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Chapter 18

Resuming the Journey

The Chosen, Goldensong, and Mist all assembled outside of Hummingbird's cavern, ready to leave. They would go to the Tribe of Rushing Water first, gathering as many rogues as allies as they could, then return to the Clans.

The cats were all nervous, yet excited as well at the thought of seeing their loved ones again. Moonshine was pacing, clearly worried about Ashfire.

Hopeflower glanced at her sister, and felt a sudden rush of burning anger and envy at the thought of her sister and Ashfire together. No, I can't feel that way. What am I thinking? I'm over it by now, aren't I? I'm in love with Hawkfire! At least, I think I am. She glanced at Hawkfire and Goldensong, and was horrified to realize that she didn't feel half as jealous of Goldensong as she did of her sister. No. I won't hurt Moonshine by being in love with Ashfire. I can't! She's my sister!

But somehow, Hopeflower knew that this was something she couldn't control. Why? Why him? And why must he love my sister?

Hopeflower forced herself to stop thinking about it. For StarClan's sake, Hopeflower, for all you know he could be dead now! Forget him! You have a duty that you must focus on. Saving the Clans is more important than being a love-sick fool! You're not a kit anymore.

She sighed as she gazed at the rest of the cats.

"It is time," Goldensong meowed. "Time for us to return to the Clans, and lead them to victory!"

"To victory!" the rest of the cats cheered in agreement, Hopeflower adding her voice to the mix.

"I will go as well, if you do not mind," Hummingbird meowed quietly, stepping forward.

"Of course," Lightningstrike meowed happily. "We'd be pleased to have you fighting alongside us.

Hummingbird's eyes widened. "No, not to fight! But extra paws would be useful for helping with hunting and healing."

The rest of the cats nodded.

"Of course," Moonshine purred. "Those are skills that are just as useful as fighting."

The gathered cats turned their faces in the direction of the mountains. A single peak was visible high above, far in the distance.

"The time is here," Hopeflower murmured.

"Let us welcome it gladly with courage and cheer," Boltpaw hissed.

"Let us join in the battle with no doubt in our hearts," Mist growled. "We will win."

"All cats will now be united together," Goldensong meowed.

"But first, we must ensure that the Tribe will join us," Rosepetal meowed as Oakstep nodded.

"Then it's settled. Now let's go," Hopeflower meowed before surging forward towards the mountains. The other cats gazed after her.

"She's changed," Moonshine meowed softly. Hawkfire glanced at her.

"How so?" The tom asked.

"I don't know, but she's not the same. Something's happened," Moonshine mewed. Then she shrugged. "But she's right. We have to go."

And with that, the rest of the cats followed. They were on their way.

Ivytalon hissed as she stalked in a circle. "They think the Clans will survive, but they're wrong. We've already won the war, even though the final battle is yet to take place. But they stand no chance."

She snarled as she stopped, gazing at a starless sky. "There is but a single moon left. One moon from now, the sun will rise on the end of the Clans."