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Previous chapter:

"You trust me, don't you?" I ask her rhetorically, not really waiting on a response. "I'm going to take good care of you, Isabella."

I pause, for nothing more than dramatic effect.

"In ways Rosalie can't even begin to." When I hear her breath hitch in her chest, I know that the deal is sealed.

"You're such a cocky bastard, Cullen."

"Oh, you haven't seen anything yet, Miss Swan," I tell her, nipping on her ear gently before pulling up and away from her body entirely.

"Get me time with Aro and you'll see just how cocky I can be."

And just like that, although my body protests against it, I remove my jacket from over her shoulders and I'm walking away from her heading back inside.

I'm inside and leaning up against the bar on the far right hand corner of the grand room.

It's already been ten minutes— where the fuck is she?

I wait; yet another five minutes flies by but Isabella is nowhere in sight.

My heart races in my chest as I consider what exactly this could mean. I mean, it could only be one of two things.

Either she is still out there, contemplating my little proposal or she just fucking ditched me altogether.

My fingers tighten against the glass in my hand and I bring it up to my lips, downing its contents in a quick motion.

"Ugggggh," I grunt, but the burn in my throat is welcomed because it distracts me from the other burn I sense coming. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't handle any type of rejection well. I've been so used to getting what I want lately, that I forgot what refusal even feels like.

"Fuck… fuck… fuck," I chant repeatedly, not believing that I'm actually considering going back out there and dragging her ass in here. I feel a tingle at the ends of my fingers and I wrap them around each other. I know what my body wants.

It wants it… that cigarette. It's a fucking ghost that won't stop haunting me.

"My god, where have you been, Isabella?"

My head snaps up at the sound of her name. Although the voice that said it was harsh and not to mention Rosalie's, I can't help the surge of relief that courses through my body.

She didn't bail… She didn't leave me.

I look to where the voice came from to find Rosalie and Isabella in yet another standoff. Isabella is standing, talking to Rosalie. Well more like, standing there, absorbing her words. She's apologizing, again and no matter how much I want to rush over there and rescue her from her torture cell, I don't.

I just sit and watch.

I notice that her hands are crossed behind her back and in them is my jacket. Clearly, she's trying to hide it.

Rosalie marches off eventually, leaving Isabella standing there. She does a master's job at maintaining a straight face, supposedly for professional purposes. I, however, am not fooled. Behind her eyes lurk hurt and shame but more importantly— realization.

Now she definitely knows what I told her just a few minutes ago was true.

Rosalie doesn't deserve her and she never will.

But do you? Do you deserve her, Cullen?

I wasn't even sure but I was willing to try to do everything I can to win her over. Who knows, maybe I am what she needs just as much as she is for me.

I continue to watch Isabella. At first, I watch her, thinking she must be some crazy person as she throws my jacket over the back of some chair.

What the fuck is she doing to my $2500 Gucci Jacket?

Before I get anymore enraged by her careless actions, I walk across the room, retrieve my jacket and head back over to the bar.

I resume my Isabella watch. My eyes never leaving— not even for a second.

She is as magnificent as fluorescent rays of light as she bounces around the room, interacting with other actors and their guests and team. She is talking to Emmett and Alec, and they're apparently sharing a joke because her head tilts far back in laughter. Her grin is wide and pulling at her eyes. My lips instantly turn up at her because her aura is just that infectious. She's so fucking beautiful when she smiles and my mind speeds away, thinking about 101 different ways I could make her smirk, grin, smile and giggle.

Isabella excuses herself from her company and is heading over to a new group of people. My eyes never leave her as she travels across the room. She talks to a few more people and accepts a drink from Alice Brandon. I feel like a creepy ass stalker just sitting her and DVR-ing her every move but she's making me anxious. I don't see any indication from her that she is going to go to Aro soon.

Scratch that, she's making me really fucking anxious.

I turn away for a bit to get a refill on my scotch. When I turn back, searching the crowd, I meet her piercing stare. I have her attention, even just for a second and I intend to use that to my very advantage.

