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"I didn't do it," Percy Jackson said with betrayal in his voice. "I didn't do it. Why would I kill my own half-brother? How could you accuse me of doing so?"

It was Friday, after Capture the Flag was played. One of Poseidon's second only child had been murdered, and some people seemed to blame Percy.

"It is understandable that you feel guilt Perseus," Zeus spoke loudly. "But we will not be fooled. We know that you killed your own half-brother. We have evidence."

Percy looked at the gods in disbelief. "What evidence?"

"On your bed," Zeus continued. "Gloves to hide the evidence and a sword. One of the rarest swords made only from Olympus. It is an unforgivable crime to use it to someone. It will poison anyone and will kill-"

"What sword?"

"Do not interrupt me Perseus. Or lie to us either!" Zeus thundered angrily.

"I'm not lying!" Percy yelled back. "Hook me up to a lie detector don't you!"

Zeus looked at the angry demigod in front of him, and sighed.

"Very well, Athena will you please get the lie detector in the storage?"

Athena did as asked, and a few seconds later, Percy had been questioned.

"Have you killed your half-brother?" Zeus asked wearily.

"No," Percy answered truthfully.

A loud beeping noise went off like a huge siren. All the demigods in Camp Half Blood looked surprised and shocked. Percy looked at the machine in confusion.

"We need one last thing for your punishment," Zeus concluded. "All in favor for Perseus Jackson to go to Tartarus?"

Percy's eyes landed on almost every single demigod that he had fought alongside him in the Titan War. No reaction came out of any of them. All of them except for Annabeth. She looked at him in anger, and a slightest hint of fear. He looked down at his sneakers that seemed interesting to him at the moment. He hated to see his girlfriend look at him that way.

"Well?" Zeus boomed in his ridiculously loud voice of his. "All in favor for the demigods?"

Percy looked around, and immediately felt betrayed. Hands rose up, and campers he didn't even know raised their hands. But that wasn't important to him. He looked at Annabeth. She raised her hand, not that high, so that she couldn't be noticed. But to him, her hand, her vote for him to go to Tartarus was the most painful betrayal of all. Thankfully, his cousins didn't put their hands up. Instead they looked at the architect of Olympus like they wanted to chop her hand off.

Zeus made a mental count in his head of the estimated count.

"And all in favor for the gods?" Zeus asked.

Percy skimmed his eyes around the circle of the gods. Apollo, Hestia, Aphrodite, Hermes, and surprisingly Artemis and Hades raised their hands for him not to go to Tartarus. The others kept their hands to their selves. He felt as if someone stabbed him in the chest when he saw that Poseidon hadn't put his hand up.

"Alright then," Zeus was speaking again, and Percy was getting sick of hearing his voice. "Hades transport him to Tartarus and come back here immediately."

"No I will not," Hades said firmly. "If you had seen my hand go up, you will know that I will not do it."

"Fine then," Zeus said through gritted teeth. "Ares please escort him to Tartarus, and come back here immediately."

Ares nodded, and looked pleased and scared at the same time. Percy glared at all of them, and then spoke in a cold voice.

"If any one of you had taken a closer look at the lie detector, you would know that it was cursed by our one and only Athena," Percy said with so much coldness, the people who voted for his banishment flinched. "One day I will return. And every single one of you will regret ever banishing me in the first place."

And before Thalia and Nico could grab Percy's arm and run away, Ares marched up to him, held onto his arm, and teleported him to the huge pit. The god of war then proceeded to teleport to camp immediately.

"Come here hero," a chuckling cold voice spoke.

"Fine then," Percy said while uncapping his pen which had returned to him after someone had attempted to confiscate it. "I will."

And with that, Percy slid into the bottomless pit, and what seemed like to be forever, he finally reached the bottom. Golden eyes and a whole army stood before the Titan.

"How do you like your new home?" Kronos spoke with an ancient voice and gestured all around him. "So, so friendly isn't it?"

Percy shivered as Kronos looked at him with what seemed to be his best glare.

"But apparently," Kronos continued. "The people in here aren't."

And with that happy note, Kronos made some hand gestures, and all the banished titans stepped forward.

"And they would be happy to torture you to make your life filled with happiness."

Percy wondered when and how the Titan lord had a sense of humor. He didn't wonder for long however, and two knives that popped out of nowhere had lodged themselves right into the ground. Right into the palm of his hands. He screamed in pain as Kronos began taking out a poisoned knife and digging and carving letters into his arm. And that was only the beginning.

A/N: I wanted to make a fic of where Percy was in, and out of Tartarus. I think I got some facts wrong, but it fits in with the story. Chapters will be longer later. Hope you enjoyed reading the prologue!