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Chapter 25

A cold blast of air whipped in their faces as they stared around. White. Just the faintest trace of human footsteps seemed to lead into a path leading to other paths which were covered in snow.

"Alaska," Thalia breathed out, a foggy mist tumbling out amongst with the words. "The land beyond the gods."

Afar, there were some brown specks along with some showy colors rolling down hills.

"So this will be our new home," Percy spoke, looking around with a critical eye.

Thalia nodded. "We should stick to the mountains, away from human contact. We'll be like..."

"Cavemen," Nico supplied in helpfully, before glancing at his female cousin. "And cavewoman."

Thalia rolled her eyes before flopping down on the ground like a dead walrus. Her expression changed. "We were that close to getting caught."

Her heart was racing against an F1. Adrenaline was still pumping through her veins- even though she was just laying there in the freezing cold snow along with the air which felt like minus something degrees. She felt fear.

A hand touched her shoulder comfortingly. She cringed away slightly, the cold touch electrifying her.

"You said it yourself," Percy spoke, retreating his mummified hand in surrender. "It's the land beyond the gods."

Thalia eventually got up, her teeth clacking together like a skeleton at a doctor's office. "That's a bit naive of you, Perce. You know that they won't stop hunting us down for whatever reason we did to piss them off."

Percy shrugged, a grin forming. "Maybe it's their midlife crisis."

Nico snorted. "They're immortal."

"You never know," Percy defended. "It could be their anniversary this month-"

"Percy, that's not even relevant," Thalia piped up. "If the gods are immortal, they don't care about aging because they never die! So why would they have a 'midlife crisis?'"

He contemplated for a moment. "For reasons we 'puny mortals' can't explain."

"Great reason," Nico deadpanned.

Percy beamed childishly yet didn't reply.

"It's getting colder each minute," Thalia said, pulling her jacket closer. "We should find someplace and set up camp."

Without waiting for an answer, she started to go forwards and looked down. She backed up by a few meters, skidding to a slippery halt when she realized that they were on top of a mountain. Her face was pale.

"Too high?" Percy asked in concern.

Nico glanced down, looking at the mountain they were going to have to climb. It was covered with snow, but some parts stuck out- sharp, pointed rocks that could most likely impale someone. Even he had to frown at attempting to descend downwards.

"It'll be too slippery to climb," he finally spoke after some deep thinking. "And if we fell and hit the mountain, we could easily die by either breaking our bones or impaling ourselves."

Thalia paled even further at the thought of falling. High up, and falling down...

"We could always snowboard," Percy suggested with a slight grin.

"Says you," Thalia snapped sarcastically. "We can't snowboard; we'll die just like Nico said. I say we'll just camp out here- right here. This spot looks nice, and it's not that cold..."

"Thalia, you're looking paler than the snow."

"Is that supposed to mean something?" She snapped, shivering violently.

Nico stared at them like they were going insane. "Where can we even find a snowboard?!"

Percy looked around, realizing that his cousin was right. There were no shops they could buy anything- or loot from. No garbage bin covers were lying around either, which was a shame.

"So we're climbing then," Thalia confirmed sourly.

She waited a moment without speaking before Percy nodded and started to rub his hands together as if excited. His hands were freezing, though. Consuming up a few more seconds of attempting to get warm, he slowly started to advance towards the edge of the cliff.

He stared at Thalia. "Maybe you should go next so you're in the middle."

She nodded hesitantly, looking at the sky with forced nonchalance.

Nico called out, "Wait, Perce, how can you expect to climb if you're still injured?"

Percy shrugged, although his eyes showed that he was worried about that too. "Apollo healed it, and it's been a few days, maybe weeks even..." Reminiscing over that past never gave him happy thoughts.

"Define 'heal,'" Nico responded, snorting. "You're still hurt. That's like a baby learning to walk and then attempting a marathon run on their first week of walking."

Thalia felt slight guilt as she registered his words. There was her own selfish reasoning of not wanting to go down- and then there was her cousin, who couldn't go because he was hurt.

