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Never fear the Darkness

By Le Chat Noir


Fëanor liked to tease.

He never missed a chance to. He teased his brothers, his master, his fellow apprentices, the few friends he had. He even teased the members of the other royal families, whenever he met them. He never laughed at his own jokes, only bore his unique dark and wry smile, but others did, and those who where his victims with them. The only one whom he never threw his sarcasms at was Father. He liked to tease, and his words could wound a heart deeper than the slash of a sword, whether was intended or not; but most often was.

However, whenever he wished them to, they could enchant and charm like the sweetest hydromel.

The black-eyed youth had caught the young girl by the waist, and whispered in her ear phrases that made her blush. He pushed a loose strand of her cooper hair behind her reddening ear, with gentleness new and unknown. Laughing, she hid her face in her hands, and faintly struggled to free herself from the tight grasp of his arm. In the end, he let go, and, still laughing, Nerdanel daughter of Mathan fled from the Gardens of the King, with the diming light of Laurelin shining in her hair.

With his head cocked aside, Fëanor followed her with a half-amused gaze.

I watched.


Author's note: Six main characters: Fëanor, Nerdanel, Curufin, Celebrimbor, Galadriel and Finrod. Guess who the POV character is… not one of the afore- mentioned. Right, apart from Fëanor and Nerdanel, none of them are born yet, so, hey, wasn't that obvious…

I seem to have developed writer's block on 'Dusk', so I started this story up. Will go back to Maeglin and Aredhel soon.

First chapter, enter the Fëanorioni…