From the Desk of the Sharper

"Birth of an Evil Girl"

This brief Mad Dogs and Tigers story will describe the events covering the birth of the story's antagonist.

This story, of course, takes place 17 years and 11 months before the main part of the novel.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and characters © by Roald Dahl.

Kim Possible, locations, and characters created by Schooley and McCorkle and © by Disney.

Any OCs by me are created and © by the Sharper.

Not intended for profit in any shape, form, or fashion.

The fanfic is rated PG-13 for a scene of childbirth and some language.

Chapter 1

(at the Salt Mansion in West Middleton, November 30)

Angina Salt was traversing with a group of twenty-something women through the lavish halls of the Salt Mansion, the house that dwarfed the Governor's Mansion by at least 4,000 times. A couple of the other ladies were sipping on mint juleps and champagne. Angina, on the other hand, was sipping on apple juice from her champagne glass, for she was nine months pregnant with her child and that the doctor forbade her from drinking alcohol during her pregnancy.

While the other ladies were wearing flowing dresses that cost thousands of dollars, Angina was wearing a diamond mumu skirt. All of the ladies were also wearing designer gold chain necklaces and diamond bracelets that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

"Ohh…I just love how you hired your well-trained servants to design the nursery for the child!" Clara Starlet said with a smile. She was working at a lawyers' office and she too was pregnant with her child, for she was in her third month.

Angina smiled, "Oh it's no problem, I've got the best nursery money can buy!"

The girls then went to where the nursery is for a good look.

It was around 50,000 square feet large with pink chandeliers from the ceiling. There was a carriage crib for the new baby to sleep in worth around $40,000, a changing area with the finest baby powder from France and diapers that cost around $700 each, and next to it were five diaper bags that cost $3,000. There was also a closet around 6,000 square feet large with the most luxurious baby clothes that even A-list celebrities would envy over. To the right of the nursery was a toy room filled with the most expensive rattles worth $600, and, at the center of the toy room stood a rocking horse made of solid gold worth around $2 million and a big golden platter with diamond-studded pacifiers worth $50,000 each. To the left was a spacious library stacked with the finest baby books made from paper from England. There was also a high-chair studded almost in crystal and glitter that cost around $100,000. On the east wall stood a stroller garage with hundreds of baby carriages and modern strollers that cost up to $6,000 each. The windows overlooked the highly-maintained 300-acre gardens of the Salt Mansion.

The other ladies stood shocked at the marvel of the nursery that is fit exclusively for royalty.

"And now, servants… come to me!" Angina smiled, clapping her hands.

An army of 40 servants came up, headed by a young 28-year old Tightlips, whom is fourth-head of the servants residing in the mansion. They all wore matching gray uniforms with red numbers on them, signifying their rank and each genuflected to Angina and, when they gazed upon the unborn child, they bowed down and gave it homage.

"Where shall we guide these lovely ladies, Mrs. Salt?" Tightlips asked with a broad grin on his face.

"The baby bathroom, please!" Angina instructed the servants. Tightlips and the servants bowed once more and led the way for the group of women to head to the bathroom.

Once they got there, the women, excluding Angina, dropped their jaws at the sight of it. The baby bathroom, around 2,000 square feet, was totally encrusted in gold, right down to the 24k gold toilet. There was a baby bathtub in the middle studded in European pink diamonds and rhinestones worth around $15,000.

"Wow….this is amazing…" Clara smirked, "I guess that's why we are the best of friends, Angina!"

"Totally, Clara! And it'll be better once the new child comes into the world!" Angina said with glee, looking down at her baby bump, and patted it once with affection.

"You are going to be the love of my life, the sunshine of my day!"

Suddenly her water began to break on the floor, meaning that the baby was ready.

Angina yelled as loud as she could "HENRY!"