Quirking an eyebrow, I raise my glass in the air. I silently mouth cheers before poising the glass to my lips. I watch as her eyes widen when I wink at her before taking a quick sip of my drink. Isabella swallows in a large breath of air, and I can't help but smirk devilishly at her when I remove the glass from my lips. I see her mouth fuck and then she is moving. I can't help the insane amount of joy I feel when I see her headed right to the circle that consists of the people who could make things happen for me tonight.

Aro and the Volturi Brothers.

She approaches the group and embraces each one of the brothers, Aro then Marcus and finally Caius. When Aro excuses himself from the group, nerves bundle up into little tumbleweeds inside my stomach. They ascend the staircase and I know that could only mean that they're on their way to his office. I watch on, my eyes not willing to break hold until they disappear. When they do, I quickly down the remainder of my drink.

"Keep 'em coming," I grunt to the bartender as I pat my pocket and find the box there. Taking out a toothpick, I place it between my lips, feeling somewhat calmer. Isabella is up there with Aro right now, and although I slightly cringe at the fact of her being alone with any man— other than me; I know that I did this. I put her into that situation, so I'd just have to be a man about it.

That still doesn't mean I don't want to run up that stairs and hold a glass to the door and listen.

Yeah, that would be a little much. So instead of being a crazy lunatic, I just sit back, eyes peeled on the staircase, waiting for them to return.

After what seems like twenty hours, which actually is only twenty minutes, Aro and Isabella make their way back. I look at her face, Aro's and then back to hers as they both descend the stairs and return to the party. The fact that I can't read any of them is killing me right now. I've never had so much difficulty reading anyone before.

Fuck my life.

I'm already sweating. My jacket is back off and my tie has, once again, gone loose around my neck. My shirt sleeves are rolled up to my elbows and my first two buttons barely survive, almost being yanked off my shirt. It feels Sahara- desert scorching in here and to make it seem a little bit more on the hell side; Isabella does not come to me. Oh no, apparently she has far more important things to discuss with Eric Yorkie.

I am livid.

Does she not know how nervous I am over here, waiting for her to come and tell me what happened with Aro? Does she not know how much I want to run outside and smoke the first fucking cigarette I see?

And, did someone fuck with the AC in this place or what?

Instantaneously, I slam my glass down on the bar top. I grab my jacket from the bar stool next to me and I move through the crowd. It doesn't take me long to get to where Isabella and Eric are engrossed in conversation.

"Isabella, what the fuck?" I hammer, not able to turn on my verbal filter in time. "What are you doing to me?" My voice is forced as my jaw sets and my breaths pick up. I'm just about ready to go off.

"Edward, this is not the place or the time. I'm…" she starts, but I cut her off.

"I don't have time… please!" I pant and watch as her eyes run the length of my body. Her face is a mix between scared and shocked as she notices my condition. I close my eyes, not wanting to see in her eyes how horrible I look to her.

"Edward, are you okay?" Her hands are on my face and I close my eyes, fighting off the urge to lean into her touch. A moan is building in my chest but how fucking awkward would that be with Yorkie standing just there?

"No," I whisper to her and before I know it, she's pulling me across the room and out into the hall. When we get to the tea room, Isabella instructs me to stay here as she disappears. A few seconds later, the door opens and she pulls me in, locking it from the inside.

I am suddenly aware that this is just me… and her.

Edward and Isabella. Something about it, I don't know what, but it feels right.

"Sit!" she commands and I respond. She stoops in front of me and I feel her hand run across my forehead and down the side of my face.

"You're so hot," she says, as her hands run down under my neck.

"Why, thank you. You're not so bad yourself."

Isabella rolls her eyes and stands back up quickly, walking over to the sink and grabbing a few paper towels. She turns the tap on, running water on the tissues before walking back over to me.

"I meant your temperature, Cullen. Don't flatter yourself," she tells me, as she wipes the towels around my face. My skin cries out from the icy feel against it. I lean back and my eyes flutter close, unable to control the sensations shooting through my body.

When she moves to my neck, I swallow thickly. She runs the towels along the sides before coming across to my Adam's apple. Her bare fingers grazes against it and I try my best not to dwell on the swell occurring in my jeans right now.

I feel her hands trailing south and my breath hitches in my chest. I'm beginning to think something is seriously wrong in there. My hands shoot out, grabbing at her wrists, stopping her in her tracks.

I honestly don't want to make it through the rest of the night with an uncomfortably painful hard-on.

