going to the one and only person who could make me forget everything and hopefully make me human. Hades.

(Bailey's POV)

I woke up and was laying on the hard ground, it was night time and there was a fire going. I saw about 8 tents that looked like they were single person tents. I looked over towards the fire and a woman with long pitch black hair and pitch black eyes that you could only see through the light of the fire, she wore a black cloak and her skin was tan.

"You're awake" She said, her voice was very soft and soothing. Not like any other person or goddess I've heard.

"Who are you and how did I get here?" I asked, her Pitch blacks eye slowly made their way towards me,

"I am Nyx, Goddess of the Night. I found you all knocked out and wounded, I mended to your wounds and put you all in separate tents. But you were not hurt daughter of Poseidon, so I left you here on the ground" She said, her voice was almost like a motherly voice, but she was very serious.

"Alright, but what about Emma and Sea?" I asked,

"Emma was not there when I came, nether was Sea. Emma ran away because she has become something that could destroy us all, and Sea has been. Sent to another place." She replied, her voice kinda shaky. I knew she was hiding something,

"Tell me where she is, I know you know" I said,

"I cannot tell you, but I mat write it out" She said, in the air she used fire to write two words.

'Camp Saturn'

"Camp Saturn?" I asked,

"Sense you know about It I may tell you now. Sense I have not broke the rule, Camp Saturn was made by Chronos, titan of Time. It is a place for Demititans to go, it has been kept secret for millions of years, and is in Alaska." She replied, now I was really confused. Three camps, for three different types of Demigods, Greeks-Camp Half-blood. Roman- Camp Jupiter. Titan's- Camp Saturn.

"And you want us to go there, to get her?" I asked,

"Yes, I believe there is where the final battle will take place. And there is where everything will be settled. Once and for all" She said. Now I was running everything through my mind

Emma was now super dangerous, Everything was going to end for good in Alaska, And Sea was somewhere were the most powerful demigods were kept secret until now.


Now this story is actually going to get a super crazy ending. THE FINAL BATTLE AWAITS!