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Chapter 12

Carnage in the Night

The Clan cats and rogues were all fast asleep in the caverns outside of Clan territory. Only a few stayed awake. Those who slept were at peace. Those who stayed awake were alert, ready and waiting in case there was an attack.

"Do you think anything will happen tonight?" asked Flightwing, turning to Star.

"I doubt it. We'd surely have heard something by now. It's quiet," Star meowed.

"Too quiet," Shadowflight put in, stepping forward.

Star and Light turned to face the she-cat. Light blinked, curious, and Star tilted his head, eyes narrowing slightly.

"How?" he meowed.

"You should know, you're a rogue. Listen," she meowed. All four cats fell perfectly silent.

There was nothing. Not a cricket or frog. A lone owl hooted, but it was a long ways off. Only the wind in the trees made a sound.

"Nothing, save for that distant owl," Star meowed.

"Exactly. And it sounded like something had scared it," Shadowflight replied.

"Scared it? What would scare an owl?" Flightwing asked.

"My mother," Shadowflight replied grimly. "I once watched her clime up a tree into an owl's nest and kill the owlets. The parents tried to fight her off, but she killed the mother. The father was furious, but then she snapped his wings and he fell to the ground. She refused to let us kill him, but kept us there watching for days until the male finally died. I'm sure that other owls know that story by now; she's done similar to many owls. And I know of three occasions she's brought me along that I've seen other owls watching in horror."

"She killed an owl?" Light gasped.

"Several of them," Shadowflight replied.

"It's true," came a churring voice. All four cats turned their heads to see a shining white face staring at them. "We don't call that feline curse Owl-Killer for nothing."

"How- how are you talking to us?" Star gasped.

"I assume you've heard of Midnight the badger," the barn own replied from where she perched on the boulder. "The Owl-Killer killed my parents. Knocked me out of Roost. Luckily Midnight the badger was nearby, and she took me in, saving my life. That is how I learned your odd cat-talk. Barely. Doesn't flow well from beak."

The cats had their eyes narrowed as they deciphered the owl's attempt at their tongue. It was true. The young owl's beak found it difficult to imitate the vocal sounds of cats.

"Why are you here?" Flightwing questioned.

"Came to warn you. Great danger! Owl-Killer is coming with great army. Will kill you all! That is plan, at least."

"Ivytalon is coming to kill us?" Shadowflight meowed in horror.

The owl hooted, and nodded. "Be here soon!"

"Thank you for warning us," Shadowflight meowed. Light's fur was on end.

"What is your name?" Flightwing asked.

"Hoorah!" she churred, slipping into the owl dialect that was somewhat harder for the cats to comprehend.

"Hooruh?" Star meowed, tilting his head.

"No, Hoorah! Ah!" she replied, rustling her wings, beady black eyes glittering with amusement. "Kurr," she clucked.

"Ker? What's that?" Light asked, puzzled.

"Owl insult!" Hoorah replied. "Must fly! Be wary, cat-folk. Much danger awaits you tonight." Then the owl opened her wings and soared into the sky, vanishing into the night.

Shadowflight stared after Hoorah, amazed at what had happened.

Star, however, snapped into action. "Flightwing, warn the other clan-cats, Light, rouse the rogues. Shadowflight, you and I will keep a lookout. How many do you think there will be?"

"Probably many. Far more than our numbers are. DarkClan grew in numbers quickly. She-cats were expected to have kits as soon after their 12th moon as possible," Shadowflight replied. "And the training was vicious. They are killers, every one. Save for poor Acacialeaf, a she-cat from my mother's last litter."

"Why not her? Is she like Shadowstalker?" Star asked as Light and Flightwing streaked away.

Shadowflight snorted. "Anything but! By that point Ivytalon was completely insane! Acacialeaf, poor thing, is a brainless oaf! If you told her that there was such a thing as blue and purple polka dotted flying squirrel she'd believe it in a heartbeat."

Star looked shocked. "But you and Shadowstalker are so intelligent! How can this she-cat be your younger sister?"

"Ivytalon raised us carefully, but by the time Acacialeaf was born, she'd lost her mind entirely. She wasn't fit to teach kits anything. The other she-cats tried, but Ivytalon feared that they would harm her kits, and kept them away from her kits as much as possible. She was too paranoid to educate them properly. But enough of that, we must watch out for attackers," Shadowflight meowed.

Star's ears twitched at hearing about how Ivytalon had raised her last litter. So. DarkClan's mighty leader was a mad-cat. He wasn't sure if that made it better or worse for them. He didn't have much time to think about it though, as Shadowfligth let out an ear-piercing yowl. "They're here!"

The DarkClan cats had masked their scent in mud before travelling to the refuge, and had travelled silently and carefully in the shadows, so they hadn't noticed them until it was almost too late. Their army was vast, over a hundred cats, outnumbering the rogues and Clan cats nearly three to one.

The rogues and clan-cats shot out of the caves to help Star and Shadowflight, but DarkClan was too strong. There were too many.

Blood spattered the ground, and cats fell dead and injured to the rocky ground. Screams of pain and horror and despair mingled with those of fury and triumph in the air, and the scent of blood rose as the rain began to fall. The carnage finally ended with the sunrise, as DarkClan left, and the survivors lay on the ground amongst the dead.

It was a night of horrors, nothing more, nothing less.

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