"Isabella, you're making me crazy," In more ways than one, I want to add but I don't. "Please, tell me what the fuck you were doing up there with Aro… for so long?"

She rises from her stooping position, walking back over to the sink. She washes her hands, saying nothing.

"Isabella!" I almost scream, needing her to say anything at this point. "I can handle if he said no, but please, just fucking say something."

She turns to face me, her eyes closing briefly before opening again.

"You meet Aro in 30 minutes, Edward."

Fucking hell, I am.

Before I even know what I am doing, I am hoisting Isabella off the ground and into my arms. She lets out a surprised squeal as I spin her around. My head is swimming with all the alcohol I had tonight, but none of that exists at the moment. The only thing that matters right now is that my girl got me face time with Aro Volturi.

My girl?

I finally find it in me to calm down and place Bella back on her feet. She sways a bit but my hands on her hips quickly guide her back to balance. When I look up at her face, she looks far from happy and I'm confused.

"What's wrong?" I ask her, thinking that her doing this, for me, would at least make her happy too. She breaks away from my hold and walks across the room.

"Do you know what time it will be in half an hour, Edward?" she says, facing away from me.


I glance down at my watch realizing that its 11:00pm. Basic math tells me that in thirty minutes, it'll be 11:30pm.

Holy Shit!


"Yes Edward, Rosalie. Since you have taken her spot, she won't be seeing Aro tonight," she says, turning away from me. I honestly do not understand why in the fuck she cares so much.

"Yeah, so?" I ask, thinking that I'm maybe missing a puzzle piece somewhere.

"You're so damn dense, Cullen. I work for Rosalie Hale. I worked damn hard to get her the time slot that you now safely secure." She pauses and takes in a deep breath. "How the fuck will I explain this to her now?"

She's worried about losing her job?

I walk over to where she's standing, her back towards me, looking off to the side. I plant myself in her line of vision, hoping for her to look at me. When she diverts her gaze again, my fingers reach up, grabbing her face into my hands. Tilting her head back into my direction, I force her to look at me.

"You wound me, Isabella," I whisper to her as I move in closer. "Make no mistake, when I said I wanted you… I do want you but I also meant as my agent. I told you, I'm going to take care of you."

"I don't know if I can, Edward. I… I mean… I,"

"Shush," I tell her, growling low in my chest when her teeth find her lips again. "Don't think about it now. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. But your eyes, they can't lie, Isabella. You desire this just as much as I do."

I move my face closer, my lips ghosting over hers. The call of her body is overwhelming and I'm powerless to resist as I touch my lips to hers. The kiss is brief and gentle but my lips feel so right on hers. I take her bottom lip between mine, something I've wanted to do since I saw her biting down on them during our little walk out back. I nibble once, then twice, then three times and place a gentle tug on her lips while pulling back slowly and unwillingly.

I want so much more but now is definitely not the time.

"You have to get me ready, Isabella," I pull away from her body entirely, fighting urges to bring her back into me. "As you can see, I'm quite a mess here."

She chuckles and steps away from me, walking back over to the sink. The next few minutes, Isabella spends fussing over me. She attempts to tame my hair, and I laugh when she scoffs in frustration every time she tries to brush it left and it ends up right.

She rolls my sleeves down and helps me with my tie. Her expert hands tie the fucking thing like she was made to do it. She doesn't fumble, she doesn't stall… she's just fucking perfect standing there and attending to me.

It's never been clearer to me than in that very moment.

She's exactly what I needed this whole time.

She walks around me, grabbing my jacket and helping me into it. I shrug on the jacket and she moves back to the front of me, buttoning the button in the middle. She works again on my tie, tightening it again just a bit more on my command. When she's done, I'm caught by surprise when her hands run along my neck, coming to rest on my jaw. My stubble tickles her hands and she giggles softly. I smile at the sound because it's so beautiful; it almost takes my breath away.

"You have a lil lipstick right here," she says as her thumb runs along my lips. "You look quite handsome, Mr. Cullen."

I pull her closer to me, needing to feel her warmth against my body. I lean into her ear as I speak.

"And yet, I can never rival your beauty, Miss Swan."