"I'll be fine," Percy responded stubbornly, waving his cousin off as if it was nothing.

"That's what they all say," Thalia blurted out before gazing at her cousin with neutral eyes. "Before they end up in the Underworld."

He bit back a sarcastic comment of 'been there, done that.' "Right, ok. Don't forget to go next Thalia."

"How could I forget...?" Thalia muttered.

"Amnesia?" Nico suggested, keeping an eye on his cousin who was slowly getting a grip. "Memory loss? The River Lethe?"

She didn't even bother to reply, instead choosing to watch her other cousin confirm his doom as he swung from one icy rock to another. But he hadn't confirmed his doom yet, because he was still swinging like he was Tarzan.

Her eyes spotted his recklessness the instant he nearly slipped. She could detect flawed movements as he made his way down. His head snapped up once his feet had support. He mouthed something she couldn't comprehend, but the message was clear. She was next.

He was out of practice. He knew he was. Every move he made was unplanned and he cursed himself as he nearly plunged to his death. There was no Poseidon to save him now- no gods to rely on. He didn't know if he was happy that they weren't involved in his life anymore- or unhappy.

"How does he do that?" Nico asked seriously.

"Do what?" Thalia responded absentmindedly.

"Keep on living like that. Even though he's faced all these things..."

"He's Percy Jackson," was all she offered in response.

From afar, she could see a minuscule person hop down and falling to the ground. The lack of screaming made her assume that her cousin was alright, so she edged to the cliff slowly, hesitantly stepping down on a visible rock that looked safer than the others.

Taking a deep breath she slowly descended downwards, trying not to think that she was at least five hundred feet from above the ground. It wasn't the tallest mountain she had climbed, but it was one of the more dangerous ones.

"It's almost like the Lava Wall back at camp!" Nico shouted in encouragement.

"Trying not to think of how many times I got burnt and fell off," she muttered.

It was nearly three fourths of the way through when she slipped. She flailed her arms around, instinctively trying to use her Zeus powers to save herself but still, she fell, all the way down to where the cold snow was awaiting her presence.

Thalia groaned as she heard a cracking noise as she thudded on the ground. She couldn't move, yet still attempted to talk. "Percy..."

"We don't have any ambrosia or nectar, and my powers don't work that well," Percy didn't exactly hear what she said, desperately trying to find a solution.

"You're right..." Thalia continued on, seeing blurry stars. "We really are puny mortals..."

She blacked out.

Percy stared at her unconscious figure, muttering, "Famous last words," before glancing upwards to where Nico was attempting his way down.

Unknown location, unknown people:

"When will that camera be done?!" The female screeched, grabbing a telekhine by the flab of the skin.

"Soon," a telekhine managed out, its words sounding strangled. "Twenty minutes!"

She released her tight grip, rubbing her knuckles in anticipation. "It better be. We don't have enough time left. If the Olympians get there before us, I swear..."

The telekhine started to sweat slightly, and accidentally pressed a red circular button on the camera. "It's done now!"

A perfectly executed evil chuckle escaped from her red lips as she grabbed the camera greedily. "Time to stalk some demigods!"

She poofed away dramatically, not bothering to listen to the chatter that spread around the cave.

"You pushed the red button!" Telekhine no.4 yelped in a panic. "Now it's recording! The Olympians will know our plans!" It wailed pathetically, dropping to the ground in fear.

"It's a good thing!" Telekhine no.13 insisted. "The Olympians are good! The Titans are bad!"

A frenzy started in a rush, hordes of telekhine minions raging against either sides. Telekhine no.13 remained stubborn about its side, not being affected by any peer pressure at all.


"Whose a traitor?!"

Their boss had returned. Her hood had come undone, and her usual smooth hair was now frazzled as if having encountered a close call with fire. A heavy frown accented her evil features.

"I repeat, who is a traitor here?!" She demanded, her narrowed eyes skimming her minions.

Finger pointing led to poking until; eventually the completely wrong telekhine had been chosen as the traitor. Without even having a trial, the boss didn't hesitate to kill the traitor on the spot.

