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Warnings: Yaoi, rimming, biting, oral, PLOT!, cursing, and the supernatural. M for a reason people, honestly, please be of age if you read this!

Well, why not? Part 2

Ichigo's POV

Something was on me. Something loud and heavy. Something that was snoring into my hair.

"Mmm gedoff, your crushin me."

The something shifted even more over onto me, and started snuffling around my ear, blowing air into it and turning me on a little.

"But yer so cute, I don' wan' ta let ya go." "Yeah, well I would really like you to because my ass is extremely sore from someone's actions last night. And if you move a little more, you're going to jar it." "Fiine, spoilsport."

Normal POV

Grimmjow carefully got off of his mate, not wanting to cause him pain. Still being careful, he bent Ichigo at his hips so his ass was in the air and his knees were spread apart for comfort. Ichigo was very awake now, and he was getting ready to give the demon near his extremely tender ass a nice whack if he tried anything.

"Oh relax, I'm not gonna fuck you, in fact, you'll like this." Something warm flicked its way into his crack and he jumped forwards a little. "What the-ahhHHH!" Ichigo writhed in pleasure as Grimmjow wormed his tongue into his anus, cleaning and healing the damage from last night's fuck. It was another one of those win-win situations because Grimmjow loved the taste of Ichigo's blood running onto his tongue and down his throat. He had to stop himself from replacing his tongue with his hardening dick.

Ichigo whined when he stopped. Grimmjow petted his mate's soft hair. "Feels better now, right?" Ichigo nodded in surprise as he got up and there was no pain. "What did you do?"

Grimmjow wiggled his fingers. "Magic."


"Fine, spoilsport. My saliva can heal minor injuries."

Ichigo nodded. "Sounds realistic enough. Now, can you tell me your name? Or else I'm forever calling you blueberry." Grimmjow whacked him in the head. 'Do that and die. My name is Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, badass and demon, at your service." He did an exaggerated bow.

"And may I learn your name, Mr. Carrot head?" Grimmjow's hit was immediately returned with full force. "You can call me Ichigo Kurosaki, the one who's gonna beat your ass if you call me Mr. Carrot head again." Grimmjow head up his hands in mock defeat. "Okay, Okay. Would you prefer Strawberry instead?"

Grimmjow was lucky he was a fast runner, and that Ichigo was exhausted from last night. "Stupid…..blueberry…." Ichigo panted as Grimmjow danced just out of reach. He fell to his knees and grimmjow immediately sobered up. He ran back over to check on his mate. "You okay, Kurosaki?" Ichigo was breathing too hard. Way too hard. He shouldn't have been this tired from that little run. And his face was chalk white.

Bad. This was bad. Grimmjow carefully picked him up bridal style and noticed his eyes were unfocused. Easily kicking down the door, he yelled, "Help! Someone! He's hurt!" Ichigo's dad and Grimmjow's dad appeared out of nowhere. "What's wrong?" They looked at the shaking Ichigo and relaxed a little. Pantera stepped up to Grimmjow. "Let me see him. He just needs to lay down." Grimmjow pulled away from him. "No way! Not until you tell me what's wrong with him, old man."

Pantera rolled his eyes. "I wish you wouldn't call me that. Respect your elders you uppity child. And he's just gaining his demon powers, that's all. They came sooner than we thought. They come sooner if you do rigorous physical activity. You weren't doing pushups or anything, were you?" Grimmjow blushed a tiny bit. "No! He was just chasing me around a little!"

"That's probably it. Now set him down here." Pantera pointed at a light green couch. "A few minutes and he'll be fine."

And he was right. After a few minutes, Ichigo calmed down. Sitting up, he looked at everyone around him. "What happened?" Then he saw Grimmjow and glared a little. "Hey! No calling me strawberry either!" Grimmjow tackled him in a hug. "You're alive! I thought ya were goin' ta die!" "Wha? I'm not dying anytime soon! And you're crushing me! Was that my dad that I saw?"

Ichigo's dad jumped up and down as Pantera pulled his son off of Ichigo. "Congradulations my son! You are now a full demon!" Ichigo punched him in the face. "Okay, explanations. Who is that man holding Grimmjow, why was I in there, and I'm a demon?" Pantera, looking slightly hurt, dropped his struggling son.

"I think I can help you. First of all, I am Grimmjow's father, not 'that man'. Second, Grimmjow here sucks at explanations, so I will need to reexplain your reason for being in there. And third, your dad can explain that." Isshin stepped up. "Yep! You were in there because we-" He gestures to Pantera and himself. "Wanted you two to mate. We had been planning this for years and look! It worked out. Otherwise, you wouldn't be a full demon." He held up his hand before Ichigo could say something.

'I'm not done yet. I am a demon, of course. Your mother was a human. I was expecting one of my children to be a half demon, and I was right. Half demons usually have strange colored hair and are very skinny in people standards." Ichigo nodded a little. "Okay, so this was kept secret form me for 18 years. Why didn't you tell me?" Isshin blocked a punch aiming for his head.

"The more you knew about your demon heritage, the more you're put on the radar for other demons to take you as their mate. I wanted to keep you clean until this." Ichigo managed to give his dad a good kick in the stomach. "Well I could have fought them off!" "You saw how easily Grimmjow made you submit, and he's a young demon. How would you have done against a fully grown demon?" Ichigo stopped fighting for a moment, considering this.