"You ready to do this? Are you okay?" She looks me over again, worried that I might be hiding some sort of distress. I'm beginning to realize that she is my calm. When I'm with her— when she's with me, like this, my cravings are almost non-existent.


"I'm ready," I tell her as I extract myself from her grip. She holds onto me and surprises the shit out of me when she grabs onto my neck and pulls me into her. Her lips waste no time molding into mine and I resist the need to grab her from behind and hoist her onto my waist.

She is seriously killing me.

"Isabella," I groan as my pull away from her, my head falling onto her shoulder. I place a soft bite and whisper later into her neck before I tug on her hand, leading her out the door.

After leaving the tea room, my watch tells me that there is just enough time left for me to make a quick detour at the bar before my meeting with Aro. When my direction changes, I feel Isabella's hands on mine.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Uhmmm, to get a drink," I tell her matter of factly. She stares hard at me, wordlessly stating her opposition.

"Fuck," I say in defeat, knowing that she already has me beat.

"You're going to be fine, Cullen. You don't need a vice to get through this," she tells me, her voice is reassuring but I'm wondering if it's enough for both of us.

I say nothing more as we continue walking, making our way to Aro's office— together. Isabella leads the way as I trail slightly behind her; so near but still too far away. I can't count the number of times I thought about holding her hand in mine as we walked, or stopping and pressing her up onto the wall and kissing her into the next decade.

I definitely couldn't wait to finally get my hands… really get my hands on and all over her.

We reach the door and I turn around to look at Isabella in time to see her just about ready to turn on her heels.

"Well, Edward. Good luck, although you don't really need that from me. You're going to kick ass. I'm so proud of you, I should probably congratulate you in advance."

She's leaving me? Now? She can't be fucking serious…

She says no more and then she's turning… she's walking away… she's saying goodbye.

Not on my watch.

My hand shoots out as I barely grip the material of her dress by the waist. I tug lightly on it, not wanting to damage it. When I have a better clutch on her, my hands wound around her waist, bringing her body back to mine. Isabella's eyes are filled with shock and confusion as she tries to make sense of my clingy actions.

"The fuck, Isabella? What are you doing?" I ask her, begging her to tell me that Ashton Kutcher was about to pop out of somewhere, and tell me that her leaving me was being filmed for an episode of Punk'd.

"Edward," she begins, her hands coming to rest on my jaw. I'm beginning to realize that I love the way her tiny, little fingers feel on my scruff. I can't help it as I lean harder into her warm touch. "This is between you and Aro."

Her response stuns me and I have to pull away from her to really study her face; to see if her expression matches the seriousness of her tone. Quite frankly, I don't understand her at all right now.

"Oh no no no. No you don't.," As I say the words, my hand clamp tighter around her waist, almost crushing her to me. "You're in this just as much as I am, woman."

"Edward…" She tries to protest again but I am not having any of it.

"Look, I need you in there with me, okay. I can't do this without you, I won't. Just… please?"

My hands remove themselves from around Isabella's waist as I watch how she opens her mouth to respond. Even before she is able to get any words out, the door opens and Aro is standing before us, inviting us both inside.

We're sitting at a large, rectangular mahogany desk— Aro on one side, Isabella and myself on the other side, directly across from him. Since we entered the room, Aro has said nothing but peasantries.

Have a seat… How are you, Edward? Isabella? ... Would you care for a drink? ... Are you enjoying the party?

I swear he's the creepiest fucker I've ever met as he now sits across us. He is leant forward, his elbows resting on the edge of the table. His fingers are intertwined under his chin, index finger tapping away at his cheek. He's continually looking from me to Isabella and in the last minute and a half; he's never broken the routine.

In my stomach, there are knots. Every time Aro does something sinister like smile at Isabella or look at me from head to toe, those knots wound a little tighter. I'm beginning to think; pretty soon I won't be able to breathe.

"So, Edward," Aro's voice pulls me away from the tragedy raging inside of me. "Where is Tanya? I thought I saw her earlier. I must have been mistaken."

What a way to break the ice, huh?

Ten minutes into this thing and I'm already annoyed. I didn't come here to waste time on unimportant and unnecessary topics like Tanya. By the way, why in the fuck could I even think about Tanya when I have this queen sitting beside me?