"Please do speak up the next time someone has made a mistake in choosing sides," the boss spoke calmly, casually wiping off the golden dust off of her crinkled clothes.

Telekhine no.13 remained impassive.

In the Jackson residence:

"They left," Ares told the rest of the Olympians sourly. "Like the cowards they are."

"Where did they go?!" Zeus demanded, storming into the room of Percy Jackson and looking around. "Search the place."

The gods filed in like troopers, searching the room high and low for any evidence. Ares growled as he watched them all take orders like lap dogs. He remained scowling in the corner, being the loner.

They're all just ass kissers, he thought, observing their behavior towards Zeus. Wasn't there a time when these punks were rebellious?

The god of war shrugged away the thought in a forgotten corner in the back of his mind, before shoving past Zeus, making his way to the kitchen.

"Ares," Zeus warned, glaring at his son. "Go do something useful and check the kitchen."

"Why don't you do something useful old man- go to the bathroom and shave off that hideous beard of yours," Ares sneered, pouring himself his fifth glass of Dionysus' alcohol.

Zeus' eyes narrowed into a furious glare, even though he knew his son was just being drunk. He opened his mouth slightly, as if to yell before changing his mind. "Just remember Ares, everything you do has consequences."

Ares rolled his war lusted eyes. "Yeah, yeah, whatever old man."

The click clacking of boots could be heard pounding lightly on the floor. Ares glanced upwards and made a crooked and lopsided smile at the unknown female figure, who gasped in surprised.

Before he could even speak, she scrambled for an excuse, her usual cold facade going loopy.

"I need to use the bathroom!" She announced, before her boots gracefully made its way to the bathroom in a sprint.

She cursed herself as she opened the bathroom door, closing her eyes. She fumbled for the handle, shutting the door behind her. When she finally opened her eyes, she could see a shaver being dropped on the floor and the king of the gods looking at her in surprise.

"What are you doing here?!" Zeus thundered.

"I needed to use the bathroom," she spoke, composing herself.

He narrowed his eyes. "Who are you...?!"

She stuck the camera to the wall, making it go to it's invisible mode. A lightning bolt made its way to her hair, the hood going down.


"Yes, me."

She grinned maliciously before disappearing.

"Hey Zeus, where'd that babe go?" Ares called out.

In the Infirmary:

Annabeth saw stars. Constellations twinkled brightly above her in a non polluted sky. She struggled to remember all of their names, only seeing fragments of letters jammed together like a Panini sandwich. Her slender fingers formed a fist and they shook as her memories swirled around like a juice maker.

Below, she could see a battle happening. Nonstop action and death all coming together into one. Golden dust shimmered into the ground repeatedly as essences returned back to their home back in...

She couldn't remember. Only a faint, vague memory of the place starting with a T held a bizarre connection to her. A person... The firework spark of an underwater kiss erupted in her brain, forming a headache. As if she was a child again, she placed her hands in front of her eyes, thinking about parental guidance.

Yet, she was certain that she held a severed link to the familiar curly blond haired girl with grey eyes that held knowledge- something she lacked as of the moment.

Green eyes flashed vividly in a shade she couldn't name, eyes full of betrayal and hurt. She staggered back slightly, as it was directed straight at her. Her. She had caused pain, yet the only thing she could remember causing pain to was her father- by yelling at him with a lisp because of...

She cried out in frustration because she couldn't remember a single damned thing. Whenever she dug deep in her mind, memories scattered like animals on hunting season.

Around her, war cries and screams were occurring noisily. She could see children the age of eight charging into battle with nothing but a weapon and then dying afterwards from being too inexperienced.

Death. A girl that looked beautiful, accompanied with a bracelet, and a boy that looked muscular, accompanied with a shroud. There were many more, a boy that held power over vines and another one who was never to be found as a bridge collapsed.

It surrounded her, the dark aura of suffering, and she couldn't help but scream, joining in the chorus of many others who were doing the same.

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