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Rising Night Book 4:

The Journey


~ShadowClan and ThunderClan~

Flames were everywhere, and smoke, thick and black, filled the air. Cats gasped as they ran to the lake, where death in the form of their DarkClan enemies awaited them. The lake began to run red with the blood of cats. Those who were behind turned and ran towards the RiverClan border, ShadowClan and the ThunderClan refugees alike, praying that there would be solace for them and their kits and elders. But there wasn't.


Cats screamed in horror as Dark Forest warriors and DarkClan cats descended on them in the early dawn. But there was no where to run. They fought bravely, but in the end many died and the river began to flow red with blood, and lifeless bodies littered the ground, eyes staring blankly up at their still living kin.

The ShadowClan and ThunderClan cats fled to them, but there was nowhere for them to go. The three Clans fled together to WindClan territory.


The SkyClan cats leaped out of trees, performing their signature sky-drop attack. It was effective, but not effective enough. They were too outnumbered; DarkClan had bred like rabbits, and the warriors of their Clan of traitors were well trained. So they did the only thing they could do: Fled to WindClan, in hopes that the other Clan could help them.


WindClan, however, could help none of the other four clans. They themselves were under attack, and many of them were dead. The grass of their hills and moors was stained with blood.

But not all was as hopeless as it seemed.

"Clan cats, this way!" yowled a black she-cat who seemed to have come from nowehere.

"Shadowstalker!" Onestar yowled gratefully.

"Come on! I have safety and shelter for you with my rogues."

So the Clan cats, led by Shadowstalker, fled from their territories to potential safety.

~Shadowstalker's Rogues~

Light gazed in horror as Shadowstalker led the numerous Clan cats up to the caverns that were home to the rogues. Had it really come to that? Were the Clans on the brink of destruction? She pressed against Star, feeling his warm pelt against hers.

"Everything will be all right," the silver tom assured her, licking her good ear. "I promise."

~The Tribe of Rushing Water~

Stormfur and Brook gazed at the sky.

"It's so dark," Brook meowed. "I pray that there will be no more destruction. Stoneteller has seemed nervous these past few moons. And now the sky is turning black again. What could it mean?"

"I do not know," Stormfur replied honestly.

As he spoke, smoke began to appear on the horizon. Both cats' eyes widened in horror.

"The Clans live that way!" Brook mewed.

"Dear StarClan, no!" Stormfur meowed.

Then the image of his sister then appeared, fear in her eyes. "The Dark Forest has returned!"

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