"Yeah, I guess I understand." "Good. Now, demons can only mate with half demons and humans. This is because all full demons are dominant. Half demons will be turned to full demons once they've mated with another demon. If you mated with a human, you would have turned human."

Ichigo nodded again. "Thanks, I guess. But you're still a jerk for not telling me about this." Isshin flapped around. "Wha? Be nice to daddy! He was trying to help you!"

Grimmjow walked over to Ichigo. "Understand now, mate?" Ichigo leaned into him. "I guess. Grimmjow's too long, can I call you Grimm?" Grimmjow leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. " 'Course ya can Ichigo. As long as I can call ya Ichi." Ichigo smiled. "I guess."

Pantera silently pushed Isshin out of the door as Ichigo and Grimmjow moved closer for a kiss on the lips. This one wasn't needy and hurried like the ones in the circle room, it was long and slow and romantic.

Both of them were still naked, so clothing wasn't a problem. Still kissing, they made it over to the sofa and sat down, Ichigo straddling Grimmjow's waist.

Ichigo's POV

Okay. I understood now. I was a demon and Grimmjow was my mate. And I was enjoying the hell out if it. I loved his name.


It sounded strong and courageous. It made me feel safe.

I nuzzled my nose into his collarbone, breathing in that forest scent. Now that I was a full demon, the smell didn't overpower me but it still turned me on. He groaned a little and I shivered as he rocked our erections together.

"Such a good little mate," He purred into my ear. I smiled, getting a dirty thought. Moving off his lap and on my knees at the floor, I rubbed my cheek against his upper thigh. He growled a little but didn't move. I then moved my nose close to the point of interest, his erect member jutting out of soft blue curls.

Normal POV

Grimmjow wanted to fuck the little demon so bad, his hands were shaking. He had to clench his fists and concentrate on Ichigo to resist it. He wanted to let him explore and not make him afraid of sex with him.

Being careful, Ichigo slowly rested his mouth on the head of Grimmjow's throbbing penis and flicked his tongue over the slit. Grimmjow breathed in sharply and Ichigo smiled a little. Now who's in who's control, Mr. Jaegerjaques? He moved slowly, sucking gently but steadily. Grimmjow was shaking under him and Ichigo hummed, the vibrations traveling down his member.

Ichigo finally deep throated him, making him bang his head against the wall in pleasure. "Hahh, hahh, keep doin that and I'm gonna fuck ya right now Kurosaki," Grimmjow mumbled. He was on the edge and anything else would tip him over.

He lustfully pulled Ichigo off his member and pulled him into his lap, facing him. Ichigo had a little bit of drool on his face and he looked dazed, like he didn't know what was happening. Grimmjow cleaned his lips with a swipe of his thumb. "My turn now, mate."

He lied Ichigo on his back lengthwise on the couch and moved between his legs, rubbing against his entrance and licking his chest. "Now relax, or this is gunna hurt like hell." Ichigo realized he was going to penetrate him and a bit of fear flashed into his eyes. Grimmjow kept petting him, telling him it was okay, and tried to get rid of that fear. When it was gone, he slowly entered Ichigo.

He was still tight, and it was all Grimmjow could do to not bury himself inside him again. "Jus' relax, yer doin' great."

A little bit more encouragement and a lot more movement, and they were both panting as Grimmjow was fully seated inside Ichigo.

"Why," Ichigo panted. "Must, you, be, so, fucking big?" Grimmjow licked his ear. "As red riding hood's grandmother says, the better to fuck you with, my dear." "I don't think red riding hood's grandmother ever said that."

Grimmjow pulled out and snapped his hips, starting up a rough pace. "Too bad. It doesn't change the statement."

They moved as one, Ichigo pushing back on Grimmjow's powerful thrusts and Grimmjow actually moved the couch a little as they made love. He bit down on Ichigo's shoulder and he keened, running his fingers through Grimmjow's hair. Grimmjow made sure to clean up all the blood as he then moved his mouth to Ichigo's mouth. As they kissed, he started stroking Ichigo's neglected member at the pace of which they were fucking.

Finally, they came together and Grimmjow fell over Ichigo, bracing his elbows on either side of him so he didn't crush him.

Once again, Ichigo had passed out and was already snoring a little. Grimmjow smiled. He looked a lot less serious asleep.

He pushed him over a little and settled on his side, spooning Ichigo as he tried to sleep too. "G'night, Ichi," He whispered. "Until tomorrow."

Outside, Pantera and Isshin were having a smoke. Well, Pantera was having a smoke. Isshin was watching him. He didn't smoke unless it was Masaki's funeral anniversary.

"They're a good match, my son and Ichigo." "Yeah, they are. I've never seen Ichigo so happy." "Really? He looked pretty annoyed in there. Is he always scowling?" "Yes. He isn't very sunshiney. But if you saw his eyes, they were shining a little. He's happy." "Strange kid you have." "As you said earlier to me, well, why not?"

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When Ichigo and Grimmjow are talking in the circle room, Ichigo can see Grimmjow perfectly fine because his demon powers were forming. Demons have default night vision.

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