"Believe me when I say I mean no disrespect, Mr. Volturi," I tell him, wanting him to get this very clear. "But, why don't we let bygones be bygones. Miss Swan here will represent me now. That's all that matters in those regards right now."

Aro lifts his hands in surrender and I let out a safe breath, thanking God he dropped that subject.

"Okay okay, Cullen. Let's get down to business, shall we?" Aro says and I watch in horror as he pulls the drawer, retrieving a packet of Du Maurier. He removes one from the pack and places it between his lips.

Fuck… fuck … fuck

My eyes shoot over to where Isabella is seated, and I could see that she's just as shocked as I am. I tear my eyes away from hers, swallowing heavily, forcing the bile threatening to burst up out of my chest back down. Aro produces a lighter from his jacket pocket and although I shouldn't, I can't help but watch as he brings his hands up to his face, flicking at the lighter, and lighting up the cigarette right there and then.

My eyes find Isabella's again— always finding Isabella. I can't imagine how my face must look right now. I feel like a little boy again… back at sixteen years, being pressured into smoking my first cigarette. A memory I thought I had laid to rest a very long time ago.

I watch her and as ever, she always knows what to say.

'You can do this,' she mouths to me and although not totally convinced, I am determined to trust her. She's never steered me wrong before and I'd hate to think she'd start now.

Somewhere between watching Aro lighting up his cigarette and searching Isabella's soulful eyes for answers, I manage to grab a toothpick out of my pocket. It's between my hand— the one that's not currently engaged in a vice grip with my thigh. My fingers run along the stem, occasionally pricking themselves on the pointed ends.

Aro takes one look at me but I can't understand his expression.

"Shit, I'm sorry. I'm being rude," Why yes, you fucking are. "Would you like a smoke, Edward?"

What the fuck is wrong with people? I scream in my head. My jaw hardens and my chest rises and falls in quick succession. My heart feels as if it's about to explode from its place inside of me. My fingers grip and release the handles of the chair as Aro's second hand smoke diffuses around me. My feet are bouncing nervously beneath me.

I can't do this. I can't. I motherfucking do not have to sit here and take this.

I'm just about ready to fly up out of this seat and bolt for the doors, so done with this shit; but Isabella's hand reaches out under the table and clamps down onto my thighs. My eyes follow the movement and I look down as she runs her delicate fingers up and down my legs. Her fingers occasionally stop at different spots, sometimes running lines across my thighs or tracing circular shapes over them.

I try my best not to close my eyes and moan as I feel a radiant rush of calm surge through me. Before too long, my breathing is still slightly above normal but under enough control for now. My legs are now still, afraid my erratic movements will in any way hinder the perfect work of art that is Isabella's fingers.

I finally have the courage and strength that I need to answer Aro's question. In my panic attack, it seems like he'd asked it ages ago.

"No, thank you, Aro. I…" I stumble over words, but recover almost as if I didn't. I finally raise the toothpick and place it into my mouth as I smile a bit.

"Actually, I just quit smoking."

The pride I feel at the words is indescribable. I look over at Isabella, feeling as if making eye contact with her every two seconds is mandatory. She nods at me, pride welling up in her eyes as well. She silently tells me to go on— to tell him; to tell him everything.

And that I do.

I spend the next forty-five minutes detailing the past month of my life to Aro. He intervenes at certain times, asking questions and making apt comments here and there. Isabella is not absent from the conversation either, both Aro and I including her at appropriate times. Her hand never leaves my thigh the entire time, one of my own joining hers at some point, just needing to be more connected to her. It's fucking astounding how composed I am because she's here, even with Aro smoking his cigarette, only a few feet away from me.

We talk, we laugh and we even down a few drinks and before we know it, the meeting is over.

"Well kids," Aro says dismissively and while I had a hell of a time, I'm quite fucking ready to get Isabella somewhere where I can thank her most ardently. "Why don't you go on now? Eat, drink, dance, and celebrate. I'll be in touch."

Aro embraces Isabella before turning to me and shaking my hand.

"Enjoy the rest of the party," he tells us before escorting us out. As soon as the door shuts behind us, and Aro is headed down the staircase, I slump against it, breathing out a ginormous sigh of relief.

"Congratulations," Isabella squeals beside me, and I don't even have to look over at her to know that she's practically vibrating with excitement right now. "You did it, Cullen. You did it… you did it… you did it!"

