Me: Hi, this is my awsome version of the Story of Evil, This chapter here is the Duaghter of Evil.

Patty: She let me be the Evil person.

Me: Due to this I had to make Liz a dude.

Liz: What?

Me: It's only for this story *mumbling*Unless i get feedback that Male Liz is cool then I'll always write you as a boy

Liz: I heard that!

Me; PAtty Do the Discalimer thingy mabober! Quick!

Patty: White-Rose Does not own Soul Eater, its characers, 'Daughter of Evil', 'Story of Evil', or Anytihng else that could get her into trouble wih the law.

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Once upon a time, there was
A treacherous kingdom
And reigning at the top
A princess of age fourteen

Once upon a time there was a large kingdom. The ruler was a princess no older than 14 named Patty. Patty was a short girl with bright blond hair and blue eyes. She wore a light blue princess dress. She was very childish but also brutal.

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Luxurious and gorgeous furnishings
The servant had a very similar face
Her favourite horse's name was Josephine
Everything all belonged to her

Patty had a large castle. Her most loyal servant was a boy everyone called Liz, who looked almost exactly like Patty. Liz took care of Patty's horse and other belonging.

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If money became insufficient
She'd exploit it from the ignorant people
Those who go against me
I'll purge to put an end to

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"Come now, kneel down!"

"My lady, we're running low on money again." Liz warned. Patty looked up at him.

"Raise the taxes please, dear Liz." Patty said. Liz nodded and patted her head.

"Want to play with Mr. Giraffe while I tell the people your new tax?" Liz asked.

"Yes, thank you Liz!" Patty giggled as she ran to her room.

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An evil flower blooms attractively
With vivid colouration
The pitiful weeds surrounding
Ah, become nutriment as they rot away

Patty played in her room waiting for Liz to show. When the door Opened Patty ran and hugged Liz.

"Let's play!" Patty said giggling.

"Yes, my lady." Liz said sitting by her.

Lyrics from

The tyrant princess loved
The opposite side of the sea's person of blue
Though he had been taken to the neighbouring country's
Woman of green at first sight

"Wow, prince Soul is so handsom, send a marriage proposal!" Patty said to Liz.

"Yes, my lady." Liz said writing it down. Months later Liz read what the prince sent back.

"'Dear Princess Patty, I must say I'm both honored and flattered you want my as your King. However, I already have found love in the green kingdom. Best wishes, Prince Soul.'" Liz read. Patty looked at Liz blankly.

Lyrics from

The princess obsessed with jealousy
One day summoned the cabinet minister
And in a quiet voice said
"Destroy the country of green"

"Liz, I have a new order!" Patty yelled. Liz looked up at the princess with Surprise. "Destroy the green country. I want to play with Mr. Giraffe also." Liz nodded.

"I shall tell the army of your declaration shortly." Liz said. Patty simply clapped and laughed. "I'll return in a few moments."

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Many houses were being reduced to ashes
Many lives were being lost
The sorrow of the suffering people
Did not reach the princess

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"Oh, it's time for a snack"

Liz knew all the houses that burned and lives that were taken. None of that reached his princess though. No suffering or sorrow.

"Patty, snack time." Liz said. Patty ran.

"Oh, it's time for snack! What do we have? Wait; don't tell me, I want to be surprised!"

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An evil flower blooms attractively
With maddening colouration
Although it is a very beautiful flower
Ah, there are too many thorns, it can't be touched

Patty played in her garden with Liz watching carefully.

"Ow! Liz the rose bit me!" Patty said. Liz looked at Patty and the rose.

"Silly princess, you touched a thorn." Liz said.

"Oh…" Patty said glaring at the flower.

Lyrics from

The evil princess had to be brought down
Finally, the people stand up
Leading the crowd was
A swordswoman of red armour

Patty heard the people coming. She simply sighed and looked at the Swordswoman.

"Who's invading my tea time?" Patty asked.

"I'm Crona…" The Woman answered.

Lyrics from

Those angry intentions that piled up
Wrapped around the whole country
Tired from a long of war
Things like soldiers were not enemies

"Liz, why didn't the guards stop them?" Patty asked only to have no answer. She came up with her own. "The lazy guards must be tiered from destroying the green people."

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In the end, the palace was surrounded
And even the vassals escaped
The lovely, attractive princess
Was finally caught

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"You insolent person!"

The people grabbed Patty.

"Put me down, you rats!" Patty yelled. She stopped fighting and just smiled. "Fine, you just want to play capture the princess."

Lyrics from

An evil flower blooms attractively
With saddening colouration
The paradise for her sake
Ah, is also brittle and fleetingly collapsing

Everyone recalled when the kingdom used to be like a paradise, Patty had changed since then and changed it to her meaning of is. And now it was collapsing under her very feet.

Lyrics from

Once upon a time, there was
A treacherous kingdom
And reigning at the top had been
A princess of age fourteen

Like I said Patty was a brutal princess. Who knew a fourteen year old would enjoy beheading people, and causing mass destruction. She would sit in her light blue dress. If her dress got stained by blood they'd throw it out and buy her a new one.

Lyrics from

The time of the execution was three p.m.
The time when the church bell sounds
That person who was called the princess
What are they thinking alone in prison?

Patty was now in a prison cell waiting for her execution. She heard the church bell ring and Giggled

Lyrics from

Finally, that time arrived
The bell that announced the end rang
She wouldn't give an eye to things like the populace
She was like this

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"Oh, it's time for a snack"

Patty skipped to the execution thingy, thinking it was all a game. She only said one thing before dying.

"Oh, it's time for snack? What has Liz prepared?"

Lyrics from

An evil flower scatters attractively
With vivid colouration
The later people talk of her this way
Ah, she really was the daughter of evil

The crowd cheered at the evil princess's death. They celebrated. But they still gave her a funeral.

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