This was a request and since this story hasn't had any chapters or inspration latly i made this as the last chapter and a bonus one. He he hope you like it, or get creeped out by it. Either i've done my job. :3 p.s. Don;t own song SE or it's characters...

Deep, deep within the fog, a captivating voice echoes
Come, come, until you're deeper into the heart of the forest
Hurry, hurry, you'll only get closer if you're quick
Come, come, now isn't it fun?
Let the games begin

Maka walked through the fog. She heard a noise from the forest, but unlike any sane person she went towards the noise! She saw a figure walking. Maka ran towards it.

"Come, isn't it fun?" It was a male voice. "Let the games begin."

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The cinnamon stick is a magic wand
With just one flick the syrup will swell
Into a dream so sweet you'll forget you knew bitterness
Sheltered by the canopy
You'll fall deep asleep

All the sudden she was in a mansion. A young man her age gave her treats. He was an albino just so you know. Maka was over whelmed by the yummy snakes the boy was letting her eat. Maka let out a yawned as she lied down on the conopany bed she had been placed on.

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It's okay to be lost, mesmerized by mirages
If you loosen the blindfold it won't be fun
Watch your step! I'll take you by the hand
So, right away
Entrust yourself to me

Maka sat up after the boy laughed. He had a blind fold in his hand.

"In this game you must entrust yourself to me kay?" The boy said blind folding Maka. He then grabbed Maka's hand and every so often told her to watch her step. When the blind fold started slipping the boy tightened it.

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For some time the blade of doubt has been fading in and out
The mercy of love has no place here
Through a slit in the blindfold you peeped
And saw the shadows cast by the lantern
Suddenly, your hair stands on end

Maka peeked through the slit in the blind fold and saw the shadow of the boy was much smaller and doll like than the boy. Her eye's widened and the boy gave a shark toothed smile. He was messing with something by the lantern.

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My my, what a wicked child! You're already awake?
If the blindfold came off, then shall I blind you?
Come now, smile! Let's see that precious face
Slip back into your skin
and go back to the show

"Awake already? Maybe I should've blinded you instead of using the cloth." The boy smiled as Maka shaking with fear. "Hey show me that smile. The cute on you used to always show around me."

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"...Hey, give me that!"

Years ago you could see a small girl playing with a doll that looked like the boy in the story.

"we'll be best friends for ever Soul. I promis!" The girl hugged the doll close until she saw a new doll in the window. In it there was a doll that looked like her friend Tsubaki.

"Daddy, daddy! I want that dolly!" Maka said setting the other on the side walk. After her dad bought the new doll she forgot the old one on the ground.

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What happened to make your eyes so wide? Your body is trembling
Shall I bring you some warm milk?
Now now, come inside! It's very warm in here
The stuff from your pockets will be enough in return

Soul now noticed Maka trembling wide eyed.

"Want some milk? It's very warm here. For payment that stuff in your pocket will be fine." Soul said smiling. "Come one."

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Give me something, hurry, hurry
Hey c'mon, right away
Abandon the notion of having a choice
We'll lure you in with lies, so just slurp the sweet honey
Give me some, hey now, hand it over, right now

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Right now!

"Ok give me the payment." Soul said smiling. "Now would be nice. What's that you have no pockets or payment? Here I have something in mind.

Weeks later a girls dead body was found clutching doll of a boy with white hair and red hair.