I fix my gaze on her, my stare hard and furious. I want to hold her in my arms and shake some fucking sense into her. She's being utterly ridiculous.

I grab onto her shoulders, running my fingers down the length of her arms and finally stopping at her finger. I interlock mine into hers, bringing her hands in mine up to my lips.

"We," I clarify and watch as Isabella gasps, her free hand reaching up and covering her mouth. "We did it, baby. I could've never done this without…"

Before I can even finish, Isabella grabs my face and pulls me down to her height, kissing me fiercely. Those lips; her lips… they create choreographed symphonies against mine. I can't even begin to understand how I've spent the last twenty-eight years of my life wandering around, impishly trying to satisfy myself with other women, when this one… my Isabella Swan, has been the one all along.

"Fuuu… fuck," I groan against her lips when I feel her tongue begging for penetration. How can I fucking deny her?

I open my mouth to her and she's telling me she needs this just as much as I do. My tongue fuses with hers and I can't help myself as I spin her around, slamming her into the door behind me. For a moment, we lose focus and balance as the door buckles under our weight, sending us both crashing onto the floor of the room with respective 'oomphs'.

Holy fuck… the room.

Aro's office. We're in Aro's Office.

While my brain tries to compute what is really happening, Isabella is lying above me. She's giggling and her cheeks are flushed and the rose-color coupled with her perfect red lips and the way, they smile up at me is just about enough to do me in.

I waggle my eyebrows at her as I try to ignore the pain in my back from when I landed on the floor. I roll us over and bring my lips back down onto her's quickly. I pull away saying nothing, and I remove myself from over her and rising to my feet. Isabella groans in protest, red lips pouting at me from her place on the floor.

I chuckle as I make my way to the door, closing it and with a quick movement; I double-bolt the door.

Isabella's breath hitches as I turn around, leaning back onto the door. There is no sign of amusement in my face anymore. I'm quite ready to get down to business. It's been a long ass night— for both parties involved.

"You are so fucking beautiful," I tell her; wanting her to know, needing her to believe my words. I remove my jacket, walking over to where she is on the floor. I stoop next to her, running a hand down her face, brushing a few wild hairs out of her face. I stand back up, holding out a hand to her. When she grabs it, I help her up and before she is fully on her feet, she leaps into my arms, legs bound around my waist.

I walk her over to Aro's desk, placing her against the edge of it. In a split second, I'm on my knees in front of her. My fingers make quick work of her heels, unbuckling the thin straps. After I get one off, I fling it over my shoulders as I do with the other. I take one foot in my hand and kiss her ankle.

"You deserve to be worshipped," I whisper against the silk of her skin as I skim my way up her calves. I pepper soft kisses everywhere, not willing to neglect one damn inch of her skin. Hiking her dress up and holding her leg out, I kiss the back of her knees. Her leg twitches in my hand and I know… I know. I feel the same things; maybe even more.

I kiss my way up and over her thighs, getting higher and higher to that place. Isabella's body quivers above mine and I know exactly what she wants— what she craves. Her legs try to clamp together but I won't have it.

"Uh uh uh," I tell her, spreading them back open to me. "I'm not done with you yet; far from, actually."

Isabella groans and throws her head back as I repeat my actions on her other legs. I'm torn because her neck looks so fucking enticing. I have to force myself to remain in my position at her feet.

Kisses everywhere.

I'm at her thighs again and I'm so close to her core, I can smell her arousal all around me. My nose skims across the lining of her underwear before I stand quickly and my hands grip at Isabella's dress. I'm quite fucking ready for this thing to be off her but I don't want to ruin it.

As careful as I can be, my hands pull the dress up and off Isabella's body. If I thought she was beautiful with that damn dress on, then fuck me because she's a fucking goddess with it off.

"Fuck, baby," I choke out as I move in and place a kiss against her lips. I place two small kisses on her top lip, one at each end and doing the same with the bottom. When I pull back the last time, her response is maddening.

"C'mere," she whispers and then she is pulling me by my collar, crashing my lips into hers. She's frantic, she's everywhere. She wants, she needs. She feels it too. Every emotion, every static, every fuse comes alight when she kisses me this way.

