Author's Note: For years this story has languished on my hard drive. It does no longer because, quite frankly, someone told me it deserves to be somewhere elese. So here it is, my first real attempt at dealing with Trek alternate realities. It is not complete. It may never be complete. The original outline has turned out to be under estimating it's length. The plot line has greatly expanded when I realized that I needed to do a great deal of back story to make it work.

This story, since I have moved on to writing mainly Harry Potter fan fiction doesn't get enough attention unless feedback cause it. In fact a recent review resulted in my current revision and the newest chapter.

As of 2017, I have completely reviewed and reposted what I have of this story, resulting in a few minor corrections that comes from a continuity review. There are also some additions to the existing chapters caused by this review. I have also changed my chapter labels for this story, dropping terms such as Prologue and Chapter as I've grown to dislike those labels. Each chapter will have a revision date immediately following the opening Author's note.

Revised: October 29, 2017

The Three Realities

Defiance Captain

The metal debris spun in space as it followed the path dictated by the explosion that had separated it from it's prior occupation. As it spun, light from the nearby red dwarf star, Lalande 21185, revealed it's source, NCC-42295. If you could look up Star Fleet Registries, that would be enough to identify it as part of the USS Hood, an Excelsior Class vessel commissioned in 2355. The debris from the Hood wasn't the only sign of the Battle of Lalande 21185. Three dozen starships had met their ends in this system, along with a good dozen of their green blooded enemies.

They had lost. It had been the first significant battle of the war. The Federation had been barely hanging on when Admiral DeSoto had encountered the Romulan Warbirds on their way to take out the remaining bastian of humanity in the Sol system. They'd defeated the Borg, some how. Wolf 359 had taken out a great deal of Star Fleet's Ships of the Line, and more had been lost in the final encounter orbiting Earth. Earth itself had been turned into an ecological disaster that would have taken decades of careful work by a dedicated work force to restore.

That wasn't going to happen. Earth was now subject to Romulan rule. Predator Neral now ruled over what had been the United Federation of Planets. His bold orders after the Borg attack on the Federation, before the ships could be repaired or replaced had quickly placed all the major Federation worlds under the thumb of the Romulans. Star Fleet no longer existed, mostly.

In the dark shadows of Lalande 21185, however, one last Star Fleet Vessel lurks. As her crew beams aboard another piece of salvaged hardware, her stolen Romulan cloaking device comes down briefly, revealing her unusual lines for a Star Fleet Vessel. Her dusky blue hull was a single unit, the warp nacelles brought in tight, her deflector embedded in the rectangularish forward beak. Her registry was visible on the tip, NX-74205, and her name emblazoned on the circular ring embedded on the top of the hull.

USS Defiance, her name proclaimed. Fitting perhaps, that this ship, that name, the first and last of her class, would be the last starship of the United Federation of Planets. The last one launched, and the last one remaining. To the scattered remains of humanity, her name would be legend. The tale of her escape, of her survival, of her assistance, of her appearance, would be long remembered, long after her final disappearance.

The Warbird Haakona under Subcommander Taris had been given the job of tracking down the USS Defiance. It was the Haakona's cloaking device that had been stolen. Not that Taris would ever admit that. Especially since he had seen the visuals of the thieves. He was not going to admit that his security was so bad that some teenagers had penetrated it while the ship was undergoing repairs.

It had been a year ago, six weeks after the fall of Vulcan. He would forever curse his orders to repair at the surviving Starbase Twenty. Two humans and a Vulcan were all that had been necessary to remove that critical piece of equipment. His ship had not been allowed to order a replacement.

The Haakona had some success dealing with the Defiance. Taris was pretty sure by now that he was dealing with a new Captain. The tactical patterns had changed about five months before. The new Captain had to be younger, a bit more reckless, but also a bit more complex. He figured that they had to be the helmsman from the first three months he'd been chasing the Defiance. There was a certain similarity in style that had been lacking in the interim in the ship's movement. Almost a musical, actually.

Taris had learnt as much as he could about the Defiance. He knew that it had been an experimental ship, which severely limited the prewar intelligence on the vessel built to defeat the Borg. The Federation had won before it was commissioned. In fact she hadn't been commissioned until right before the Romulan attack on Earth. He knew that her first commander was Commander Benjiman Sisko, who had been promoted to Captain by the Federation's last Admiral before her surrender at the Battle of Andor. Necheyev had turned out to be a well of information after the Federation's surrender, but unfortunately not as much about the Defiance's crew as Taris had hoped.

He entered the bridge, just in time to hear the first spotting of the Defiance by his warbird in over a month.

Princess Lieutenant

In another reality, the current Captain of the Defiance had a science project, Her theory was somewhat revolutionary, as it required them to exist across realities. If she'd gone into the field of Stellar Cartography, as she did in yet another reality, her theory might have been expanded to account for what was about to happen in the orbiting debris from the Battle of Lalande 21185.

It had been somewhat ironic that a girl whose theories on quantum filament movements would have her first meeting with the Captain of the Enterprise right before the Enterprise was hit with one, trapping both in a turbolift. The ironies behind the current situation would dwarf that irony.

Then again irony was a regular feature of those who serve on the Enterprise, and Her Royal Highness Princess Marrissa, or as she'd really wished you would call her Lieutenant Marrissa Picard, served as Chief of Security on the Enterprise NCC-1701-E. She had no idea what was going to happen during her day as she got up to run 5K around the saucer section of her adopted father's ship. Then again, no one on the Enterprise really expected to have an idea about what was about to happen on the Enterprise. It was the Enterprise, after all.

Ensign Expert

There was another Marrissa out there, in yet another reality. She was an expert in quantum filaments, and today she was about to start an experiment. In her reality she was a young scientist, whose project had been assigned to the Titan under Captain William T. Riker. At the moment she was doing a last inspection on the equipment that would soon take hold of a quantum filament. Her theories were rather close to those of the Princess Lieutenant, only she didn't think they went across realities.

The Expert was quite shy, and she blushed as the Captain's protegee, an acting Ensign Jay Gordon came to see if she was ready to go to the bridge to start the experiment. Somehow she managed to stammer a yes.

Defiance Captain

Scientifically, the Captain of the Defiance was every bit as scientifically interested as her counter parts had been to a point. It was when the Federation fell that she'd changed. Only the expert really fell on their original path. The Captain of the Defiance's science project had been on quantum singularities, none of which had ever impacted the Enterprise of her reality. Those quantum singularities were used to power Romulan vessels, like the one that was about to react to the Defiance's appearance like a shark to blood in the water. Quantum singularities like the five that survived the destruction of their host vessels and even now orbited Lalane 21185.

The debris that was once part of the Hood rippled, and sparked, hit by something that none could see. If the expert from that other reality, the one that had gone into Stellar Cartography instead of command, had been there, she might have warned her counterpart in this reality. Probably not, though. That expert had remained pretty much the shy blonde who rarely spoke up. That expert would have launched a probe and sat back to watch what happened when a quantum filament was hit by quantum singularities.

That expert probably would have spoke up when the quantum singularity became something more. The commander of the Defiance, however, she was a little bit busy to know everything the expert would have found out. She probably was the only version of herself in the multitudes of known realities that was that busy, at least until another cusp hit, and realities split again.