He tongue caresses mine and I moan into her mouth when I feel her hands tugging onto my tie. She yanks it off my neck, discarding it behind her.

"You have way too many clothes on, Cullen."

Before I know it, her lips are back on mine while my shirt loosens one button at a time. I quickly become frantic and I shrug out of it. My lips find hers again and I rejoice at the feel of flesh on flesh. Her breasts press against my torso and my hands find her hips, moving up her ribcage. When they find her breasts, we both let out accompanying groans as I cup her. My thumbs lightly brush against her nipples, feeling them harden under my touch.

"Look at you, baby," I tell her when I pull away from her lips. "Look at how you body responds when my mine calls. Makes me wonder in what other ways you are ready for me."

As I say the words, my fingers tingle in anticipation. One hand remains, groping, flicking and teasing Isabella's nipples, as the other one travels south bound. I run a straight line down the middle of her stomach, stopping only to make three light traces along the edge her belly button. I continue my trek downward until my hand meets lace.

I hiss under my breath as my hand runs along the lining, my eyes never leaving her face. Her bottom lip, good god, her lip is between her teeth again. My hands are both in very compromising positions right now, neither of which are willing to relent. I lean forward and tug her lip from their lodged position between her teeth with my own.

When my hand finally slips into her panties, I can't help the grunt that escapes my lips. She feels so fucking perfect and wet under my fingers. My fingers say hello to heaven as they slide along her wetness. I circle her clit a few times, before running my fingers along the length of her pussy.

Once… twice… again and again.

One set of fingers find her entrance teasing while the other continues their work at her breasts. My fingers trace along her slit as Isabella moans above me.

"My god, Isabella. How fucking drenched you are."

All of this, for me. Lucky fucking bastard.

"Edward," she pants above me and the sound of my name, falling from her lips in this state of arousal, absolutely does me in. My fingers shove harshly inside of her and her hands grab onto the hair at the nape of my neck.

"Holy fuck," she squeals and I look up at her.

"Shhhhh, Isabella," I tell her as I slowly extricate my finger and slides it back into her almost instantly. She muffles her moans as my fingers work inside her, gliding in and out of her with ease.

My mouth is frantic, placing kisses everywhere I can. Her eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and chin. I bring my lips over to one ear and place a kiss on the lobe before moving over to the other. When I get to the other, my hand leaves her breast, pushing away some fallen strands as I kiss the back of her ear. I literally pry one of her hands from their death grip on my neck and bringing it down to where my dick is practically straining against my jeans.

"Go on, girl," I tell her, placing her hand on my throbbing cock. "Feel how mad you make me."

The feel of her fingers on my clothed cock is amazing, but I wasn't fucking ready for the feel of her bare hands on me. Somehow, Isabella has managed to undo my pants and now they, along with my boxers are pooled at my ankles. Her hand wraps around me and my body jolts, my fingers twisting violently inside her.

"Oh... oh… oh," she moans and starts pumping me. Before too long, there is tightening in my stomach and fuck it, if she keeps on me this way, I just might blow right in her hands.

I want inside.

My fingers pull out from inside of her and I take a quick step back from her. My fingers curl into the lace removing the final piece of clothing from her body.

I gaze at her naked form on the desk before me, and I think I try to say words but how do you describe such beauty when the mere word beauty itself is a million times insufficient?

I groan when Isabella slides back onto the table, her ivory skin a work of art against the mahogany. She props both her legs up onto the desk and holy fuck; she's spread out for me. I'm pretty sure my jaw hits the floor when I see her curling her fingers, inviting me in.

I waste no time in giving my girl exactly what she needs.

In a matter of seconds, I have a condom rolled onto me and I'm inside, sheathed, and all the way in.

"Fucking tight," I say through clenched teeth as I pull out and push forward again. "You're strangling me, fuck."

"Unnngggg… so…. God… Edward baby," Isabella moans under me. "So filling."

"To the fucking hilt, babygirl," I say as I pull out, plunging into her harder this time. She moves a little way up the table, and I place my hands on her hips to steady her as I thrust over and over.

In… out. In… out. And in again.

The air fills with swears and moans, grunts and groans.

"Isabella, what are you doing to me?" My hands move from her hips and reach under her back and onto her shoulder.

"You. Drive. Me. Insane. With. Your. Flawless. Body." Each word stressed with its own thrust.

My hands on her shoulders pull her down onto me while I drive up into her. Her hands pull me down onto her, as her lips find mine. Her fingers grip extra hard on the hair at the nape of my neck, as her lips devour mine.

Me, being inside of her… god, it is meant to be.

I want more.

I pull out of her, both of us groans at the loss. I lift Isabella, flipping us over so that she is now suspended on top of me. In no time, I pull her down, impaling her again.

"Oh sweet heavens," she moans as she rolls and circles her hips. I can't help myself as I thrust up into her and god, she's so fucking tight and perfect and just made for me.

I sit up quickly, feeling my release lurking.

"Hold onto your ankles, Isabella," I tell her, my hands pushing at her shoulders. I fucking love that she is quick on my commands. In two seconds, she's bent over and I'm back inside of her— where I feel right at home.

"Ed… ward… Edward," she pants and my hands tighten on her hips as I propel into her. I know what she's trying to tell me.

I'm inside and then I'm out, wasting no time before I'm inside again.

Harder, harder.

Deeper, deeper.

Her body silently commands me and no matter how far my hard cock drills into her, it's never enough. My knees grow weak and I quickly lower Isabella and I to our knees before we fall over.

"Hold on, baby." I grab one of her legs and bring it around my own waist. I bury myself deep into her as I draw her back against me and holy damn; it's electrifying, the air buzzing with both our arousals.

"Fuccccccccccck," she screams, and I know, I goddamn know.

"Feel… that… baby," I tell her, unable to stop moving against her. I'm ready, so fucking close. I reach a hand around her, rubbing hard on her clit, not wanting to do this without her. She moans. "That's it… that's fucking us, babygirl. Come with me."

One last thrust sends us both over the edge and I feel her explode around me as I come inside of her. My vision blacks out for a moment as I thrust inside of her weakly two more times… or maybe three, I'm not really sure. When we both realize that we actually survived our climaxes, I slide out of her and gather her up into my arms before we both collapse onto the floor.

"I have no words," I tell her, kissing her forehead and grabbing her up into my arms, holding her close.

I definitely want that to happen again… SOON!

"I know," is all she says as she nestles back into my chest. Her hands are on my thighs, making those light circles again and I instantly remember something I needed to ask her.

"How did you know that would help me?"

I feel her smile beneath me, and I know that she knows to what I'm referring.

"I didn't," she says, turning around to look into my eyes. "I just knew I needed to do something, anything to get you focused; to calm you, and well, I guess that was the best thing at the moment."

She shrugs and turns back around.

"It was and thank you," I tell her as I turn her back toward me, needing her to know how grateful I am that she stumbled into my life when she did. "Thank you, for everything."

Her smile rivals the sun and before I know it, my lips find hers, not wanting to be anywhere else.

I groan and pull away when I feel her hands trailing down my chest, and then lower and then lower.

"Isabella," I whimper, kissing her neck. "As much as I'd love to stay here and fuck you again, we have to get back."

Isabella huffs but she conforms knowing that I'm right. She pulls away but before I let her go, I need her to know that I'm not done with her.

"Hey hey hey," I tug her backward and into me and murmur against her neck as I ghost my lips against her quickening pulse point. "Later— You. Me. My hotel room. You are not to leave this party alone. You leave with me."

She moans and nods once, telling me exactly what I need to hear without words.

After reluctantly pulling away from each other, we fumble to redress, searching the entire room for certain pieces of our clothes— but mostly because we're just fucking insatiable and can't keep our hands off each other.

"You ready, baby?" I ask her, not only talking about getting back to the party but also talking about starting our journey together; whatever the hell that might mean.

"As ready as I'll ever be," she responds tiptoe-ing and placing one last kiss on my lips. I hold her body against mine for a little longer than intended, never wanting to let go of her lips ever.

Finally we pull away, panting all over each other and make our way over to the door. I pull a piece of paper from Isabella's hair and she hurriedly runs another hand through it as I open the door.

Isabella and I both gasp at what we see as we both step out the door and into the hall, hand in hand.

Or rather who.

Rosalie fucking Hale.

"So Isabella, this is where you've been all this time?"

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